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[0.8a4] Colored Numbered tasks

A topic by FroyoBBQ created 88 days ago Views: 64 Replies: 1
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Hello! First of all, I want to start with saying that I'm loving the design of the new update so far! I like the improvements to some of the tasks.

While I was busy testing out some of the new features (primarily, the new coloring function for tasks), I did notice that the fill ends up matching the color of the box, thus making them completely invisible when deselected. Somehow, this works perfectly fine with checkboxes.

Here is an image describing the situation:

I also want to state that it also looks fine with the fill progression with timers, too.

Hello! Thanks for trying out MasterPlan; really appreciate your support! I think I see what you mean - the completed color is just a lighter version of the custom color given, so setting the color to be darker than you would want when complete works for now, though I'm not quite sure how to resolve this issue just yet. However, thanks for the suggestion - I'll have to see what my options could be.