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Level Editor: go to the "Help" menu and Press "P", then a button labeled "Open the Debug Stage" will appear. so you only need to pause the game and select the Editor Option.

or you can beat the game to find it.

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hmm, i don't think i've downloaded it shortly after the release, and i didn't see any powerup glitch. it just desyncs. with more detail: (not so much because my english isn't good, sorry.) until we start the match, everything is fine. when we do a point, the game desyncs. or a little before that. example: i scored a point, but for my friend he scored it, and the ball desyncs.

really funny, i liked it!

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online desyncs a lot. actually, i can't play it, because it desyncs when we start a match.

thanks! but i don't have interest now, since i still learning... maybe a next time.

hahaha! nice vid, i couldn't imagine someone would have trouble with the last tutorial level. btw, i'm working in more levels and i might add new stuff too.

seems good,im looking for Online Multiplayer Games,so i found this one,and it shows potential,then i just tought about starting a Topic to "claim" your (DEV,im talking to YOU! xD) attention!

so,as the Title Says,Will it have Updates?

hmmm,the important thing is how you see the game and if you like how it is,so its totally fine to wait for it.i have only one last question,will it be Paid?

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makes sense,well,if its taking a long time to be made,its gonna be good. i played Death Road to Canada,its really fun to play coop,even if i dont win xD i only reached canada 1 time,and the final part was.. how could i say? funny and amazing. well,lets talk about RUMBLE,did you make progress on it? like, do you think you are near to release it?

when Eggnogg Rumble will come out? its been a long time...

you should put this game on Steam Greenlight. if you do this i will Greenlit it :V. This game is Awesome!