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Honey Bee

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EGGNOGG+ community · Created a new topic Madgarden dead?


Or is working hard on new projects and too busy to get back to our comments ranting on how he needs to release eggnogg rumble.

Look man, we've been anticipating this game to come out for some time now, eggnogg was your most popular game, and I bet this one will top that 3 fold. i would recommend spending the majority of your time on eggnogg rumble to get a release before 2019. this is just a suggestion so good luck. 

Hey, will you ever make the game modifiable? i would love to add some new weapons with cool abilities. If your not or cant here are some ideas for weps. Katana, the normal sword, but when sprinting if you press the attack button you will slash either side up or down knocking the enemy back(enemy can attack mid slash to kill or block). A bow, pretty self explanatory. shields or armor.  Small shield can parry and block 1 un-parried strike(must be point at direction of attack ie up down mid). Large shield can parry, block 3 un-parried strikes(this shield covers two attack points up and mid, unless your facing down where it will block mid and down).  Saber, similar to the normal sword, however a double jab up or down will always disarm an enemy. Dagger, has extremely fast attack speed, but takes 3 hits to kill, it can also be thrown faster than the sword. Spear, a long range sword with slower attack speed but a ability(when in dueling mode, walking backwards and attacking will commence a whirlwind attack in any of the attack angles, it will parry with a hit to the enemy sword, kill the enemy, however if you miss this attack you will be left vulnerable, and very likely to die. 

Thanks for reading excited for Eggnogg Rumble. Currently having a tournament in my Computer science class its a great game. 

P.S those grappling moves look sweet.