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My fave Brattan was everything I thought he would be, with an entirely unexpected story, Yiestol gave me a bit of a surprise (cant say cuz of spoilers)- but Nyargh was an utterly delightful surprise, and honestly my favourite route just from how cosy, fluffy and nice it was.  Kudos for the lovely little game! And a really well done making this game suitably unsettling and disturbing but still lovely and fluffy! 

Thank you so much! We're so glad Brattan didn't disappoint, and we're thrilled to hear that Nyargh came as a pleasant surprise, that's so wonderful! With sending the characters off in wildly different routes we did worry a bit about how hard the sell would be on some of them, so we're just super glad if nothing was too much of a deterrent and that you enjoyed the game as a whole! Thank you so much for playing and for your kind compliments, it really means a lot to us to hear.  ❤