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OSX M1 Compatibility

A topic by Dreamcaster created Nov 27, 2021 Views: 287 Replies: 16
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Are there any requirements for this application? Are there log files generated anywhere? I'm not getting an error when opening, but it immediately closes.

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Firstly, thanks for trying out MasterPlan, I appreciate it!

Secondly, sorry to hear it's not working - I have yet to examine M1 Mac compatibility that closely (as I don't have an M1 Mac to test on), though someone else with an M1 Mac experienced the same problem, I believe. There should be no extra requirements when compared to vanilla Macs, so I'm guessing Rosetta isn't currently working with MasterPlan (though I have a suspicion it's caused by the framework I'm using not having ARM-compatible code equivalents for some parts).

Log files should be generated in the "~/Library/Application Support/MasterPlan" directory - if it's not loading properly due to what I imagine is the problem (the framework not containing code Rosetta can use to make a non-M1 Mac program run), then the log files probably wouldn't be created.

It's a cool project, and think it would be really useful for game jams and other projects. I checked the Application Support directory for MasterPlan, but it looks like the logs are barren. I'll see if I can find any information on Rosetta, if it has any logging.

dreamcaster@Dreamcasters-MacBook-Pro MasterPlan % ls -al

total 24

drwx------   5 dreamcaster  staff  160 Nov 27 14:57 .

drwx------+ 31 dreamcaster  staff  992 Nov 27 14:56 ..

-rw-r--r--   1 dreamcaster  staff   19 Nov 27 14:56 log_11_27_21_14_56_59.txt

-rw-r--r--   1 dreamcaster  staff   19 Nov 27 14:57 log_11_27_21_14_57_15.txt

-rw-r--r--   1 dreamcaster  staff   19 Nov 27 14:57 log_11_27_21_14_57_17.txt

dreamcaster@Dreamcasters-MacBook-Pro MasterPlan % cat *

Release mode: true

Release mode: true

Release mode: true

dreamcaster@Dreamcasters-MacBook-Pro MasterPlan %

Are there plans to have this updated for ARM compatibility?

Yes, but It might be awhile yet. Since I don't have an M1 Mac, I'll have to either troubleshoot and solve it without having an M1 to test on, or rent an M1 to work with.

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Hi there! Trying to run it on an M1 Mac from the command line, I get this error. 

So it looks like the Go code is not being properly compiled for ARM, or that something about It is not properly engaging Rosetta. 

I'm happy to help debug if you need. (Or even get the build going for you if you're willing/able to share the source.)

As Shane indicated, looks like a CGO compile error. You would have to compile two Darwin versions - one for AMD and one for ARM via GOOS and GOARCH -

Sorry for the late reply! I was under the impression that I had to actually have a M1 Mac to build for it, and that if an app can't run through Rosetta because of missing ARM code, then it wouldn't be possible to build otherwise. If that's not the case and I can just build for ARM Macs from an Intel Mac, and that would work for M1 Macs, then that's definitely doable. I'll look into it - thanks for the tip!

this might help with universal compilation

Any luck?

Hello, unfortunately not, actually.
I've tried building for ARCH64, but didn't get a good result on Github Actions with Mac OS 10.15 - I'll see if I can try with newer versions of MacOS, but fundamentally, it might be a matter of waiting for Github to support M1 Mac Runners (that's how I build MacOS applications).

Well darn. I think you're on the right path for newer versions as 10.15 is deprecated, maybe use `macos-latest` ?

OK, I tried building using macOS 12 - can someone here try it on an M1 Mac and let me know if it works through Rosetta? Here's the link to the demo version.

unfortunately it’s a pure intel binary and Rosetta isn’t triggering for it

I forked your code repository and got it working on my M1. I had to edit some things in the veandco library as well as yours:

  • Used `brew install` to get all the sdl2_ libraries.
  • Used the 0.5.0 alpha of the veandco/go-sd2l library: `go get`
  • Removing HINT_JOYSTICK_HIDAPI_CORRELATE_XINPUT from veandco/sdl/hints.go
  • Line 85 in veandco/sdl/sdl_ttf.go: use SDL_bool rather than int
  • Changing color assign in events and textrenderer from the sdl.Color8888 to color.Color

Hello, I'm late to replying, but this might be resolved / improved? Can anyone who has an M1 Mac try the latest Mac version?

Still not working on my M1, sorry.