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We don't have a Patreon, only an at this time, so the full version is here. :) On the bottom of the game page, downloading should give you the list of file options, and that is the full version! Our game is relatively short and can be completed in around 2-4 hours fairly comfortably depending on reading speed.

Hi PaleAngel!

The game isn't abandoned, it's just completed! 

The story lasts several days before concluding. If it seems to end abruptly after the first day, you may be playing the demo and not the full version. 

Thank you so much for this sweet message ZedNenZen, and we're both so grateful and touched to hear such a kind description of our game! It really means so much to both of us. We're very glad that the game didn't cause you any prolonged discomfort especially, and that you felt safe and secure with the game's choices! That was really important for us as developers, so we're really happy you had a good experience with it.

Thank you for trying our game, and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Oh gosh, thank you so much, hospitalsocks! This is such an unbelievably lovely and kind comment, and we can't thank you enough for spending time with our game and coming back to share your experience. We're really happy that it spoke to you and that you found the story and the world satisfying to play!

Thank you so much for trying out our game Ruise, and for sharing your comments and thoughts! We're both really happy that you enjoyed it, and that all the characters had something that could appeal to you. It's  especially great to hear that you warmed to Nyargh and that we could strike the right balance with him! c:

Thank you very much for taking the time to offer your thoughtful feedback and personal perspective on the game! It sounds like it wasn't entirely to your taste, but the review will be really helpful for others on what to expect and to avoid any disappointment. We're glad you were still able to enjoy some aspects of our work!

Thank you so much for your kind feedback, anmanarrative! It's really meaningful to us to hear your thoughts and the things that worked for you!

And we're so happy if we could sell you on the notion of big bees. We do love a big buzzy dribbling giga-bee! 🐝

It's wonderful to hear that the aesthetics and the mood felt harmonious for you overall, and that you enjoyed what we wrote for the romance. Thank you immensely for taking the time to write this review for our little game, it's very special to both of us to know our little project resonated for someone, and making a visual novel that felt perfect for you is the highest praise we could ever hope for. 

Oh, thank you so much for this kind comment! It's really touching that you tried out and enjoyed our game, and that you like Brattan!

Hi there, Lies and Scandal!

Thank you so much for this lovely feedback, and I'm terribly sorry for how late it is! We're glad the familiarity of the characters helped to ease you into the story and maintain a welcoming atmosphere throughout. Since that was a fundamental part of the game as much as the script or characters, it's really lovely to hear that kind of response.

I'm also really grateful for your playthrough! We both really enjoyed your thoughtful commentary and your sense of humour about the game, and it's really uplifting to hear that kind of enthusiasm about our work. Thank you immensely for giving the game a try and for sharing it with others through your gameplay!

I'm very sorry for the delay in our response as we've both been tied up in various things for the last few months, but we're really happy you enjoyed our little game islandrock! Thank you so so much for giving it a go and for your sweet message!

Hi! Thank you so much for this lovely and thorough review of our game, the feedback is really invaluable to us!

First off, we're so glad you enjoyed the world of Vil and the other inhabitants. This kind of thoughtful response gives us such a strong idea of what we should pursue and focus on for the future of our games, and it means a lot to us that you took the time to share your experience!

We're both very sorry that you got a start while streaming, and we're going to address the Pg13 text to be safer for streamers in the future. At the time our metric for Pg13 was very... Not well informed, as both of us are from countries that have a 15 rating, not a pg13 rating, and there's quite a lot that a 15 rating can get away with in terms of text and image. We had a bit of an awakening when, in the discussion that ensued from this feedback, we realised that a lot of our 15-rated examples were not PG13 in the states, but rated more highly. Our ignorance is a serious oversight, and replaying it now is really eye-opening with exactly how uninformed we were... Thank you for bringing this to us. We've really tried to make an effort to be thorough and clear and safe with every aspect of our labelling, so we consider this a very serious failure on our part.

We can't offer a timeline because of the volume of edits involved, but this is a very high priority for us. We have a list of QoL and bug fixes in the pipeline across our line of games, and we'll roll this fix into it.

Thank you again so much!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments Mechartist! We're both really glad the game was a positive experience and that you liked our approach. Games that are challenging and ominous are terrific too, but we were really gunning for a game you could relax into easily despite the content, so we're both really thrilled if it felt that way!

We really appreciate this lovely and considered review!

Oh, this was great! Although it took me a minute to realise the game had ended at first, the actual process of chasing these guys around and pressing the controls was very intuitive and really fun! The visuals and the camera were also really smooth and it felt great to play. Superb job!

Oh no! I think maybe I could do more to telegraph the right answer with that particular question or alter the point range for it. Since it follows her getting offended about being fussed at, it's a bit of mixed messaging that I've been worried about! I'll go back in and have a look, make sure it's more cohesive or that the distinction is better explained.

(Although to be honest I'm also a bit relieved that the medium ending is still accessible, as I had some worries the point range might be too fiddly!) 

Thank you so much for giving my game a go, it really means a lot that you kindly read all that stuff! And thank you so much for the sweet badge! 

The environment you built is really nice and much larger than I would have expected from a game made in a week! The models also look really great and everything has really nice lighting. I managed to get the chandelier to fall on the guy up on the balcony, but whether through physics issues or time constraints, it doesn't seem to bother him terribly. I did a bit more exploring and found some more of the ritualists, so I get the sense there's probably something I should do that either deals with them or brings them to the table in the middle of the big room! My favourite thing you did was the floor with the disappearing squares -- just a really neat feature that makes the player move really carefully.

All in all, a really nice game that exhibits lots of skill and potential! If you decide to work on this any more, I'd definitely come and look.

This is such a cool concept! It's incredibly impressive how much you put together in one week, and it's awesome to see that you've also been working on it since the jam. I couldn't tell on stream how scary it really was, but playing it is really nerve-wracking! The artwork for the environment is beautiful, and I really like the contrast between the protagonist and monster designs. There's also lots of little touches that really enhance it and show how much love went into it, especially with the lighting and the screen effects when you're in danger.

You did such a great job putting this together. It feels like the proof of a really excellent game idea.

Hello from a fellow Bit Bridge game jam participant! I solved up to the 9x9 Hard puzzle and had a really good time with it! The pixel art was really readable from a glance, and the aesthetic as a whole feels pretty clean and cohesive. It provided just enough of a challenge to be a good time without being too stressful or difficult. All in all, a really fun little package and a job well done, thanks! 

Hi Andrew! I'm Cacoethic, the other person in the game jam who made a visual novel! I've been excited to check out your work, so I settled down today with it. I really enjoyed it! Your characters have lots of personality and the designs are really cute and distinct! I like that you had fun with it and just embraced the silliness of the concept, it made it really entertaining and allowed for a lot of surprises.

I really want to commend you on completing a game too; it's a big feat to handle on your own. Visual novels are tasking in their own way, because once the assets are in place it's all pure writing. I think you did a great job making as much progress as you did. Really nice work, I hope you stick with game-making so we can see more from you!

Thank you so much, but I hope the last soul doesn't give you trouble! Please let me know if it proves too finicky to track down, as there's a chance I might have drowned out the signal sparkles too much, so I can look into making adjustments!

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You bet! Full transparency on what to expect is always a priority.

Thank you so much, Hammer Games! I appreciate you checking out my little game very much.

Thank you so much for the kind comment, I'm very glad you enjoyed it! 

Awh gosh Loliqua, this comment is so lovely and kind -- reading it is honestly really moving for us. We're both so grateful you enjoyed the game and that it could scratch a rare itch!

Although there's many dating sims for monsters, we're just really glad we could fill a particular void and create a world that didn't feel too repetitive. Above anything else we hoped people could enjoy the game's environment and Vil's friends, and get a feeling of belonging. If we could succeed with that in any small way then we're so incredibly happy. Thank you so much for giving our game a chance, and we're so glad you're willing to stick with us for our future projects!

(We do also apologise for the typos! Unfortunately for many reasons our hopes to quickly fix those things were bumped down in priority, but we do hope to get to repairing those issues in future. Honestly, if you wouldn't mind picking out errors, we'd be really grateful for the help in assembling a list! I know it's been quite a while since this message though, so it's no trouble if it's a bit late to ask! We're also over at !)

Awh gosh, it's incredibly flattering for us to know that you found the game riveting enough to stay locked in like that, but we're also really sorry we messed up your sleep schedule! Thank you so, so much for playing the game and for taking the time to provide this sort of feedback. We're really glad we could hit the right balance in the story for you, especially with the nsfw content - we did our best as a team to work out a tone that felt right for the characters and the story we'd made thus far. It's also really touching and uplifting to know you enjoyed the visuals and the artwork!

We unfortunately don't have current plans to revisit this world specifically, not until we really think we have some worthwhile stories to tell. But we're always collaborating, so there will be more from inkethic in future!

Gosh, this is such a kind comment, having our weird game called beautiful is such incredibly high praise... We're both really touched and happy that you enjoyed our work on it! Thank you so much for giving the game a try and even braving a route that might have otherwise been daunting. We're so glad you enjoyed it!

Also please forgive how late this reply is! I'm the one who handles the social media, so I can only apologise for my sluggishness!

Hi! I'm so sorry for how delayed this response is, but I wanted to thank you so much for your lovely thoughts and feedback on how you found our game!  We're both so glad you enjoyed the story (and the bees!) and that we could present something that felt different for you!

Thank you so much for giving our game a look, and for taking the extra time to comment! It really means so much to us.

Awh gosh, thank you so much for playing the game! It really means so much that you gave our weird game a chance amongst so many amazing gems in the Bundle, and we're really so glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you for your sweet comments and for supporting the Bundle!

Thank you so much! That you enjoyed the story and art really means so much to both of us. We really appreciate your kind feedback!

Aw gosh, thank you so much for playing our game Aural, and we're really so glad you enjoyed the story and characters! It means a lot to us to hear anyone would enjoy seeing more of the world we made!

Unfortunately we don't presently have a sequel planned, though we do have other projects in the works (slowed down a bit by covid, I'm afraid). In part this is because we'd like to leave the story open enough for exactly these sorts of speculations! Your thoughts on how these characters might go on into the future is so wonderful.

If we think of anything interesting enough to make a full arc for this world again, we'd like to revisit it. But we wouldn't want to take away the opportunity to imagine something cool for these characters unless we can deliver something totally worthwhile.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

Thank you so much! We both really enjoyed writing and illustrating the bees, and they're definitely the cutest critters we got to design. Save the bees!

We're really glad you enjoyed the game and thank you so much for your comment and your lovely thoughts! It's really interesting to hear this kind of feedback on how you experienced and thought about these things, and I'm really happy to answer whatever I can!

- The punishment salt helps add a little more context to the world, but it's really just for flavour! Since we get to learn more about Yiestol's job as a community overlook operator, we thought it would be good to portray what happens when monsters transgress against each other or generally make trouble for others, and how routine this sort of sight becomes for people living there.

- I'm not sure we had anything particular in mind with choosing the right art display over left! Since the natural movement of reading for English readers is left to right, it might be that we instinctively prioritised the text over the art a bit more.

- I think we really liked the idea of integrating the choice sequentially because it followed the manner that Vil's day goes - they meet people one by one as they traverse on their route. That way, you also get to learn a bit more about them before having to make a particular choice, by having this back-and-forth small-talk before it's time to decide. An unintended side-effect is that it seems like many people do play in order of character introduction, which we felt was probably the best order for the stories.

Thank you so much for the questions and your lovely thoughts!

Aw gosh, we're both really grateful for your lovely comment, and we're really glad you enjoyed the game! Hearing that you think so highly of it really means more than we could possibly say.

We apologise for the typos! We do have a fix in the works for several things that should also repair that, but we've been set back by various challenges this year. We hope we can address it in future!

Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thank you so much for trying out our game, and we're so glad you enjoyed it!

We're really so glad you enjoyed it! We definitely wanted the world to feel familiar and comfortable in its own way, even if it's a very different society to ours, and we're really glad to hear that it was a fun experience! Thank you for playing our game!

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comment! Throughout we hoped we could stay true to billing the game as something that felt comfortable to play and make something eerie without trying to manipulate or frighten the player, so hearing this sort of thing really means a lot to us.

Thank you for giving the game a chance, especially given the vore warnings! We're really happy you still found it worthwhile and palatable!

We're very glad you're enjoying the game so far, and thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how it's going!

You definitely picked the most direct body horror route, and we're just really glad it was comfortable and enjoyable for you. The game routes diverge a fair bit from each other, so hopefully there'll still be some interesting surprises that you like in the other stories!


I really do apologise for the trouble with this; it's definitely an intersection of issues between the client, MacOS and the game code. Although we can resolve this, unfortunately it'll take us some time to implement it on account of our ongoing schedules and access to necessary hardware. If it's possible for you to play the game outside of the client until we're able to resolve the problem we'd really appreciate it, otherwise we hope you'll be able to enjoy it once we can get the fix in place!

Thank you so much for letting us know about this issue!

We hope our game is suitable! Though it does have an adult content toggle that is off by default, it still has many horror elements. If it's a bit excessive we will totally understand.

Awh gosh, thank you for making us the recipient of your first comment! And thank you also for taking the time to tell us about your experience of the game. We're really, really thrilled you enjoyed it and had an overall positive experience with it as your first dating sim. Hearing that the story could live up to expectations is really high praise for us, and saying that we set any kind of bar is so kind and really touching. Thank you so much!

We have hopes to develop more games in the future, so hopefully we can make something that will interest you! We'll definitely take your comments on board for future developments!

Hi there! I'm really so sorry for how long it's taken me to reply to this, but I wanted to thank you so much for your sweet and kind praise for our game! We're both really happy and flattered that you enjoyed both the art and the writing, and that you were happy with Vil's reveal! We knew we might be taking a risk with making a design people might not like, so it's always really great if it works for someone.

If you don't mind elaborating, we'd absolutely welcome any feedback on how we can make our writing more readable/accessible for you in future games! Please feel free to leave us a comment or message us here, on Tumblr or on Twitter, and we'd be grateful to hear from you.