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An online shooter with a twist: Each death give your more power. · By PunxelTeam, louck

New version v102 Sticky

A topic by PunxelTeam created Mar 08, 2017 Views: 434 Replies: 11
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Since the game was released, players found it very difficult to find other players or to join a lobby. This new version aims to solve all these problems.
In addition, we have put in place a FAQ to help those who have difficulty creating or joining a lobby.

To summarize:

  • The number of available players is displayed.
  • Games in progress are displayed.
  • Optimization of the master server.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Fix: Display of the servers list.
  • And various fixes.

Other changes:

  • Nerf: Fusion skill.
  • Nerf: Multiple fire weapons.
  • Fix: AI Difficulty.

you should put this game on Steam Greenlight. if you do this i will Greenlit it :V. This game is Awesome!



The problem with greenlight is that players must vote for the project in order to work. So players need to know that the project exists on greenlight. For that, we need to advertise our project, in an extremely competitive market, even if our game is free. This therefore involves a lot of work.

We would like to publish our game on this platform. But we prefer to wait for the post-greenlight (Steam direct ?) and that the project is a little more known. At least, we will try to do that with our next project.

I might put EGGNOGG RUMBLE on!


nice game you work hard

you are very good at making good games and funny things


Thank you mate!

im playing right now


man why is thery no pelpe playing this game

thanks for noticeing me