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It's a pdf file in the "demo" list. 

Mmmn, I don't think Steam supports pre-orders, just "early access", which would feel weird for a visual novel...

Anyway, all purchases on itchio can claim a Steam key once the game is released!

Thank you! I've heard my Muslims friends use the word many times, and in Spanish we have some idioms with it, legacy of our Arabian era (like "ojalá" for "I wish"). That's why I didn't think people would find it offensive. But it obviously depends on the country or social customs. 

Anyway, apart from that and a small reference to praying time during the day, there aren't any religious comments in the game. It would feel strange to have a story set in Middle Ages without any religious background, that's all.

Gracias por tomarte la molestia de comentar! Seguramente la versión completa será de pago, pero baratita.

It has one scene. Uncensored 😉

(But you can choose to avoid seeing it at the start of the game, if that's not your thing). 

It will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux on itchio, but Steam builds now require another layer of protection that I can't test myself for Mac, sorry. 

Thank you! ^_^ 

And yes, the game will have some NSFW.

Muchas gracias! Dilian diría que por supuesto que él es el personaje más carismático del condado, ¿quién, si no?

Yes, of course! As soon as possible! 

XD sorry, just fixing some minor bugs that were reported on Steam. 

:(  I'm really sorry, I haven't used that option in years. Well, you can buy the game on Steam, too, if you are still interested. Less dev friendly, but card user friendly.

Gracias por la mención! Con lo mala que soy en diseño gráfico, es todo un honor saber que por una vez no la he fastidiado XDD

I think you can use Paypal as a guest, using your card instead?

Muchísimas gracias por el galardón! La verdad, creo que todos los participantes tenemos muy claro que el que más se merece el premio al más divertido es el tuyo, sin lugar a dudas. Pero me alegro de que hayas pensado en En lo profundo del bosque como una discreta segunda opción, jajaja!

El año que viene más y mejor!

Thank you for your feedback! Actually, you can delete a save clicking on it, and Renpy allows you to have endless saves. 

About the characters, yeah, Eoin is a meanie and Sorin a cinnamon roll! XDD I can't wait to introduce the other three guys and see what you think of them ;) 

Muchas gracias, me alegro de que te haya gustado! 

Please, give him my best regards! I hope he gets well and is back to his daily life very soon <3

Muchas gracias por la mención!

Estoy de acuerdo en que es difícil juzgar un guión cuando un juego no está acabado, pero me alegra que hayamos tenido ideas interesantes y prometedoras. Esperemos que esas demos den sus frutos muy pronto y no caigan en el olvido!

Yes, of course! The demo is already there. 

It will have some NSFW, yes. But I haven't decided yet if the final game will be free or not. In any case, the price tag would be low, don't worry!

Thank you so much, you're too kind! <3

Thank you! ^_^

Thank you! Give me two days! ^_^

Thank you for taking the time to play and comment! And yes, it will have R18 scenes ;)

Although we'll probably make a Gen version for Android.

Gracias! Pues nada, a seguir jugándolo! 

Bastante entretenido, y me gusta mucho que funcione como un juego de rol, con tiradas aleatorias y modificadores!

He jugado un rato y me he quedado con la duda de si hay un final o si el objetivo del juego es solo ir pasando días haciendo misiones.

There aren't :(

Sadly, the demo is just the introduction of the characters.

Between December 2020 and May 2021. Sorry, I can't be more specific yet.

No sex under 18 for Americans XD

Yes, please, send me an email with a screenshot of your Steam library or something that proves you own the game.

Just the sprites and the GUI. The rest will be only small additions, not a full revamp.

I guess you need to code the GUI in your project ;)

No, not yet, sorry. It involves writing a new ending, so please, be patient. 

Oh! No, sorry, since the game was banned on Steam. I'll take out that message right now, thank you for telling me.

Looks really good!

Aaaaw, they look both cute and formidable enemies!

Please, write me to with any kind of proof of purchase (a screenshot of your Steam library would suffice), and I'll send you a download key for itchio.

When can we expect the finished game? puppy eyes

I need it in my life!

Aaaw, you're really too kind, I don't know what to say! 

Hahaha, I can't believe you haven't played MBH until now, after all the spam I might have been drowning you with! I know this setting and its delicate topics are not for all tastes, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Haha! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to include a redhead as a love interest in the next project!