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The Waters Above: Prelude

A yuri kinetic novel about sea nymphs who tend to the stars. A free prequel to The Waters Above. · By Studio Élan

Gorgeous, frightening, sad, & damn near *perfect*!

A topic by Demigrace created Jun 28, 2018 Views: 250 Replies: 4
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I love  e v e r y t h i n g  about this game.  The sprites and backgrounds are STUNNING--just absolutely, amazingly beautiful--and add so much vibrant warmth to the story.  The gorgeous soundtrack is a perfect complement; at different points during the Prelude, it caused me to have my heart in my throat, tears in my eyes, or a sappy, lovestruck grin on my face.  And the STORY.  My god.  

In "Water Hyacinth," I felt for Clio *so hard* when she described herself as garbage, but I ended the segment feeling warm and fuzzy inside (and also craving fried flounder rolls!).  "Remind Me" went from adorable (the sea slug!  Apple begging to be cuter!) to anxious, hinting that something very wrong might be happening in this world.  "Leannan" was another emotional roller coaster: the aching sweetness of two girls very much in love, the gentle drowsiness of a lazy day off, and then the rapidly escalating terror of something bad, bad, BAD--and all your worst fears as a parent/caretaker realized.  I don't think I've felt a gut-punch like that in a long time.

And speaking of visceral terror and... well, viscera... that brings me to "Garden of Jealous Things."

.....Iris is my gothfish girlfriend. <3

(The only reason I said "near perfect" instead of "perfect" in the title is because of some typos.  Nothing major, just occasional missing words or commas!  If you want, I can link the screenshots here.  If not, no worries!  It's all good.)

Studio Elan has made an(other) astonishingly good game, and you should all be very, very proud!


Wow... Thank you so so so much for the kind words and support! We're all so touched that you enjoyed Prelude so much and it makes us all feel so grateful to have fans like you.

We'd appreciate any screenshots of lines that have typos! Or you can make a list with just the line in it, whichever is easier for you. Thank you!

Once again thank you so much for this. Everyone is still sobbing over this comment, so thank you for making our day <3

Oh gosh, thank YOU!  I'm so glad that I could make your day a little better.   (#^__^#)

I'll get those screenshots to you later tonight, as soon as I can!


Hey, sorry I took so long!  Here's a link to the screenshots I put together.

Please let me know if it doesn't work, and thank you all again for making such a fantastic game!  (Also, I forgot to praise the UI and speech bubbles before, but please know that I deeply appreciated the extra love & hard work that went into those!)


UI designer appreciates that ;_; <3 Thanks so much!