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Please give us Rumble

Very difficult second boss, 3rd boss is a little underwhelming because I could just hide behind the land mass in the bottom left, and initially I just stood where the girl was (because she wasn't moving) and he actually didn't shoot there until his 2nd phase.

How dare you work on something other than Mindustry

I remember something similar to this as a minigame in one of those club-penguin-esk hangout games


Infiltration community · Created a new topic My First Look
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In my first playthrough I had absolutely no idea what was going on because I didn't read the readme (as the readme is quite long and they are often unnecessary). Still, even in my second playthrough (after I read the readme) the game wasn't very fun and it was very easy.
I suggest:

 a (better) tutorial

Some indication that someone is investigating (and a way to stop it, maybe?)

Less information... the bottom log moves way too fast!

It's annoying to get notified of ongoing rebellions every turn

What's the point of Stat: X/10 if they can just exceed 10 anyway?

You can tell someone's guild just by their image, don't know if that's intended.

This game has real potential but there are quite a few problems with it at the moment, the execution needs some work — I love the plot too, though! :)

This is an amazing game and I love it — the original and this! :) The controls were hard to figure out on my own and so were the mechanics, though, since I've never actually played the game myself.

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CLICK is a puzzle-platformer where you make the platforms in order to traverse the various levels.
Try to get the best score by being fast, and using less platforms to place on the leaderboards! 
PLAY IT ON ITCH.IO (opens in a new tab) 


CLICK is a puzzle-platformer where you make the platforms in order to traverse the various levels.
Try to get the best score by being fast, and using less platforms to place on the leaderboards!

PLAY IT ON ITCH.IO (opens in a new tab)
PLAY IT ON MY WEBSITE (opens in a new tab)

(I don't know if the leaderboard works on the website... maybe it does? But if it does, then my website and the site will have different leaderboards)



proof earth is flat

When can we expect 4.0?


Hey fella, they're just expressing their opinion, no need to sound so defensive <3

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  • Ability to place muscles anywhere on the bone
  • Ability to increase simulation speed (updates per second)
    (along with not rendering / rendering less)
  • Perhaps optimize it a bit

Walking at an angle shakes the screen, annoying.

Very good game

I just don't think it'd be fun to.

Who would want to play against themselves, I believe that they want a game mode specifically against a bot, OR made to be played alone.

Alright, sounds good.

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If I press Q to stow an item while teaching a robot, it doesn't stow the item, is there another way of making them? Or do I have to make them drop the item and pick it up again?

This is all I have from Madgarden as of the moment.

It is quite the shame, I'm so hyped for the game.

Alright, sounds good, just curious.

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So, is the plan for RUMBLE to come out soon then? Or, is it going to be closer to winter?