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Very lovely. First visual novel I played in a while and it reminded me of why I fell in love with the genre in the first place.

I thought I would be getting a sexy comedy with some laughs thrown in. Or at least some kind of story. However, once you get pared with your respective demon, it's just a non-stop sexy time session from beginning to end.  I wanted to know about the hero's ambivalence about offering up his "butt" and the culture shock from both sides, but all I got was a quick background exposition at the end and a hero who was too busy swooning over the demons for any self-reflection. 

On  a positive note, while the hero was a spineless self-insert, the demons were all very specific and straightforward about their tastes. They also didn't bend their preference for the hero, which was something that I appreciated. People don't just magically change because of a couple of one-night stands. In that aspect, the game has a good message about respecting your partner's tastes.

tldr: If you just want a quick yaoi fix, buy this at a lower price. However, if you are looking for plot or well fleshed out characters, skip this. I got a feeling that I wasn't the target audience for this game lmaooo.

Thank you! Lovely game, by the way. I will go play the devil and the deep blue sea now. If any bachelor catches my eye, expect more fanart =v=

The great fire wall of china still blocked it. Maybe you could upload a text file?

Thank you for being so patient

can you release a txt version? I am currently living in china and they block google T-T

THanks! I already bought it haha. Gonna give it a run and maybe draw fanart of my favorite guys haha.

Hi, is there a way to buy the dlc on itchio instead of steam? I don't really want to install steam just for the game haha

i love this so far (still on the dragon's route) . I'm going to post fanart on lemma soft soon

also a hint for the sword's ending?