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The art was cute, but I felt that the characterization could have been a bit stronger for the MC. 

The humor somehow managed to convey the deranged  and messed-up plot perfectly while making things fun at the same time. Kudos to you for telling such a wrenching tale with the whimsical brevity of a bored parent reading an inappropriate bed time story for a child.

 Expect fan art sometime in the future.

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Do you want a guide on how to get Heath's special ending?

First, you have to get Heath's ending by siding with golgotha and declaring andrei as the leader in the end. I strongly advise you to play as a golgotha yourself for this ending while choosing heath as your mentor, since the golgotha's affections are notoriously hard to raise.

Then go to the extras to check if Heath ending #4 has been unlocked. If yes, proceed to start a new game as an iscari and pick Heath as your mentor.

After that, PICK ALL THE CHOICES HIGHLIGHTED IN RED.  The dark maroon may be hard to see, so do pay attention haha.

Then you get to see your darling boy reveal his true colors (not that he hasn't from the beginning tbh)

For all the other ending, just choose to side with the 1.Saorise 2. the Rebels


First of all, thanks for your reply last time. I already got Heath's special ending unlocked.

But now I'm stuck on how to unlock Randal's special ending haha. Namely, how exactly do I become regent of the LA mosquitoes? (I figured I need to get the ending where I support the rebellion or become my own faction while under Randal's mentor ship in order to trigger the unock) So far I tried playing as a mavyar under Randal's tutelage and tried to kiss as many buts as possible, but my reputation with the Iscari and Golgothas are still dismally low all the way up to the ending. So unless I side with the rebellion, I get my brains blown out *cries*

Is there a certain personality I should go for? Should I act all aggressive and confident when talking to Randal or more contemplative? Or should I switch up my house for a stat boost? Or is my thought process wrong all together?

Great game by the way. Loved Heath's special ending. My heart  was crushed  before being thrown into the juice blender. Can't wait to see what Randal's special ending will do to me =v=

Love the game so far. Quick question though, can you give us some small tips and hints as to how to achieve each character's special ending?What kind of action is needed? (for example: Do they require a certain personality beside being the same house? Should we coddle them *cough cough heath* or encourage them to stand up for themselves? Are there certain event requirements?)

A detailed guide would be awesome, but even some general direction would be nice ahahahha

Very lovely. First visual novel I played in a while and it reminded me of why I fell in love with the genre in the first place.

I thought I would be getting a sexy comedy with some laughs thrown in. Or at least some kind of story. However, once you get pared with your respective demon, it's just a non-stop sexy time session from beginning to end.  I wanted to know about the hero's ambivalence about offering up his "butt" and the culture shock from both sides, but all I got was a quick background exposition at the end and a hero who was too busy swooning over the demons for any self-reflection. 

On  a positive note, while the hero was a spineless self-insert, the demons were all very specific and straightforward about their tastes. They also didn't bend their preference for the hero, which was something that I appreciated. People don't just magically change because of a couple of one-night stands. In that aspect, the game has a good message about respecting your partner's tastes.

tldr: If you just want a quick yaoi fix, buy this at a lower price. However, if you are looking for plot or well fleshed out characters, skip this. I got a feeling that I wasn't the target audience for this game lmaooo.

Thank you! Lovely game, by the way. I will go play the devil and the deep blue sea now. If any bachelor catches my eye, expect more fanart =v=

The great fire wall of china still blocked it. Maybe you could upload a text file?

Thank you for being so patient

can you release a txt version? I am currently living in china and they block google T-T

THanks! I already bought it haha. Gonna give it a run and maybe draw fanart of my favorite guys haha.

Hi, is there a way to buy the dlc on itchio instead of steam? I don't really want to install steam just for the game haha

i love this so far (still on the dragon's route) . I'm going to post fanart on lemma soft soon

also a hint for the sword's ending?