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The Alien Sphere Thing

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Yeah I'm silly and i forgot to include some dll's. I'll fix it tomorrow hopefully :D

Oh thanks a lot for telling me! I might have built the exe wrongly. Its a library and part of a redistributable which the program needs. I'll fix it tomorrow if I find time. Otherwise next weekend. 

Wow, thanks a lot!

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If you wonder how to reset your progress, press "RESETCURRENTPROGRESS" to reset the progress of the current mode you are in (1 player, 2 player, etc..)

and press "RESETALLPROGRESS" to reset all.

These are the only cheats we have implemented ;)

You made a nice looking screenshot? Post it here!
You made a video of how you play the game? Amazing! Please share with us here!

We would love to see what you have done!

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Tell us your questions!

It can be any question, here we will answer them even if they are spoilers!

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We would like to hear your feedback!

Do you know similar games? Did you like it? Any things to improve? Just tell us what impression it made on you! Tell us everything!