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I! LOVE! NYARGH! SO! MUCH!!!!! Yiestol is definitely a close second, but MAN, I loved Nyargh's route! He's the only datable character I've seen in a game like this that is completely monstrous and doesn't have a humanesque body shape... He's kind and caring and I love him. ;w; And his bees. (Thank you for letting us pet the bees!!!)

Fangirling aside, this was honestly SUCH a good game! The story is fleshed out (hehe) and well written, the art is AMAZING, and the pace is pretty perfect. Learning how the world works is easy, and even the background characters are well done. The only "flaw" is that there are some typos, mostly during the later half of the routes, but they are easy to miss and do not hinder the flow of the game. (I'm not sure if this is still being worked on, but I would be more than willing to go through everything again and pick out all the errors I can find.)

Like many others have said, I appreciate the fact that while everything is dripping with horror elements, the story isn't meant to scare the player. I've honestly been looking for what feels like forever for a game where you can date monsters without having them be humanized or part of an abusive story-line, and this scratched that itch PERFECTLY. (That being said, Brattan's route is my least favourite, even though it is the most mysterious... but that's just a personal preference, and I know many people would adore his route!!) I would honestly gladly pay real money for updates/a sequel/a new game that's similar. (Please please PLEASE make more! I don't care what you do, the two of you are fantastic together and I crave more of this delicious horror romance content!! *insert the "shut up and take my money" gif here* )

Please, if you find this page and are even remotely curious or interested in what you see, download this game!! You will not regret it! 

Thank you so much for the link! I feel dumb for not noticing your site. >3< The printable Move lists are awesome! Much easier to look up than going through the whole thing. tysm again!!

I've wanted this game since I first saw it on kickstarter back when it was first launched! Forgot about it until I bought the BLM bundle - was SO ecstatic to find this gem in it!! Seeing all the inclusive art is a real joy! <3 

I've never played any ttrpg's before, but I'm having a great time just creating characters atm. (Cannot seem to figure out how to get just the character sheets to fill/save; I'm probably missing something, but if not, it may be a good idea to add them as a separate, fillable pdf file? IDK.)

Either way, even on my own I adore this game!! You did a great job and I'm super excited for this to be my entry game into ttrpg's!! Just gotta find some people to play with, lol!

Love the style and the concept; I would love to see the game finished.