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Hmmm... Those bugs were supposedly fixed some updates ago (and they definitely doesn't exist in my code anymore), so I think they show up because you're using old saves. The only remaining issue I can find in the current version is the game finishing once you reach 3rd April (because it was initially coded that way).

Oh, thank you, I'll take a look as soon as possible! 

For the first error, do you train art basics with Emile in the afternoon? Since you only get art basics points when you practice on your own, those are the points the game checks: you need a minimum (that increases each week) to keep progressing on your own. 

For the second, the evening scene with Gilles only happens on Friday... but I'll check the variables so you can only get it once. I guess I made a typo again! *sigh *😭 The third must be the same kind of error. I hope the next update is the definitive one! 

Thank you for your detailed review! Although you could have left it in Spanish since I'm from Spain XDD

About the art, we did our best to have the most unified style possible, but take into account that there were five artists plus the ones for the chibi scenes, and even within each artist, some variations are bound to happen since they work in different projects at the same time. 

I'm working on the bugs fixes right now, and about the difficulty level to get some of the achievements... Well, that's why I made a guide, so you could choose what days to spend with your love interest and what days to spend raising stats.

All in all, I'm glad you had an entertaining time with the game and that you enjoyed the plot and the characters! 

Have you touched anything that you shouldn't? (cracking the code, I mean). It's impossible that the skip function doesn't stop at elections, map included.

Thank you for the feedback, I'll check it out!

Yes: it's easier to make an Android port than a Mac build!

Hello and thank you! The newest version of Mac requires game devs to fill in some paperwork and pay a yearly tax... which I'm sorry to say isn't worth it with the little number of downloads from Mac users I get. I know many Mac users do some kind of trick in order to be able to overcome this inconvenience and download indie games anyway, so they can play the itchio version. However, Steam doesn't even allow me to upload an old Mac version, so the game will only have a Mac build for itchio.

I can make a post asking about how to bypass Mac's features and play indie games on your computer, if you want.

I've just made a devlog about it, thank you for reminding me!

I'm a bit confused about what you mean by "the aggressor", but if you're asking about sex dynamics, you can choose in each +18 scene to top or to bottom.

If you need clarification about any other aspect of their relationships, I'll be glad to answer!

You also get confidence boosts when you sell a painting, in the river.

That's strange, because paypal is the default payment option for this game. Could you write to itchio support, please? It's not something I can do anything about on my side, I'm really sorry.

Thank you so much for your feedback! Actually, I think your solution would work well, but I'll have to check if it can be implemented or not: the more leeway the game gives to the player, the more prone to prompt a bug it is, as you have already seen. That error message you keep encountering means precisely that, that the game system doesn't know what scene it should go to next. It would help me a lot if you could tell me, here or in a PM, what day in the game you find that screen. Right now I can only work on the game on the weekends, so I'll try to fix everything I can right away, before Monday.

I'm glad you are enjoying the story and the characters, despite the game's flaws!

Hmmm... The lines should be a bit different if you have already met him when someone takes you to the café (these scenes are there to give you more options to meet Bernard), but I'll check the text again to make sure it makes sense. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you so much! Still fixing bugs and waiting for Steam's approval, though! 

Can you write me a PM through Discord or Tweeter, or write me to I've found the second error and it was easily fixed, but I haven't been able to find the first one, so I need more information, if you could provide it.

Okay, it didn't happen while I playtested it, but I'll check that day's options again.

He's the cutest! Thank you very much for sharing!

Yes, of course it will be available on Steam! Fixing some things for it to get approved (adding and removing features from the store page, like captions, stats, or partial controller availability).

This weekend I'll check all the variables around the last week of March: everything works fine for me, but since a few errors keep appearing for some people, I'll make sure they get fixed for everyone.

As for a walkthrough, there's a guide available on the downloads section of this page! ;)

Thank you! Your comment is not deleted, I can see it as a comment to another person who had the same problem. I'm sorry, I haven't got the time to solve it yet, but I'll do it as soon as possible (hopefully in a few hours). 

Okay, I asked around about this problem. Let's see!

1. Does it happen only in full-screen mode? If that's the case, it can be that another Windows process is interfering, like the notifications system.

2. Open the game and then click on Shift + G. It will open the following menu:

Try another option for your renderer: that should solve performance issues. Renpy games choose OpenGL first if it's available, so that could be the option that it's giving you issues.

I hope this helps!

No, don't worry! You are helping a lot with your feedback, I'm very grateful. I'll check it and try to fix the errors as soon as possible.

Then perhaps the game didn't unzip or install correctly, sometimes it happens. Can you try deleting it and downloading it again?

This was already reported by another player, but it will take longer to fix. I didn't program more days after April 3rd because I thought all the players would get an ending, good or bad, before that, so now I need to extend the days, let's say a week more. Make a save of your game and maybe start over and go for another route in the meanwhile? Remember there's a guide, too, if you want to go straight to one route more easily.

That sounds like a problem with your video card. But it's odd because visual novels don't use a lot of video resources.

Can you DM me through Discord or Twitter, or send me an email to I'd like to ask you a few details.

Yes, I'll make a post about it as soon as it's fixed. Your saves should be compatible

The build was already sent to the Steam review team, so as soon as they approve it

Please, roll back and make a save at the end of your previous scene. I'll update the game tomorrow and you'll be able to keep going from the point you were in.  It seems to be just a typo on a variable, so easy to fix. 

Can you message me through Twitter, Discord or email so I can ask you more details? 

Thank you so much!

No, sorry, for that you will have to wait until the game is launched on Steam. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Yes, that's the plan!

Thank you, I'll look for it and fix it.

I added the link to the song on the page description! ;)

The option appears, yes, but if you select that option you should get a message saying you don't have any ring (at least last time I checked).

Aaaaw, don't be like that! It's extra content, and every route has an open ending (except for the bad ends, of course). I'll try to write more stories for the boys, but it will probably be in pdf and not in VN form (sorry!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a gameplay of The Manor!

A mí me estaba recordando todo el rato al cuento de la ratoncita presumida y me estaba temiendo que la flor acabaría con un pretendiente que se la iba a merendar XDDD

Muy divertido, la verdad.

Thank you! You know, Josh's sprite was my first choice for the protagonist... but the first feedback we got was that he looked like a bully! XDD