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This game is great for an alpha, I just have couple criticisms. The dark graphic style is great. I love the traps because they are always visible but blend in well so the player has to watch carefully for them. The crafting system is nice too, but it is too easy to get ingredients. It is also too easy to get equipment and it would be nice if equipment stats were displayed in the inventory. My computer starts to lag a ton whenever I use the inventory/crafting or character menus, not sure why. Not all computers have a numpad, this make diagonal movement less convenient because we have to use the mouse. It would be nice if you would put movement hotkeys on yuhjklbn, y=upleft u=upright h=left j=down k=up l=right b=downleft n=downright. A short tutorial would be usefull. Some abilities would help make gameplay more interesting. A class system with entirely different equipment, stats, abilities, and crafts would add some much needed variety. The large dungeon floors seem a bit too large to me. Over all, gameplay is a bit too easy, seems a bit too slow, and quickly becomes somewhat mundane. It would be cool if lighting effected actual gameplay, Like if enemies on unlit tiles were undetectable (just a suggestion). Unlit tiles would be tiles not withing the light radius of any light source. Light sources would include torches and other terrain that light the map, the player himself who seems to have a light radius of one, and any enemies who also give off light. This would make gameplay much less predictable as the player may suddenly be attacked from a range by an enemy who was hiding in the dark. You could also throw in a craftable scroll of light to temporarely dispel darkness.

That's all I have, thanks for reading