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The ride looks like an onigiri when it opens

I rated!

Thanks for playing!! I had planned on the player having to play multiple times to learn how the game works, but thinking back on it I think that it might be better to make it more intuitive because most players are only playing it once or twice because it is a game jam game.

Thanks so much for playing! I hadn't thought about other monitors color settings when I was making the traps, so I will definitaly improve that. I had noticed that movement was faster on the diagonals but didn't think to fix it. Thanks for the tips!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I originally had planned to make the bullet pickups an actual model, but I didn't have enough time to make it. I hadn't thought about players not understanding that you can shoot the wires, so I think that in an update I can add that to the tutorial! Thanks!

Did you not get any challenges at all? Or was it just unlucky and you got very few challenges?

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Is this a question or a comment

Here's mine!

I played the first game on steam about a week ago, and I'm so exited to try the other ones!

The leaderboard does not have to be online.

You have to have a leaderboard, but it doesn't have to be online as long as you can see your top scores.

Great game I enjoyed it lots!

Thank you so much for playing! I had put this together in a short period of time a while ago, and had made some minor changes to it to reupload. I'm working on a different game now, but I will definitely come back to this project to make thoes changes!

The artwork is beautiful!

Very difficult, but awesome. Love the graphics! Also, with Unity left control is set to Fire1, so I would recomend changing that because hitting left control and shooting is annoying.

I like this game, I just feel like it is too easy. I think you should make it so multile meteorites come at once, or make them faster. I like the art, but I think the mouse should be more defined.

This game is super cool! I love the art and audio

I was a little confused by the balancing the ones you eat.

This game is really cool! I love the sound and the visuals. I think there should be a better how to play, because it took me a while to understand, and the AI is kinda dum, but besides that I think this game is really great!~

Thank you very much! I appriciate it.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Really great game!~

Thank you very much for the review! I will definitly put this into mind in the future. Thanks!

Love the game! I think that it is very easy to understand, and it looks amazing. I would say that the shooting sound is quite annoying though.

The game was fun, I just feel like it was a bit too easy.

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Yay I won! Love the idea, just wish there where more levels! This game really works on your aim :)

I really like this game. You used the mood with the lighting really well. You put character in the board, and I think that if you redid it now you could make it much better. I like what you did in the room with the text in the walls how it was it the same location so it does that flashy glitch thing, and you used it well. I think you could have used audio to improve the game a lot also.

Cool! Let me know when you do that!

I like the gameplay, but the sounds are really annoying.

This game's idea and mechanics are really cool. I would say the jump sound is just loud enough to be annoying though

This is a great game! You definatly get the hang of the tetris like aiming by your second try. Love it!

This is a really cool game. The gameplay starts out hard, but eventually you get into a flow. The music is nice, but I feel like the ball hitting other objects doesn't really fit. Aside from that, the game is really great!

I didn't have enough time to download that because I only had the first two days to work on it.

Thank you very much! I'll be sure to check out your game.

Thanks! I had origanaly wanted to make an easier mode for singleplayer, but I wasn't able to work on it the last day so I didn't get a chance to do that.