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Souls Rescue Alpha 6 is out!

  • 9 new spell scrolls (fireball and heal already exist)
  • playable with The Witch (too weak in previous release without new spells)
  • new damage calculation
  • music on Linux and OSX
  • screen with basic option (fullscreen, window size, sound and music volume)
  • AI improvement
  • more enemies use ranged attack

New spell scrolls:

  • cure, remove poison
  • trap detection, show traps
  • light, greater light around the hero
  • shield, protect the hero
  • sorcerer's eye, see all map for 3 turns
  • curse, for 5 turns cut damage from enemies
  • poison, ... poison
  • mark, create a teleporter where you can come back with "recall" scroll
  • recall, come back to the teleporter created with "mark"