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If itch does not keep backups of anything, then that obviously makes any potential remedy pretty meaningless. I don't know what the financial situation of itch is right now, but if the ability to have at least a single backup is achievable then that's the first step I hope you would make.

As far as changing the rules for developers goes, I think at least one change to the rules could be made stating that developers are not allowed to remove content to such an extreme that it leaves customers who purchased it with virtually nothing - an empty text file as is what happened with my purchase (that has since resolved by the developer), or replacing a game with an image, audio or video file, etc. I can remember at least one instance of Valve reversing a similar change that was done to a game on Steam, so I expect that would be not be a difficult rule to enforce.

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Well, I think that yes there are at least partial solutions that would help. But from what you wrote in your reply, it sounds like itch does not keep backups of the all the files that developers upload to their projects. Is that the case?

And also just to clarify: You describe what happens as being a "loophole in the system" - Does that mean that itch does not permit developers to remove files in this way, and for the times that it does happen, itch at least has the authority (if not the capability) to undo the changes?

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There is a purchase I've made in the past (which I won't name right now because I'm waiting for a reply from the developer) which is now no longer downloadable from my Library. The developer removed all the downloadable content and replaced it with a 0-byte placeholder.

Are developers permitted to do this? It seems like if we purchase content here we should have some kind of protection from a developer who decides to permanently delete it, regardless of their reasons for doing so.

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I think the question is that when we initially bought 3D NES, it came with a non-VR downloadable application, but at some point the download was removed and now all that is left is a placeholder file. I don't mind waiting for updates as long as you need, but can we at least have the last release of the original download so we can use the emulator?

Alright thank you.

I used a password manager to generate a new random password for my account. Usually the pw manager saves the new one automatically, but this time it didn't. So now I'm still logged on, but I don't know my Itch password.

Assuming that I'll end up being logged out eventually, is there any way to change my password again, or maybe revert the change I just made,  before I log out?

Thank you for your help. Good luck with future development.

I'm happy to have paid for 3DNes, but a readme or installation instructions would really be useful. Can I put the 3dn files anywhere I want or do they have to be in the same folder as 3dnes.exe?