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Ertal Games

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This was fun! And demonstrated, once more, how the fatality of fate is unavoidable XD

lol I have asked Renpytom, the developer of the engine, more than once... It seems that for passing all the virtual signatures he would need to pay a considerable fee, and since it's a free program he isn't going to pay for it. 

Perhaps now that he's started a Patreon, we can ask for it to be done, once he reaches a moderate monthly income. I will certainly suggest it, because that security pop-up is really annoying!

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Hmmm, no, I sent them by ordinary mail. I'll ask in my post office if there was any problem with them (sometimes parcels gets delayed at customs).

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Hahaha, okay, let's see... The endings for each guy are: good ending (happy ever after and all that jazz), bad ending (bye bye Alex) and bad relationship ending (they don't end together and some other issues may remain unsolved).

The "epilogue" you are talking about must be the extra stories. They will be uploaded as different files, so you can choose the one(s) you want. There are three after-the-end stories during University times, giving us a hint of how can be their future as a couple in the turbulent times of the fall of the British Empire. The other three stories are long, detailed versions of the bad endings, with a bit more of back story about our boys and the bad guys.

What a good storyplot!

Please, I beg you, you MUST finish this!

I'm really happy you like it!

And yes, that ending is still missing; as I said in some social media, there will be un update for it very soon.

I wasn't very convinced with that ending, so I prefered to take it down and rewrite it from the scratch, but I didn't want to delay the game any further. Sorry for the inconvenience. There's also the after stories coming soon, where we can see our boys during their University years, so look forward to it!

The itch.io Support just contacted me: they say they had a bug in the import system, but it's solved now, so all the Kickstarter backers should see a button to link the game to their accounts.

Let me know if there's something else, please!

I'm sorry, it's a problem of all games made with Renpy :( It always flags all the security alarms. Or has your antivirus reacted different from with other visual novels made with Renpy? *starts to worry*

I'l get back to you as soon as Support answers me, don't worry!

It was my mistake, and it's solved now. But since you have already downloaded it, please go ahead and play it for free, since it was my fault. ;)

It SHOULD be attached to your account, since itch.io assigned a given download link to each email, but I will ask the itch.io support to be sure.

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oh, I haven't thought of that! I'll try to add a wallpaper, let me run some tests. I will notify you when it's uploaded.