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Alpha state Sticky

A topic by blackbones created Jul 26, 2016 Views: 741 Replies: 25
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

Please feel free to write here the problems you encounter.

Please, note that English is not our mother language.

Can you post the instruction of the game? I know it has much potential but I'm very frustrated when I have to use Items or craft them. And it crashed when I seperate some item (that has more than one) to the hotkey.



Thanks to have tried Souls Rescue.

We put a "how to play" with basic installation instructions where you have the links to download the game (after payment or not). This week-end we will try to add this "how to play" in game.

We are refactoring the inventory window and craft window, we will try to correct the item split bug in the same time.

Bonjour aprÚs une sessions sur votre jeux, j'ai remarquer plusieurs détails qui m'ont légÚrement dérangé.

- Peu de communication textuel (Histoire en préparation ?)

- ProblĂšme lors de l'essayage du craft ( Water bottle posĂ© dans le cotĂ© "Tools" est disparu aprĂšs avoir quittĂ© la fenĂȘtre)

C'est tout ce que j'ai vu, pour le moment, j'ai quelques cas de lag souris mais pas sĂ»r que se soit le jeu en lui mĂȘme.

Continuez :)


Salut Majaaax,

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de tester Souls Rescue.

Il n'y a effectivement aucune communication textuel pour l'instant. Le jeu est en alpha et nous souhaitons nous concentrer sur la partie technique et gameplay. Mais je te donne le pitch que l'on a en tĂȘte pour l'instant :

  • Tu meurs
  • Ton Ăąme a une derniĂšre mission, sauver 7 Ăąmes tourmentĂ©es de ta famille
  • VoilĂ  donc le pourquoi le choix du hĂ©ro parmi 8 possibilitĂ©s et et les 7 environnements pour la version finale de Souls Rescue
  • Au dĂ©part du jeu, tu sort de ton cerceuil se trouvant dans le tombeau familiale
  • Dans la toute premiĂšre zone, une sorte d'ange te donnera le but Ă  atteindre (tuer 7 boss, ...)

Une fois le jeu commencé, il y aura trÚs peu de texte, mise à part les descriptions d'items. En fait, il ne faut pas voir Souls Rescue comme un RPG, mais vraiment comme un rogue-like classique, avec des sprites au lieu de charactÚres.

Dans le mĂȘme style de jeu, tu aurais Pixel Dungeon que tu trouveras Ă©galement sur itch.io ou Quest of Dungeon.

Pour l'instant, nous avons enlevĂ© le fenĂȘtre de craft. Il est toujours possible de construire des items directement via les recettes.

Pour ton lag de souris, je ne sais pas trop quoi te dire :) Nous avons testĂ© le jeu sur une dizaine de PC (mĂȘme des PC portables d'il y a 5 ou 6 ans) et n'avons pas rencontrĂ© ce soucis. Tu peux toujours essayer la touche F3 qui devrait t'affichier le nombre d'images par seconde. Je ne sais plus si dans l'alpha 0.0.2 j'avais limitĂ© le framerate Ă  la synchro verticale. Ton problĂšme vient peut-ĂȘtre de lĂ . J'activerais cette option pour la 0.0.3

L'Alpha 0.0.3 devrait sortir entre demain et samedi matin, n'hésite pas à tester cette nouvelle version. Perso je commence à avoir un sérieux plaisir à visiter les niveaux, est-ce bon signe ? Il y a plein de nouveautés dans cette 0.0.3, mais j'en reparlerais.

Encore merci,


Je l'attendrais avec impatience. Le bug souris viens d'un de mes PC (Panasonic CF-C2). Sur les autres, tout fonctionne trĂšs bien.


alpha 0.0.4 released!

Developer (Edited 4 times)

Alpha 5 released!

  • new dungeon design
  • add bow (use DEX for damage calculation). Select an enemy with TAB and press F to shoot
  • add crossbow (use STR for damage calculation). Select an enemy with TAB and press F to shoot
  • add dagger (use DEX for damage calculation)
  • add enemy who cast fireball (more spells in future)
  • add plate that reveals a chest or summons 1, 2 or 3 monsters or shoot an arrow from left or right wall.
  • deadly hole of lava or acid. Walk on lava or acid, you directly die! Tell us if it's a good idea.
  • add an xp line. At top of your screen in green
  • items with green background in your inventory are better than the equipped one
  • press F5 to enter in the Classic Mode (ascii). This feature is clearly not finished.
  • tooltip for primary attributes (str, dex, 

This game is great for an alpha, I just have couple criticisms. The dark graphic style is great. I love the traps because they are always visible but blend in well so the player has to watch carefully for them. The crafting system is nice too, but it is too easy to get ingredients. It is also too easy to get equipment and it would be nice if equipment stats were displayed in the inventory. My computer starts to lag a ton whenever I use the inventory/crafting or character menus, not sure why. Not all computers have a numpad, this make diagonal movement less convenient because we have to use the mouse. It would be nice if you would put movement hotkeys on yuhjklbn, y=upleft u=upright h=left j=down k=up l=right b=downleft n=downright. A short tutorial would be usefull. Some abilities would help make gameplay more interesting. A class system with entirely different equipment, stats, abilities, and crafts would add some much needed variety. The large dungeon floors seem a bit too large to me. Over all, gameplay is a bit too easy, seems a bit too slow, and quickly becomes somewhat mundane. It would be cool if lighting effected actual gameplay, Like if enemies on unlit tiles were undetectable (just a suggestion). Unlit tiles would be tiles not withing the light radius of any light source. Light sources would include torches and other terrain that light the map, the player himself who seems to have a light radius of one, and any enemies who also give off light. This would make gameplay much less predictable as the player may suddenly be attacked from a range by an enemy who was hiding in the dark. You could also throw in a craftable scroll of light to temporarely dispel darkness.

That's all I have, thanks for reading


Hi Aaronvo,

Thanks a lot to have tested Souls Rescue.


We are thinking to change our inventory window to a list, with more information per item but less items in same time in the window


You are right for numpad. I use it instinctively and artist play with mouse. We have to think about keyboard without numpad.

Floor and Gameplay

I don't know if you have tried the alpha 4 ou 5 but in alpha 5 we already have reduced the size of the map, introduce traps and ranged combats to diversify the game. In the future, we will add more stuffs like keys to find, hidden passages, etc


Currently, light is not a true gameplay element. It's more something decorative. Technically, this is just a dynamic lightmap and we have no light information in tile structure. Maybe we have to think about that.


Souls Rescue Alpha 6 is out!

  • 9 new spell scrolls (fireball and heal already exist)
  • playable with The Witch (too weak in previous release without new spells)
  • new damage calculation
  • music on Linux and OSX
  • screen with basic option (fullscreen, window size, sound and music volume)
  • AI improvement
  • more enemies use ranged attack

New spell scrolls:

  • cure, remove poison
  • trap detection, show traps
  • light, greater light around the hero
  • shield, protect the hero
  • sorcerer's eye, see all map for 3 turns
  • curse, for 5 turns cut damage from enemies
  • poison, ... poison
  • mark, create a teleporter where you can come back with "recall" scroll
  • recall, come back to the teleporter created with "mark"

Souls Rescue alpha 6.1

  • recycle one item at a time
  • remove fixed seed
  • fix a problem with inventory
  • F6-F7 change zoom of the game (like mouse wheel)


I tried to put the game in fullscreen on a 4k monitor (3840x2160) and it flickered a lot! More precisely, I saw 1 frame, then 3-4 frames of black, then another. I had about 2 to 4 "correct" frames per seconds for about four times more black.

I have Windows 10 64bits, an NVidia GeForce GTX 960Ti and an AOC 4k monitor (I don't remember exact model, but I guess it doesn't matter) running at 60hz.

If you need more details, I'm all about helping a fellow programmer. I speak french, if that's your primary language.

I think I figured it out.

I had previously changed my resolution to 1920x1080 and forgot to change it back.

Being in fullscreen using a non-native resolution is probably the issue.


Hi CptPunition,

Thanks for your return. We are changing the engine to Unity. Problems like yours should disappear (I hope :) ).


Je ne parviens pas Ă  lancer le jeu sur Windows 7 SP1 64bits, avec .NET 4.6.1

Au lancement de SoulsRescue.exe, il crash immédiatement avec le rapport suivant :

Signature du problĂšme :

Nom d'événement de problÚme: CLR20r3

Signature du problĂšme 01: SoulsRescue.exe

Signature du problĂšme 02:

Signature du problĂšme 03: 57b96304

Signature du problĂšme 04: FNA

Signature du problĂšme 05:

Signature du problĂšme 06: 57b8b33b

Signature du problĂšme 07: a43

Signature du problĂšme 08: 82

Signature du problĂšme 09: System.InvalidOperationException

Version du systĂšme: 6.1.7601.

Identificateur de paramÚtres régionaux: 4108

Information supplémentaire n° 1: 0a9e

Information supplémentaire n° 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Information supplémentaire n° 3: 0a9e

Information supplémentaire n° 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Ai-je manqué quelque chose ? Vous faut-il des informations supplémentaires ?



Nous ne travaillons plus sur cette version de SoulsRescue. Nous sommes en train de porter le jeu sur le moteur Unity3D, justement pour éviter ce genre de problématique.
Si tu peux encore attendre une quinzaine de jours, nous déploierons la premiÚre "Unity Version".



Merci pour la réponse ! Je reviendrai dans quelques jours alors :)

Bon dimanche,


Au plaisir!

Hello, everytime I try to launch the game it immediately crashes, giving me a message which would be translated to english roughly as "souls rescue doesn't work anymore" ... not that it ever ran for even a second though; I'm running the latest windows and have unfortunately no idea how I could give you any detailed information of what's going on... apart from crashing and then folding everything together it doesn't do a thing...


I had similar issues on Windows 7 but with a bug report. Blackbones (developer) answers me 10 days ago (but in french), that the game is not working anymore, but is on the verge to be translated in Unity3D. We just have to wait a few days to have the release of the new version.

I hope I was understandable, english is not my native language...

thanks a lot

Thanks sarsenij :)

I'm getting a  bug where it makes me go right no matter what I do. I'd like to play this game, looks awesome.


Could you share more about the bug ?

I bet it was my controller and I am an ass. I will try this game again.