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Sorry, but it's a visual novel: it's not a game meant to skip the story. I guess it's not your kind of genre. 

Adnan and Rashid are quite dark skinned compared to other white characters; the action takes place in Near East (Jordania? Siria?) so they are the right color. 

My next project will be more diverse in that regard, though ;) 

Oh, thanks for telling me! I'll fix this as soon as possible. 

We don't have a release date for the voice acting, but I hope we have it live by the end of October.

^_^ Thank you so much for the review, it really makes my day!

Sorry, the voice actors and the sound editor are working on it, but we still doesn't have a definitive date! I hope it's soon ;)

The voice actors are at work, and the sound editor is working on the bits we already have :)

Yay! This game is awesome! It has the right amount of action, mystery and hotness!

:( The protagonist is a slave, so he doesn't have a say on what happens or not, sadly. He tries to take it as a job, as something he must do in order to survive, and the Sultan treats him kindly, but the dubcon is still there.

Perhaps you should try the demo and see for yourself if it's something you can enjoy regardless or if it's not right up your alley.

Thank you so much for your kind words! <3

The third one for Monty is when you choose "Tell him everything" when you are alone with him on the third floor. Have you done that or chose "Play it off"?

Which one is missing, what number? You should be able to get all of them!

About the after stories, they will be released soon, before the end of the year.

I'm happy the idea sounds interesting! And yes, it's a thriller: basically the retelling of the Ripper's crimes from the point of view of Eddy Nichols, the eldest son of the first victim. There will be a demo at the end of August, and then it will probably be put on the backburner until I finish all the loose ends from my previous games.

About the rating... It's not decided yet. I don't mind one way or the other, so that will be decided by the artist ;)

I'm still sending them! Sorry, copy-pasting the unique codes into so many emails is more time consuming than I expected! I'm with the last batch of them, though.

I hope that bad ending with Harun wasn't too traumatizing :(

I think I replied to you on Steam... In case it wasn't you, let me copy-paste it here:

Okay, just as hints and not a full guide:

- Choose the "good" answers with either Halim or Rashid to enter their routes: the hearts are affection points, so you need to have at least four right choices with only one of them to do their route.

- For Harun's route: get into Rashid's route and then choose the answer that dismisses Rashid instead of the "good" ones. Depending on your answers to Harun, you'll get his good or his bad ending then. (A clue: the options are always being bratty or shut up and obey him. One gives you the bad end and the other the good end, but I won't tell you which one).

I hope this helps without being too much of a spoiler! ;)

The hearts are affection points, so you must choose a character and focus on him, ignoring the other. 

I'm super glad you like it! ^_^  Thank you for your kind words!

Thank you so much!

Yes, of course. I'll share the Casting Call post this week, for the ones interested in applying or voting!

Yay, thank you for your kind words!

I decided not to add purple hearts to Harun, to add a bit of mystery around him :)

As for the ending song, is by MyëVe, but I don't think she has ever uploaded it to youtube (She made Chasing the Stars song, too). I'll tell her to share it publicly if she hasn't done it yet. And when I add the full credits you'll have the chance of listening to it in the game!

I'll try to send them tomorrow! ;)

Yes, sorry :(  Tomorrow the game will be released on Steam (we already have the go-ahead!), so you can buy it from there with card.

It depends on Steam: they say they have too many games queued for submission they need to check, so the process is slower than usually.

I know that's the biggest issue for many people. I'm working on an update with a new option added,  that will allow to enter the other love interests paths and also to get a new good ending WITHOUT having to do anything with Marc. Thank you for your support!

Hahaha, no worries!

(Please, follow the guide! Many people get stuck in endings they don't like otherwise).

Hmm, when did you download the game? His error was fixed a couple of updates ago. 

Well, an Android version has been demanded before, so I'll definitely work on it when I have the time (working full time and planning a release right now), but I'll have to ask around to see if a  game made in Renpy can be ported to iPhone.

In fact, IT IS in the guide: to avoid Bad End 5 you must sleep with Marc :(

Sorry, I know many people isn't happy with this option, and after My Burning Heart is released I'll make an update for CtS with an alternative route to avoid having to sleep with Marc. For now... play the scene in Skip Mode?

(Oh, and I think you should definitely take the other option in the first choice).

Aaaw, thank you!

^_^  I will have time to try it during the summer holidays! So, next month. Thank you for your patience!

Hello, jammers!

Looking for a team? Want to share your progress? Wanna follow the ongoing projects? Then, consider joining our social media so you don't miss a thing!

The BL Visual Novel Devs server on Discord has a temporary channel especially for the Yaoi Jam devs:

Twitter: @YaoiJam



Hahaha! It's difficult to get all the answers, right? It was a present Sabinus wanted to give to Portia the day she died.

Aaaaaw, thank you, you made my day! <3

I have a Patreon right now, for my VN work and hopefully soon for my short fiction on Amazon. The next project after My Burning Heart won't need a KS campaign, but perhaps the next one will, so thank you so much for your support and your kind words!

lol Don't break the game...

Those will be used in the extra scenes that will appear when you complete a route with a good ending, but they aren't implemented yet.

There's no more sexy scenes so far, sorry. Wolfscade is considering making an extra one, and with the number of people asking for more Aelius/Fabius I think he will definitely draw it! XDD

I didn't think of adding a gallery for just one scene... but if you think it's worth it, why not? I can add it easily.


On the second day, go to the Colosseum and to the shop. Winning Fabius this day leads to his scene; the odds are 50-50 this day, so save your game before the battle and try again if you lose! 

You must have the ring to achieve the good ending. 

Thank you for your kind words!

That extra scene is Wolfscade's idea and he's the one in charge of it, so go bother him! lol



I know, I know... XDDD

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it!

Oh, I'm sensing a bug... Did you visit the artisan's shop?