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Update on the thing, it worked but only once actually for some reason, but hey, if you're more brain than me you can try it

Hey, did you know the web version supported joycons? the game works perfectly with then and i didn't get a single issue


i would love cartridge version, please ;)

where is cartridge version, tho?

i feel like you made kiki too opto fix it, you could limit the number of platforms you can place in the air

how did you get colors on this?

i have a suggestion.

could you make users able to add color palettes exclusively for game boy color?

So, is the cartridge conversion started or not?


and i dont have a computer so it will be cool

But I can't resist pico-8 games

An awesome demake! I would have made a physical cartridge with an SD card and buildroot if I had a raspberry Pi! 😢 Still good game at this day i got the switch version

Qlso make a controller friendly version

dont forget the starting music too

Sonic Wood community · Created a new topic Android

I hope there could be an Android port

and also will there be more physical cartridges released?

It didn't work on any of my devices, like my 3ds and my phone

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steering doesnt feel as good as the original what i mean is that i dont feel like im turning

so, found out anything?

and a great addition to the game would be able to change colors of the characters

i want an android port with 2 controller support


it didnt worked for me. i play on pocketchip build 0.1.12c it crashed when entering any track

like p.craft deluxe does

you could still give usthe option to download the 15 .p8 in a zip file

looks really cool

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what about cartridge version? plz give it to us and to the bbs cuz this game is so good and its one of the only great fighting games

cartridge version?

i think you can still give us .p8 am i right

what about cartridge version?

your link is pretty much dead so could you put it back up

and for when a cartridge version

for when a cartridge version

this game is just the original pasted with just ai and new attacks bruh

cool but i need a download link to start making my 2 player game