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Local multiplayer stabbing game for PC, Mac, Linux · By Madgarden

a solo play

A topic by guilherme28 created Apr 25, 2017 Views: 1,222 Replies: 11
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i want some solo play can you make this? pls

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this game need a single player mode



If you use WASD F-attack Space-Jump and Arrow keys R shift-jump R enter-attack you can play against yourself. I figured this out because no one would play with me anymore after I beat them too much. Tip:Don't beat your one friend too often at a game. he'll stop playing with you.

Who would want to play against themselves, I believe that they want a game mode specifically against a bot, OR made to be played alone.

clearly I did. and I do know that but this technically is a way to play by yourself. but yeah bot would be nice.

I just don't think it'd be fun to.

i want solo so badly

Im waiting for a online mode, pls

Online or against a bot would be awesome. Even if the online is just vs friends that would be cool

I just downloaded and quickly figured out I could play by myself but I'd love for their to be a bot or maybe online capabilities. This game is so fun so far and any one of those two additional features would make this game even better!

Hey I made a singleplayer mod, you can download it here:

Also you can make both AI play against each other, which is fun to watch