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Finally finally got round to reading the updated prologue- and lord I am still hooked on this story and your writing. I cannot wait for more, you have an absolute gift with writing dread and setting absolutely nightmarish scenes. Your decriptions are so visceral it has me leaning towards my screen in both horror and fascination- now I need to go and re-read all your other work because I need more

Fantastic work, as always. Looking forward to properly meeting our unhinged Mr Wolf...

omg. Love love LOVED the update!! Thank you so much for working so hard on it! I love how organic all the conversations are and I love how Lori and Taylor's relationship is growing as they genuinely enjoy each other's company!! Stay safe and I wait patiently for the next update <3

You're amazing, thank you I didn't even know!!

Okay now I'm feeling dumb, who is Ste and where can I meet him?

you're both stars omg!! Thank you 😊

!! How do I trigger the "I owe you a beer" event? 

2 hearts for Normal Logan?! How on earth do you get the 2nd heart??

oh my god I started this game at around 9?? It is now 2AM and I've just finished all the routes, saving Toast for last and aaaaAAAAAHH!! SUCH A GOOD GAME GUYS I AM FLOORED! AND TIRED! BUT MOSTLY FLOORED!! I can't wait to see what you guys get up to next, and a shout out to my favourite guy Quest for being an absolute SWEETIE!! Love the art, love the writing, and the layout was so unique and fun, I didn't want to stop playing. Thanks to the whole team for creating this masterpiece!!!

I adore this game and I'm so excited about the DLC! I've re-downloaded the game but I'm struggling to find the right DLC files to paste into the game file :( Is it the whole "renpy" file I need to copy and paste in?


Hi there! I absolutely love the look of this and the music is lovely and chill- but it's incredibly slow on my computer! Is there a particular setting I need to have it on to make it run smoothly? I really want to play this!

My fave Brattan was everything I thought he would be, with an entirely unexpected story, Yiestol gave me a bit of a surprise (cant say cuz of spoilers)- but Nyargh was an utterly delightful surprise, and honestly my favourite route just from how cosy, fluffy and nice it was.  Kudos for the lovely little game! And a really well done making this game suitably unsettling and disturbing but still lovely and fluffy! 

SO, I love the game! Gorgeous art, really interesting lore (from what we are given) and a really interesting alternate reality on, well, our world. What's really stumping me is the endings- I can only get the first 3, no matter what I pick. Is this because the game's not finished yet? Will the other endings (4-7) be available to achieve in the final version? Looking forward to the finished version either way, since the visuals go really weirdly up to the *ahem* "route choice" scene.  As in the sprites pretty much disappear :P Guessing that will be all sorted in the final version too! But well done anyway! I know Nanoreno can be stressful, and you made a gorgeous game in such a short time! I can't even pick a favourite fella. Really good stuff, look forward to future work x

Just played the demo, so here are my first impressions;

The little mini game is interesting and definitely a leap in an unique direction. The only issues I had were that changing in actions with a mouse (going from Moving Action to Trap Action for example) were a little janky, with Moving often becoming automatic. Otherwise, very interesting and look forward to see how you up the difficulty and make it challenging later in the game.

I'm digging the living backgrounds from the two scenes there is in the demo, and while in the screenshots the depth perception is a little weird in the city-view, in scripted bits it looks lovely!

Very pleased to see character animations and interactions with my boy Heremon are staying true, and Kat looks like she's going be a very interesting addition to Sofya's upcoming story! (Plus in the last game I was very much angling for a Sofya-Heremon mutual interest, and having a bit of real romance drama will give me LIFE.)

I usually make saves when Choices come up, so I can quickly pop back and change the choice if I change my mind, but script froze when I tried to load back and test how the save system was- it returned to normal when I loaded the auto-save and picked the first choice with Heremon, so I guess saving on the Choice screen doesn't work...

Overall, I've got a positive feeling about this game, and I am reeeally looking forward to seeing how you go forward with it. While all the animation and mini-games might not be why I'll play it, and more for just how much I'm loving Sofya and her story, I'm still supporting the decision and hope you have fun experimenting with your new tech :)

Good luck! You have an eager customer with me!

I'll see if that works. I've played through the chapter now and there were no more problems with animation or the sprites all the way up to the dungeon guard. I'll get specs in a sec. Thank you though :)

Hey! I just bought and downloaded this game today because I really liked the look of it, and so far the choices and character customisation is looking up. But my god there are tons of sprite bugs! The very first time I played, the mother didn't turn up at all until I reloaded my first save, and even then it glitched and kept a silhouette of the sprite constantly onscreen till I reloaded a couple of times. And now I'm in the street, and the archer girl who gets all touchy feely with my fiance is broken and either won't appear, or it's just her silhouette stuck on the screen (his sprite didn't turn up first time round either). I hope you can fix this and update the game soon, because I really can't get on and enjoy the game if I have to keep trying to reload all the time to work around the issues :( Thanks!

A walkthrough would be appreciated right now XD Missing just two CGs and it's driving me crazy!

P.S. Love the game, very clever and well done. Love the humour and Hunter is just a damn f*cking flirt! (I love it.)

Keep up the great work! I'm gonna check out your other game ASAP!