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There's no more sexy scenes so far, sorry. Wolfscade is considering making an extra one, and with the number of people asking for more Aelius/Fabius I think he will definitely draw it! XDD

I didn't think of adding a gallery for just one scene... but if you think it's worth it, why not? I can add it easily.


On the second day, go to the Colosseum and to the shop. Winning Fabius this day leads to his scene; the odds are 50-50 this day, so save your game before the battle and try again if you lose! 

You must have the ring to achieve the good ending. 

Thank you for your kind words!

That extra scene is Wolfscade's idea and he's the one in charge of it, so go bother him! lol



I know, I know... XDDD

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it!

Oh, I'm sensing a bug... Did you visit the artisan's shop?

(1 edit)

You can solve the mystery WITH Fabius.

*** SPOILERS WARNING***  If you go to the Colosseum on day 3, it means you missed Aelius' training on day 2. Go to the Colosseum on day 2 and to another place and you'll get the true ending on day 3. To get Fabius' scene, you must win him on day 2 (the settings are 50% chance on that day's battle).

Ah, yes, it's short :( 

Wolfscade is planning to draw an extra scene for them, explicit rated.

Thank you, from Wolfscade and myself!

<3 <3 <3

Awww, thank you!!

No, you're good! We'll have the finished version ready in a week or so, now that Nanoreno has ended ;)

I can fix it, yes. Thank you for reporting it!

Linux is giving Renpy games a lot of bugs lately; I even had to take the Linux version out of Steam because the amount of them :(  I'm sorry!

lol no. I live in a Roman town, so we have gladiators reenactments every year!

Thank you for your support! 

Yes, sorry, there are only two days so far, but the third day is being finished, along with the remaining backgrounds and the battle system. The artist, Wolfscade, is working on a Nanoreno project at the same time, so please be a little patient! ;)

(And thank you for copying the error: there's a typo in that label, that's why it doesn't work lol)

Have you checked the guide? You should find all the necessary steps there.

I know of it, but haven't read it yet. So nope!

I can definitely try to implement it for Android! ;) Besides, this game will remain free, no matter the platform. 

*blinks* Really?? That error hasn't appeared for me and no one else has reported it, how strange!

What if you quit the game and enter again? Still there?

Anyway, the final release will be soon ;) Let's hope this error and any other possible ones can be cleaned before that!

As soon as the remaining backgrounds are finished and the RPG battle system and inventory implemented ;)

I can't tell you a definitive date, but we are currently working on it!

Sorry, I have itchio as Paypal only; it's a bit complicated when you are out of the US. But you can buy it with card on Steam.

:D We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for it 

A really nice demo! I hope you finish it or at least extend the demo soon, I'm looking forward to knowing more about the two main characters and the monsters they might find!

To be honest, the higher number of betatesters the better, so yeah, it can be included in the higher tiers.

Thank you!

Thank you for your words! And you are completely right: the focus  wasn't the romance this time. I wanted to have a story with steampunk elements and moral choices, where the protagonist just happened to be gay and open to casual sex with someone he shouldn't date.

I hope you enjoy more of My Burning Heart, which is definitely more focused on romance and sexy moments ;)

I agree with you about that kind of college teachers, to be honest: I had the bad luck of finding some during my Uni years and found them despicable and unprofessional. But in this case, I think this kind of behavior fits Marc's character. Someone has to be the baddie or create trouble for the protagonist or we wouldn't have story, right?

Anyway, I'm glad you liked at least Pol. I hope you enjoy my next games!

Thank you! someone caught this error on Steam too, I'll make an update today.

Yeah, I know, but it's still strange. Can you try uninstalling it from Steam and installing it again? If you want to test if it works that way, of course.

Thank you very much for your kind words!

That's odd.. I got a comment on Steam yesterday, barely an hour after I posted the game there (so I assumed it was someone who had already played the itchio version and only played the Steam one to get the achievements). It said they were able to get all the achis but one, end 12, and I checked and saw that, effectively, there's a mistake in my code for it. But the rest should unlock fine. Are you playing on a Mac computer, perhaps?

The unskippable credits are unskippable, sorry XD

Ah... nope. Sorry, you'll have to wait until the finished version (but hopefully that won't take much longer),

I hope you downloaded the update! The music gallery and the missing sexy scene will be added next!

That's odd!  :(

Anyway, I'm going to keep the itchio payment method as Paypal only (because it's more convenient for me, sorry). But next week the game will be up on Steam, and you can buy with card there.

Please download the updates! A rough CG gallery is already added, and a better one including the music gallery too is in the making ;)

By the way... I also like Marc, a lot.

Best of luck, Ivan! I'm very happy for you for the fact that you now have a full time job as a writer. Maybe, with time, you feel the need to come back to VN developing, but even if that isn't the case, you know in this community everyone appreciate your work and you as a person.

Chasing the Stars still needs a couple of updates... and then we'll run a Kickstarter campaign for My Burning Heart so the artist can work on finishing it full time (since art is his only income). I hope it will be out in a month/month and a half, but you know how these things are.

Sorry, I'm finishing the last details for Chasing the Stars right now. I'll get to Blood and Lust very soon, though: only the "good ending" and the love scene are missing, and also some game features that I would like to implement, and that require coding time without rush.

Sorry, I need to do a couple of small fixes, but I won't have any time until the weekend :(

But's it's definitely tiny things (finishing Steam achievements and updating the notice about adult content because they found it more "adult oriented" than it currently says on the Steam store), so of course it's coming out!