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Will it has Goldie and Fox's end in the future update?

The end of Reborn looks like the  end of illusion.It also seem like keyes will never come back(┯_┯)

So exciting.This game looks funny and fantasy .But the waiting time would be too long.My friend talked me to play seiyuu danshi,but this one is more attracted.

Try Heath's route once ane once again that make me tired.Not just impatience's stuff.The choice here is too much.There is'nt any hint imply which one is right.

Then why Heath's identity change so much.Connect to the beginning and the end,I can not believe he has been addicted to drug and also use syringe.QAQ 

And he finally become pessimistic  which contradict to the self-confidence in the beginning.

If that is his true face,I think Saorise is more charming then him.At lest,she has more strong believe .

Finally,guide book is in need or I will get crazy in Heath's depressing atmosphere.


image and story was so amazing in demo