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I loved the demo! It's really refreshing to see a game that can double as an otome or BL game and I love that all the choices seem to have meaning! Cove is already my favorite character and I look forward to game's release!

I was curious since you can choose your pronouns will there be any slight difference between the male and female one when interacting with characters like an example being a guy who is a real ladies man will try to flirt with you when you have female pronouns but not when you have male?

This won't change if I'm going to support you on your patreon or buy the game either way (I'm doing both for sure once the 3rd comes for patreon) as I know that would be quite a bit of extra writing! I was just curious if that was something your team was thinking of!

I'm sure I'm gonna love seeing Moocha interact with everyone! I think I love him so much because he reminded me of Shuu at first.

Also I noticed you talking about tops not 'acting like tops' and bottoms not 'acting like bottoms' in a different comment AND I AGREE 10/10 Tops don't always need to 'look like tops' and bottoms don't always need to 'look like bottoms'! Like one of my favorite things about Seiyuu danshi was customizing the cast to fit my taste which is usually small not typically manly tops with taller more masculine looking bottoms. I def don't dislike the stereotype but the world is filled with different types of people who enjoy being tops and bottoms

You can bet cash money if cotton is an option I will be having him top Ban and when I eventually write up a fanmade sex scene/fanfiction(if that's cool) Moocha!

also is it bad that I'm kind of shipping Yolkie/Moocha and Cotton/Moocha already?? I get the feeling i'm going to love their interactions!

My friends and I are so excited for this game!!! Moocha is so cute!! I loved Seiyuu danshi, its not everyday that I can be a short top or a tall bottom!! That's one of my favorite dynamics but most games seem to never do that, so it's really great to have a game where that's possible!

You can def count on me for kickstarter and preorder!

Other than that no errors I can see! Proof reading is rough sometimes orz btw i played hustle cat when it first came out and have been waiting for you guys to announce a new game! You can bet on me buying/funding the kickstarter for this one! (already on your patreon!)

Also since this is an r18 I'm curious, some of the BL games I've played you can choose to top or bottom regardless of route, are you thinking of somethings similiar or are routes prerendered?

I LOVE IT!!! I did notice with toma that there was a line where it seemed like you guys forgot an 'I' when he said 'won't let anything happen'--

Can't wait to play the full version!

Thank you very much! i really appreciate the quick response and resource! I hope to play it soon! Again, thank you for responding to my message quickly, I really appreciate knowing that it's happening to others too because if it was just me it'd mean its probably time to replace my old computer and that 13-1500 price tag is no easy payment! I hope to play your game soon! (if i dont botch the emulator process)

If it's any help, my mac is a late 2013 macbook pro! I will say that I've never run into an issue running games from here on it before, I tried deleting the files and re-downloading  it but i get the same issue, after i grant permission it'll show up on my dashboard before just closing itself, I never see the start screen or anything.

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I have a mac and when I downloaded the game it would not open! idk if anyone else had this issue or if my old girl is just finally giving out but I figured I should let you know!

Great thanks! -silently prays for Hyde to be a neko- The demo was fun and I love the attention to detail, like when you use wind magic the guard never gets his helmet back-- Great touch! I can't wait for the full release!

Oh awesome! I've seen some games where the protag switches depending on who's route you're on or you can choose, will either of those be in this game or is the protagonist set as one role when r18 things happens? (loved the demo, im torn between Hyde and Karyl)

I got this too! it's a bummer because i wanna play but i cant play if i can't save!

Hey! I noticed that the preorder says it'll also be for mac but there's only a windows demo, is it true it'll be for mac too? Just wanna be sure before I preorder!