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Aww, I was hoping it's gonna be sooner than later, but I hope it will turn okay either way. Good luck then!

...Huh? Realised? When did that happend? How could I missed it?! Dutifuly downloading now and playing this beautiful gem

Hello. I just wanted to say that after game update my saves don't work. I have either error message or it simply redirects me to main menu. And after trying a new game skipping 'read text' doesn't work as if I did not already romanced those 3 hotties. Which I did and enjoyed it greatly so thank you for that.

On another note I just want to say I love your games. And the voice acting was amazing. So, so great. I think what surprised me the most is that I didn't predicted I will like Celeste character so much. Her VA is superb and match her perfectly. 
If you ever wanted to make a game in the same universe, count me in! I'm honestly curious about how many other side characters are in Cult haha.
And yeah please put Celeste in there :D

Oooh! Thank you so much for this awesome early Christmas present! Definitely gonna buy it on the first day sale :D

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Any chance for detailed walkthrough to get all the endings? :)

When all the routes are out I'm totally interested in those harem endings ;)

I'm sad, sad human. Already planning at least 1 day holiday when the game is out on Dec. But please, have mercy and don't realise the game on Christmas. It's like predicting family disaster...
Pre-ordered the game loooong time ago. Just wanted to say hello again and keep the good work! :)

So  cute! What a lovely game!

Ooooh Sacred Sand!  I KNEW that this game gave off similar vibe! I stalked all the endings in SS. Aaand can't wait to play the remake!

I'm eagerly awaiting more games from you :) I'll gladly donate fo the cause after the 10th ;)

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Actually, I wanted to reply that 'nevermind finally got them all!". Nothing beats the sheer stubborness and load buttom "crazy smile* aaaand the fact that the last 4 boxes on page 2 are meant to be empty *facepalm*

Anyway, thank you for the game! I really enjoyed it. I would really, really love to get my hands on sequel. Or at least some spin off with our dear Keegan. He's a gem. I'm sure he's bound to have more of those hilarious evil plans and handsome men to woo!

Also downloaded Monstrous Lovers. I have faith in it already if Blind Men is anything to go by.

Keep the good work!

EDIT: And, oh! I really liked the art! Please, hire the artist some more :D

Cheers! :)

Will be there a walkthrough? I could really use a guide to completely fill my gallery...

Hello! :) I just wanted to share some toughts about my exprence playing the demo. It's quite buggy but it's an early demo so whatever. I'm not gonna talk about that. Firstly, let me tell you I love the idea with that interactive side scrolling map. And the art! It's lovely. I honestly don't know what was I expecting but you got me suprised several times with plot. I don't want to spoiler anything but man. I know I'm squishy about nearly everytging but really, the characters creeped me out for a moment there. Definitely nice suprise.
Good luck with the game! I'm definitely interested once it's out! :)

Yes, thank you for pointing that one out. I was so busy skipping already read text that I forgot about that! ;)

Hello, I'm re-playing the demo with newest version and I've noticed there's no option to use computer? I remember I could do that in my room, but now not? Is it intentional or it's a bug?

DECEMBER Dear Lord... Never in my life I've wanted a year to end faster... Anyway this new demo is so fantastic I'm already saving money to preorder. You just wait and soon I'll throw my dollars at you \o/

The humor in this game is outstanding. I enjoy the art, characters, plot, but GOD the humor kills me. In a good way. Even click choices cracks me up, and I'm not even starting on inner monologues! I can't wait to play full game. Keep the good job!