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These are really cool! I like Sweet Talk the most, haha. 

I didn't know it was possible to add music as an item on like this.

Very impressive! Great and fun game. Seems faithful to the source too.

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Hi, I just purchased this program, and I wanted to add that I really like the Line Tasks. I'm all for making the task linking easier, but I also find a lot of use for just being able to plop down an arbitrary line too. For example, I like to add lines to break up clusters of tasks (like a divider) -- and these lines  aren't attached to any task. So if you were to  out-right replaced the line-task with some sort of integrated task-linking mechanism, I wouldn't be able to freely plot lines like that.

Also, being able to make polygons or other shapes with the lines is also a fun feature. I use them in a similar way as Lunarexxy -- to make "fences," graphs, polygons, and dividers.

So I would say: "Yes, absolutely make the task linking easier and integrated into tasks more organically" but also "the line tasks as they currently are are also useful for different non-linking purposes too!"

But as Lunarexxy suggested: the ability to just add more "nodes" onto onto a line  (instead of having to make a dozen individual lines and manually link them up) would be a nice feature.

Really cool concept!

I don't have much to add that others didn't already say.

I connected all the wires "backwards" at first, and was not sure why they weren't glowing. Turns out they have to be a specific direction, so I flipped them 180. Either the wires should work in both directions, or they should have a postitive/negative end labeled.

I also couldn't get the last light bulb to light, even though I flipped all of the wires into the correct positions.

All around, awesome job! The minimalist style really works well here.

Thanks! I had fun with the art on this, haha. I'll check your game out in a bit. :)

Thanks! The plan was to have the enemies stack up on each others' shoulders too (like the guns), or form cheerleader-style-pyramids and other goofy formations. But we didn't have the time to work that whole system out. This would have made the gun-stacking a more useful mechanic, as the higher your stack the taller "enemy tower" you could defeat.

The bigger enemies and the blob "amalgamate" monster thing were a sort of compromise to add some variety within the 48 hr limit.

Oh, I meant that the aiming was mis-aligned. For example, the bullets would shoot at a spot that was about an inch (on my screen) lower than the mouse cursor. And when the mouse was close to the player, it was more apparent that the aim was pointed at some weird offset from the where the actual mouse was.

For example, if I put the mouse cursor directly above the player, the gun would aim up at a diagonal about 45 degrees. The aim is just a little bit "off" but I was able to sort of get used to it by ignoring where my mouse was on the screen.

Cool, thanks for the info.

You definitely should!

Thanks! I had fun with these designs.

I'm not sure what LD means. By "LD so dark" do you mean Level Design?
If so, we used the color palette limitation of the ZX Spectrum computer (was really more popular in Europe) as inspiration as well as having a sort of 80's/Tron vibe.

We didn't get the chance to polish it up much though.

Hahaha, super weird and fun. Nice work.

This was super fun! I'd love to see more. Perfect 5 stars from me.

Cool concept! Some of these really had me stumped. I'll have to come back and try again when my brain is working better, lol.

I didn't find any glitches or problems, and the concept is straightforward and makes sense. Nice work!

What game engine or framework was this built in?

Fun concept!

The gun aiming and my mouse cursor wasn't aligned correctly though, so aiming was a little off. It wasn't impossible, but difficult. Not sure if that was a game bug or an issue with Windows's DPI scaling issues or something. So I won't fault you for that one.

Other than that, no complaints. Nice work!

Thanks! (I did the art)
I was going for a really "80's action hero guy" vibe.

Thanks for the feedback. This was our first jam, so we didn't get to concept everything we wanted under the tight deadline. And some bugs popped up late that we couldn't fully fix in time. It was a fun process though!

We wanted to have the enemies stack up like cheerleaders in a pyramid too, but couldn't get it in time.
We might expand on this concept later, or try prototyping it in a different engine.

Unique concept. Pretty straightforward game idea, and fun to play. I do agree with another poster who said it would make more sense if it was Arcade style, where it progressively harder in waves, instead of breaking it into discrete levels.

Otherwise no real complaints. Nice work.

Yeah it was only the vertical camera rotation that seemed super sensitive for some reason. I was able to rotate the camera around the robot just fine. But I still wonder if this style game would benefit from a fixed camera that's sort of up in an isometric view (if you know what I mean). Not every kind of game needs full camera control anyway.

At the very least, i think the camera needs to be zoomed out so I can see more of whats going on around me.

As for running out of time, and bugs, that makes sense. No worries! Jams are hard. This was my first jam, and we didn't have enough time to get the concept for our game fully done . A ton of bugs popped up last minute, haha. Its more about the experience, I think, and it's been fun making and trying out so many game concepts. :)

Totally understandable. Keep up the good work!

Ah that makes sense. Like a fast-forward debug feature?

Anyway, awesome game, I'd love to see this project expanded on.

Great concept, and great execution. The platforming feels pretty good, and it only took me a few seconds to get a natural feel for how the children operate.

Amazing work.

Really fun concept! I wish there were more levels, but this is a nice teaser. Would love to see this expanded on.

The physics are fun, but I kept breaking the robot apart and losing sight of my wheels, haha.

You should make the Google Drive link public, so we don't have to request access. Should be an option in Google Drive to do that.

Also, I'm not sure of how the Jam rules go, but I think if you're making fixes after the submission time it means you're disqualified from entry. Sorry. :( It's ok, our game is buggy as hell too, haha.

I'm pretty sure that there is a "post Jam" after the rating time ends where everyone can make bug fixes and stuff.

Haha, yeah that explains why I couldn't break those blocks.

The swinging mechanic is really fun. Nice job!

Flinging the woman around is fun, haha. The art style is super inconsistent, but that's ok because it's still pretty fun.

Nice work.

Haha, this is a really cool concept. A lot of fun swinging your robot around corners without power, trying to get close enough to an outlet.

I kinda wish that W would move you forward instead of SPACE, but overall the controls work well.

Nice work!

You forgot to include the data files and DLL files necessary to run the game. The EXE just crashes with an error and is unable to start. Sorry. :(

The art style is great, and I think I understand the concept here. But I'm not really sure what's going on. I can't really tell if I'm winning or not, or what it is I'm supposed to do. I can move around and sometimes the enemies link up with these chains, but I'm not really sure how that's happening or what I did to trigger it.

Interesting concept, but needs to be fleshed out, or at least some sort of tutorial to explain how to play.

Really fun and simple. It's such a simple and clever concept, I'm surprised I've never seen a game like this before!

This game is perfectly executed. Nice work.

The collisions and controls can be a bit wonky. Super cute art though. The music and visuals are great, and the fact it even has a little story intro is extra fun.

Nice work! Would love to see more.

The grapple controls are a bit wonky. But it's fun to swing around still.

The plain gradient background made it a bit disorienting to figure out where I was in space. There needs to be something on the horizon, because it's hard to tell which direction I'm facing when I'm swinging around.

Other than that, no real complaints.

It took me a while to figure out the blue person could double jump. Then once I figured that out, it was a bit hard to get them to double jump consistently. I struggled a lot just getting past the first 2 spikes, but once I did, I started to get the hang of it.

I love the way they each have their own sort of "feel" to them. I would maybe suggest slowing the gravity just a little bit on the blue and red person. Because getting past those first two spikes requires some pixel-perfect timing.

Very cool concept, and the visuals are really nice and distinct. The star constellation thing is a really nice little gimmick. It would feel really relaxing with some ambient music and twinkley sounds.

This is a short play-through, but I feel like it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. The core concept is there, and I didn't run into any major bugs or anything. My only critique is I would love to see this more fleshed out.

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Presentation was nice. The sound and visuals were great.

I wasn't able to move the camera because I don't have a middle mouse button. The input devices I use don't use a middle-mouse button. I was able to dig up an old mouse I have that does have a middle mouse button, but it's physically uncomfortable to use because the scroll wheel is incredibly slippery. Holding the middle mouse button causes wrist strain, so manipulating the camera was not fun here.

Once I did get that sorted, the camera speed was so sensitive, it would jump between the floor or an overhead view if I moved the mouse a fraction of a milimeter. It was impossible to actually get a good view of the gameplay area. My guess is that this is due to hardware differences in how different Mice report middle mouse/scroll sensitivity? I'm not sure really.

The game wasn't unplayable, but it was uncomfortable. I wasn't able to really see where I was going.

I feel like this game would benefit from a just a simple 3/4 overhead kind of camera, like a dungeon crawler game.

Beyond that, clicking and activating the switches wasn't very consistent. I had to position my character in a very specific way, otherwise it wouldn't register.

I got to the area where I was swarmed with enemies, and I honestly just wasn't having fun. Sorry.

I also was really struggling to get the second robot to get on the moving platforms. There's an interesting concept here, but it needs more work to be enjoyable.

Ok, I realized that I was supposed to smash the ball into the Red Triangle enemy things, not the blocks! Haha. I assumed because it was like a wrecking ball, my goal was to smash the blocks and avoid the red guys. Maybe you should write on the page that you specifically need to smash the ball into the Red Enemies, not just avoid them.

I did run into a bug though, and I think it was a mix of this bug an my misunderstanding of the goal that caused me to get stuck on level 2 before.

So when you hit an enemy the ball seems to "glow" and play a sound for a little bit. on around level 5 I ran into a bug where the ball seems to get "stuck" in the "glow" animation, and then I'm not able to smash the enemies anymore. No matter how hard I hit them, they won't die.

That happened to me on my first play through in Level 2, so I assumed that you just couldn't destroy the enemies.

Anyway, I was able to get up to level 6 this time. Super fun game!

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I'm not sure. I was able to destroy the blocks in Stage 1 just fine, but some of the blocks wouldn't get destroyed in Stage 2. I'm not sure if that's a bug, or if there was something I had to do to increase my attack or something?

My chain never got stuck or anything like that.

The actual gameplay mechanic is really fun and seems to work well. Flinging the ball around was pretty satisfying.

EDIT: Actually I realized, am I supposed to destroy the enemies, not the blocks? I figured I had to avoid the enemies.

This is such a cool concept. I love interesting health mechanics in games like this. Having to manage your HP versus Ammo.

Nice visuals, sound, and all around great work.  5 Stars from me!

Wow, this is such a great little game. Nearly perfect. I love the little can-can dance animation, haha. The way that each group of dancers has different physics, and how all the game mechanics work together so well -- it's so good! Reminds me of Lemmings in a way.

Only two little suggestions for improvement -- and they're really only minor quality-of-life fixes.

1. It would be nice if the Arrow that shows which dancers you have selected would move organically/slowly when you switch -- this way my eyes can follow it on the screen and it's easier to know which dancers I'm controlling. As it is right now, the arrow just snaps immediately to the next dancers, and sometimes I spend about 2 seconds shifting my eyes across the screen to find the arrow.

2. It would be nice if there was a small transition animation when you get all the dancers into the curtain. Maybe have them all bow, then file into the curtains one-by-one (kinda like how the Lemmings exit the stage in that game). Right now, the the level transition is immediate, which also caused me a bit of issue because if I was holding LEFT while entering the curtain, it would immediately jump to the next level and my new dancer would start moving left before I even had a chance to look at the level layout! Not a huge issue, since I can just hit R to reset the stage, but it's a bit jarring.

Oh, and one more suggestion... more levels! I would love to just see more of this game in general. It's really fun. :)

Amazing work! 5 stars all around.

Missing UnityPlayer.dll, so I copied one from another game. Then when I tried to run I got an error: "Failed to load PlayerSettings (internal index #0).

Most likely data file is corrupted, or built with mismatching editor and platform support versions."

I couldn't start the game. :(