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Need help on Randal's IV ending (SPOILERS)

A topic by The_Nuggening created Sep 16, 2019 Views: 950 Replies: 3
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So I created a new Mavvar MC to match with Randal for his special ending but the red/crimson text only goes so far as the scene where Randal and MC are both on the beach and Randal's brooding alone. The last thing I remember being highlighted red is MC saying 'I'm not as strong as you, Randal... I'm not sure I could ever be'. Something along those lines.

Then the red just stops appearing and I'm left with vanilla/regular endings.

Was wondering if anyone knew what was up. All help would be super appreciated, thanks!


If you don't select enough red options before you're supposed to head onto the special ending path, the game will continue to normal endings. There are some red options hidden behind white ones.

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Ohh snap, I didn't realise this. Thank you! I'll have to dig extra hard. Can I ask if these red options are hidden really deeply? Or do i need to sniff them out on my 'time off' as I explore the city?


Okay, so I just properly went through Randal's IV ending. Lilttle tip in getting there: behave how you think a Mavvar would behave, e.g. in dialog options.