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Jupiter Wave

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As a prelude to a much larger story or a one off moment, this was such a good experience.

That sounds pretty awesome! I can't wait to play it, Nature Pixels :D keep up the updates!!

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I love this, perfect to create simple music loops. However, this no longer works on the Mac; it needs to be updated for the new MacOS. Still works on Windows, but I'd love to be able to use this program with my Mac! Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

I just downloaded and quickly figured out I could play by myself but I'd love for their to be a bot or maybe online capabilities. This game is so fun so far and any one of those two additional features would make this game even better!

This is such an awesome concept for a zine/ creative expression. Been loving every second of it so for, hoping for more!

This game looks so awesome, hoping for a port to Mac or Linux!!! If you need any help developing wise, I'd love to contribute.