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Changing Themes loads blank "Magenta" (windows)

A topic by jamesO2 created 40 days ago Views: 37 Replies: 4
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I changed the theme to "Cloudy" and everything just went to a default Magenta color. I literally can't see anything, and this now is the default state of MasterPlan. It boots into this magenta mess:

Where is the config file so I can reset it?

Ok, I found the config file. Its in

> C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\MasterPlan

(just change USERNAME to whatever your username is)

You have to delete this file:

> settings08.json

It'll erase all your setting though. I tried to just change the theme value, but it wouldn't work.

I tried all the themes and about half of them break the app. Here's the ones I found that worked, and which ones broke it:


  • Moss
  • Black Tie
  • Blueprint
  • Moonlight
  • Sunlight
  • Terra Cotta


  • Cloudy
  • Dark Crimson
  • Event Horizon
  • Golden Hour
  • Python
  • Template
  • Waves
  • Zero

Thanks for the report - the reason this is happening is because the "broken" themes are v0.7 themes, while the working themes are for MasterPlan v0.8. Did you simply unzip the newest zip file over your existing installation?

Ah that makes sense.

I definitely do have my 0.7 and 0.8 unzipped into separate folders. I just deleted both and re-unzipped from scratch, and I notice all these extra themes are no longer in my 0.8 folder.

I must have accidentally combined them at some point, and just don't remember.

Anyway, if the theme format is so incompatible between 0.7 and 0.8, it would probably be a good idea to include some sort of version check in the theme .json files. It could be as simple as adding something like:

"Theme Version":0.8,

... at the top of the newer theme JSON files. That way if the selected theme is a lower version than the current Masterplan version compatibility, it would just display some message and not load the broken theme.

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That would be a good idea - MP currently lets you know when you load a theme that doesn't work via a message at the bottom, but it's possible you might have turned that off.

In any case, I'll see about adding a version indicator to the theme files. Thanks for the suggestion~