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Thank you for your quick reply! I've realized it's the same with the "Loops" folder, silly me.

You outdid yourself this time, this pack is amazing!

But if I don't want to mess with the files (I have zero audio editing skills) and just want to use the songs as they sound on the youtube preview, which file should I use? It's a bit confusing with so many options.

No, sorry, he's taken!

Nope, sorry: both the artist and me (aka the writer and coder) are up to our eyebrows with work. But we'll do our best to release the game before the end of 2023.

Congratulations!! I wasn't able to back it this time, sadly, but I'm looking forward to buying the full version on release day!

Después de ver el vídeo, veo que tengo que añadir una explicación a lo que hace cada botón... La flecha (segundo botón del menú del cuadro de texto) es para la lectura automática. Si lo aprietas, el texto de ese cuadro se vuelve a cargar para darte tiempo a leerlo (¡no avanza como tú esperabas!). Para avanzar el texto, hay que hacer click en cualquier lugar de la pantalla o apretar "enter".

Muchas gracias!

Thank you very much for your kind words! <3

Oh, thank you, very insightful! <3

Ah, sorry! The game can be also played in English. It was made for a Vampire: The Masquerade game jam (similar setting to Anne Rice's novels, but with its own lore, spread through role-playing board game and the videogames).

Much appreciated!

Ah, that makes me so happy! Thank you for playing!

The game is going to be released on Steam for a modic prize (I'm thinking of $1.99), so it would be great if you recommended it to your friends ;)

What. Sorry, nobody reported that bug before, so perhaps it has to do with your computer's settings, or the game didn't install properly. Please, try deleting the game and the content stored in your system (see route below) and install it again.  I hope it helps!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Will you make a downloadable version? Please?

Would you be so kind as to send me the save files, so I can recreate the error and see what's wrong? You can do it through a PM on Twitter or Discord, or to my email:

Following the guide you shouldn't get any kind of bug (I've tested it hundreds of times at this point), but I've been sent two save files with errors that will be fixed shortly. I hope that's the one you are also encountering and you can finally progress in the game! Sorry again for taking so long T_T

No, sorry, the itchio version is Paypal only, although I know some people use other kinds of pre-paid cards.

I expect so!

The pre-order is itchio only, it's not linked to Kickstarter. You can buy the game here and itchio will notify you via email the moment the game is available. You'll be able to claim a Steam key from your purchase page, too.

Sí, lo siento, no me da la vida para traducirlo todo, pero en cuanto pueda: lo tengo pendiente!

Perdona, no sé por qué, pero no he visto tu mensaje hasta hoy :(

El juego tiene 3 finales y 4 opciones posibles, dependiendo de la cantidad de elecciones que tengas que sean positivas hacia David ;)

Nope! Vampiro: la Mascarada. El juego de rol y el videojuego. Son vampiros modernos como en Anne Rice, pero tienen muchísimo lore propio.

Nope, but there's dub-con at the start of a route.

There's only one game and a DLC with the After Stories: some of them take place some years after the original ending of the routes (so in college or after it), and some are longer versions of the bad endings.

You have the link on the page's description ;)

Thank you so much for your kind words! ❤️

Thank you so much for your kind words, you made my day! 

And no, you didn't miss any scene with Senan: the guy is a bit shy, so he won't interact until it's needed for the plot (soon enough).

Not as explicit as in, say, Exes Assault, but there will be, yes. I have in mind the kind of scenes we have in A Hand in the Darkness.

Thank you, I think I've finally found the point that is breaking Ferdinand's route (been searching for it for months T_T ). Please, have a bit more patience until I can fix it!

By the way, there's a merman bl visual novel in the making, by the team behind The Divine Speaker, but I'm not sure if the project has been dropped or is still in the works! Might be worth asking them ;)

Hi! Thank you very much for your kind words!

Let me tell you that I'll never ever make a stats-raising game again! XDD 

I had the help of a good programmer, but since his system was too restrictive for what I had in mind, I had to basically wing it. In fact, that was what delayed the release for a year further than planned, but even with thorough testing for months, you can see the outcome :(

I think I've found all the remaining bugs, and I'm working on fixing them (alternating it with working on Exes Assault, because god knows I needed a change of pace). I'm sorry for the inconvenience and for taking so long to solve everything, but trust me, I'm doing the best I can.

It's part of one of the routes, but not the core of it. It's just the sexual preference of the character.

Once the Kickstarter is over, I'm hiring a programmer, and making an android version will be up on our to-do list.

I really don't know, sorry. Mac isn't very fond of indie content. Have you tried playing other android builds from games here on itchio?

Those scenes haven't been written yet and we are still accepting requests and suggestions for them ;)

You mean that you expected to have more variety of scenes with Gabriel and Ivaan? Gabriel has a scene where he bottoms, since he's not against it, but with so many H scenes already in the game, adding the top/bottom option would make the scope too big. At this point, we prefer to release the game within 2023, and then maybe adding more scenes on a DLC. 

No, sorry, we don't have the budget for that. I wish!

Only with one of the characters ;) But now that you mention it, we should make a post about top or bottom preferences of our characters.