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If you are running windows I can help

I can help if you are using windows

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by equip I assume you mean how do I launch it?

That depends, what operating system do you run?

Windows or MAC?

I only know how to make it work on windows since I've never used a MAC before but in the odds you happen to be running windows here is how you do it.

Windows- extract the .Zip file by right clicking it then clicking extract to then choose the destination. 

Once its extracted open the folder and launch the .exe

Extract the file then run the .exe file

To extract the file right click it then click extract to then choose the destination you want it to extract to.

I have an identical problem. I'm trying to get the rocket and they have everything except 1 oil drum sitting on the shoreline of another island not far away. I have removed all trees from the island and moved minerals to another island to get them to leave the island but nothing yet, I will post again if this works.

this was awesome if you made a series of these I'd totally play them. but seeing how this was a demo I don't expect you to do that. I do know game development is hard.

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If you fail in before reaching the first checkpoint you are trapped in the start area, or I just don't know how to leave that area after restarting my last save.

so help?

clearly I did. and I do know that but this technically is a way to play by yourself. but yeah bot would be nice.

If you use WASD F-attack Space-Jump and Arrow keys R shift-jump R enter-attack you can play against yourself. I figured this out because no one would play with me anymore after I beat them too much. Tip:Don't beat your one friend too often at a game. he'll stop playing with you.

you can already do that. if you go into the controls you can hotkey the controls for each player to whatever keys you want.

I have looked at the API and your code but I haven't used these kinds of thing before is there someplace I could learn how it all works?

deck where did you learn to set up this games commands there are no Demo videos on how to program games with this. So really what I'm asking is can you help teach me?