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This is such a cool concept! It's incredibly impressive how much you put together in one week, and it's awesome to see that you've also been working on it since the jam. I couldn't tell on stream how scary it really was, but playing it is really nerve-wracking! The artwork for the environment is beautiful, and I really like the contrast between the protagonist and monster designs. There's also lots of little touches that really enhance it and show how much love went into it, especially with the lighting and the screen effects when you're in danger.

You did such a great job putting this together. It feels like the proof of a really excellent game idea.

Thanks for playing, and for all of the feedback!

We were definitely going for a tense feeling and creepy atmosphere, so it sounds like we hit the mark!

Art, lighting, and atmosphere were for sure a major focus for us, so thanks for the praise :D 
Lighting, audio, and presentation are a huge part of good horror, so we knew we needed to focus a lot on those aspects.

For this jam, we wanted to explore how we could capture some of those horror feelings. Some of the player action mechanics likely suffered a little bit because of that focus on the art and atmosphere (jam games, heh) but with more time those could defiditely be massaged.

Thanks again, and we hope to take what we learned here and bring it into our future projects!