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June? That's great !^^ can't wait to play it ! 

really like the demo ! Good game, and I can't wait to see more of it !

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HI !

Great game, really enjoy it !

I'm having some troubles though to obtain some CG. 

whit sergei I believe, since it's two cg that are on the 2nd page of the gallery, seconde row, the first one and the last one. 

I followed the guide but nothing's working. I can't figure how what I'm doing wrong since the guide is pretty easy to follow, I'm sure I haven't made a mistake while following it

On the same note, despite folowing the giude, I can't get some of steam achievement.

So I thought it might be a bug actually ? LIke the CG not appearing ? Same for achievements ?

ha, okay so my problem is with the relation ship. I can't manage to get the last heart. I'll try again, thank you ! :) 

Cursed Lands community · Created a new topic Jasper romance

I'm not sure if I should ask here, or if it's considered as a spoil, but I'm wondering if Jasper romance was complet ? 

I know in one of the update there was a note about his bonus CG, which would mean that he can be romance, but it's like I can't get his romance. 

I believe I have always choosen the "flirting/positive" answers and somewhere in the thir full moon, there is a scene where he admit he's interested in me but explain that he doesn't know how it would work out in the futur. The main character then says something about "taking it day after day" and so I thought it indicate that we now where in a relation ship, but after this there's no more scene with him. 

So I was wondering if it means I've choosen some wrong answers, if it's a bug of if it's just not yet a possibility :)

On another note, I really love the third act ! and actually love the "vilain" ! ^^

Good continuation ! 

I tried waiting a few days but it wouldn't work, but it was after I noticed the bug, so by then it was maybe to late to "undo" the bug.
But I'm going to retry the VN mode and wait a few days erevy time :) 

(I'll also try the normal mode so I can completly enjoy the game^^)

I'm playing in VN mode, which could cause the bug ? if I remember there is a warning about it at the begining of the game ? 

I was going for Riley first, but when he completly desappeared from the potentiel selection at the bath, I tried every over I could, and notice that Jariel seems buged too. 
I realise that the option for the baths is supposed to occured only in certains circumstances/events and it seems that for me it always appeared. Maybe that the bug ?  

Hi !

I buy the game and I truly like it but I'm having some kind of bug in Shacklespit city. 
There's the hot bath where one can go with it's romance, but it seems bug. :S I'm going with Riley, but first is conversation (the one where you can try to flirt) played twice, and than he desappeared from the list of people to select. 

And I have the same repetition trouble with Jariel. He replay his conversation with the bards songs.

I've try realoding the game, and passings days, but it won't work... 

Is there a solution or should I try to replay from the begining ? 

allright, thank you very much for the answers ! and good continuation on the game! :)

hi !

I just buy the game (and love it !!) but I was confused about two things :

first, it says that there is a steam code, but when I go to the downloading page and clik on "steam key" it says there is none. Is it normal ? 

Also, I've buy the beta, but I've notice that you update regularly the game. 

Will I have to buy each new version or will I simply be albe to download them freely since I've buy the game once ? 

Thanks in advance for your answers, !