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Awh gosh Loliqua, this comment is so lovely and kind -- reading it is honestly really moving for us. We're both so grateful you enjoyed the game and that it could scratch a rare itch!

Although there's many dating sims for monsters, we're just really glad we could fill a particular void and create a world that didn't feel too repetitive. Above anything else we hoped people could enjoy the game's environment and Vil's friends, and get a feeling of belonging. If we could succeed with that in any small way then we're so incredibly happy. Thank you so much for giving our game a chance, and we're so glad you're willing to stick with us for our future projects!

(We do also apologise for the typos! Unfortunately for many reasons our hopes to quickly fix those things were bumped down in priority, but we do hope to get to repairing those issues in future. Honestly, if you wouldn't mind picking out errors, we'd be really grateful for the help in assembling a list! I know it's been quite a while since this message though, so it's no trouble if it's a bit late to ask! We're also over at !)