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I also think you haven't really read what the thread is about... SPOILERS AHEAD SO BE CAUTIOUS.

no, nobody was waiting for a twilight-esque otome full of fluff, sweet, romance sunshine and rainbows, but rather, as the warnings said, some kind of twisted romance. The point being, this doesn't feel like romance at all. I'm not the best person to convey this thread into words that sounds coherent and makes sense, because my english is very basic tbh, but i will try....

What people is more upset about i could put it out as being that, for paying almost $20 usd for a game that obviously is very dark, we got a rollercoaster that feels like some kind of mess, and not really a good one, i mean, i don't mind playing almost 5 or 6 bad endings for each character if only i got some reward for it, i dont want a fluffy romance ending when suddenly everything gets solved out of nowhere and everyone is happy and sound, becouse this is not THAT kind of game, but i was expecting some kind of a better reaction to our character being our character and staying there at all, maybe an ending when whe can choose to run away with our LI and send the war *** and simply dont care at all. Also, maybe some bittersweet ending when it's kind of not solved, but rather paused, some mayor character deads but still some kind of reward out of it, something remotely happy amid all that chaos. But we get none.

Not only does the game feel like everything you do is pointless, because it basicaly goes down to ways: If our character didn't exist, the war would go on, we don't know how whould it develop but i am certain things wolud go ape*** and have mayor deaths, maybe set the whole hollywood on fire eventually, but with our character there, things go south rather fast, and for a game with a premise that OUR CHOICES matter, and that we hold the key to maybe solve everything, or set everything into chaos, it feels like no matter what, everything goes CHAOTIC anyways, like yup, we try to make it better, but oh noes, that isn't going to happen. We can't really be anything, and, as for being a vampire, mc feel rather usseless thought the story, being a relatively new vampire at all.

And don't even talk about the sex choices, that's some guild trip right there, it feels so wrong, and is not exactly the kind of "weird, toxic-romance" i was expecting, some of it yeah, but for it to remain that way i can't really call that a romance, it feels like there is not consent, nothing rather romantic at all, randal is the lest ankward one i think, and yeah even if vampires are dark, murderous suicidal beings -in this game context- They were also once human, i would have liked the devs to maybe explore that part and combine it better with this twisted world they created.

this game offers nothing more that a captivating storyline -wich ultimately feels bland after everything is said and done-, beautyfull characters who happend to be very haunted, and no matter what you do, you can't make it better, not only that, but if you try to make it better it will only get worse, a rollercoaster of guilt, blankness, suffering and so so many bad endings with nothing more to it, the game is so far only what seems like bad endings, and for a visual novel, that kinds of falls plain.

You can have and be anything at hollywood- because you are already death, yet, none of it really happens because the ilusion of choices fails to deliver, except for some turns here and there, someone saving your ass depending of your reputation and evading ultimate death, your characters apport to storyline is rather bland, interaction with other characters...bland. Some jokes here and there that might make you laught, but this game can be everything--- but at the end of the day, you sat in front of your pc, staring at the credits screen after 50+ hours of gamplay, to be rewarded with....nothing, just bitternest, some really bad memories, amazing storyline for the supporting characters with major and minor roles and feeling like you did nothing at all, except self-insert yourself in a rollercoaster of despair, maddness, with little to no romance at all, hell, even if you DO avoind romance, even as friends, the feelings are all the same, so the question that always lingers in the end is "What does it matter? nothing really does" Your character matters nothing at all, i get what the devs where going with this game, but it had so much potential to be something more ya'know? The twisted-romance premise could've been aproached so much better, instead is just bland, aknward and kind of put it there? It doesn't matter in the storyline at all- And as such, it doesn't really matter to the characters LI at all, for example markus, something that striked me in his story was that at the beggining when you choose him as a tutor of sorts, he asks you "What are your fears" i choose "Being lonely- because of being a vampire" that's how i would answer in real life, and he responded in the context of "I see, but we're all afraid of it, with different name and circumstances, yet all united with the same string, and do tell, what whould you seek to scape it, what do you expect to not feel it?" -not his exact words but yeah- And i answered "love- i hope to find it" and then this moment got caught in my head because he got serious all of a sudden and said "This is the right time, isn't it? all this time...for this moment" and i was like welp yeah, golgotha can se s*** and stuff, would have been so amazing to explore the way that maybe markus knew you where coming into his life all along- he just didn't know wich role you whould play into his inmortal life until he expended a bit of time with your character? and so, if you chose to romance him, this would've been soo much deep...

That is the kind of potential this game had, but fail to deliver.

Not that i was expecting anything tbh.

i expected more for the storyline choices and endings with influences, but the only one so far who had me almost satisfied was when i started a rebellion of my own -See? i pulled sneaky on you, saorise lol- and got to be the new vamp leader, aside from that, every ending just left me with this bitter taste and i just was sitting there thinking -Wow, so much for choises matter- because in the end, no matter what you choose, the outcome is always bad in some kind of way,  and not bad as in - bad game, bad ending kind of- but bad in the way of that it's always a dissasters, and that in the end of the day, you can't even protect the people you come to care for in this new, dark twisted world. 

Heck, i would have been so much pleased with an option to suicide myself after all those bad endings, maybe then, i could say, yeah, this is that kind of game, but welp, i guess even my character doesn't care about anything at all- just how this game feels.

May not be accurrated because a rambled a lot but yeah, there you have it, some pinpoints into what other people where saying and how i feel about it all.

Sorry for bad english,

Spoilers not game breaking- i think- unless you get turned down for a game who doesnt have real romance lol.

Daamn, your comment is gold.

Please devs listen to this, is sooo on point....

Daamn, i rushed to buy this with my broke *** because i was excited to play this since waaaay long. But now i kinda regret it seeing how everyone is saying that this doesnt have any happy-Sighly happy ending at all. I don't get tiggered easily and i do am struggling with some depression here and there but nothing life threatening so far -Thus why i dont get tiggered easily- and i can stand some gore but oh boy...

All those people rage posting about bad endings kinda make me reget broughtin this, its almos been like...20 minutes since i purchased - haven't even played yet, just the demo, and i was looking foward to markus but daaamn.

I think my biggest concern is the price for what i get, i don't mind all the politics grind and shit, but yeah, for spending almost $20 and not being able to influence shit and at least get my man with some decency....well ****. People saying that choices do not matter, and guilty trips and shit, i am overly emotional and a really simpathetic person so i may get....really invested with the characters. I do not know if this was intentional or not....Also considered asking for a refund on steam...

But i think i will play this, i would reget not doing so even if after doing it i feel a little bit broken, 

But also i would like to ask of the devs to comply with usser request to add some sort of dlc with some decent happy endings, no need to flush shit, but hey, we are **** vampires, where is the badass aspect in this game? I woulnd mind if it was me with my man vs the world lmao. Jokes aside, yeah it doesn't have to be something super fluffly and pink, but something normal when maybe we go away of all that **** and decide to have nothing to do with the **** war.

Sorry for bad english and bad context lol.

Omg i just found this out, and i'm totally diggin' it! This looks soo good, haven't played the demo yet but i'm going to!! <3 can't wait till this game is finisheed aaaargh!

I have so many things to look foward rip.

im kinda happy, but also sad because this is a new project so im guessing is going to be done sometime next year ;v; still i will wait!

This looks amazing!

Ty devs for making this game <3 

it's not even done yet but games like this bring joy to my life!

This game is a piece of art, i can't get over the fact that i am here, strugling with so much, my family, my finances, my love life, figuring out who i am, college and shit.... Yet i stumble upon it and i relate to all of them soo much

Im laughting my ass off, just to end up crying at the end because i really needed someone to say that to me. That it's okey to be i mess, that i am doing okey, and soon, maybe i can become a butterfly too...

I just fell like a bit of sun shined down in my darkness,

So thank you.

For this amazing game.

PD: sorry for my bad english, i actually speak spanish so...

Haha, so my first theory was correct! lol.

Aww that's so bad, i was kinda looking foward to it, but no worries! when u feel you want to continue, or do a new story (since i know u plan to do ur own game *wink wink*) i will be here waiting patiently for your next work! i just fell in love with EVERITHING, so when u make something new i will come dashi run run to play it!

Thanks for making amazing games :D

Have a wonderfull day *sends hearts* <3

Man, i recently found this and obviusly i feel in love! such an amazing game, the art is gorgeous, the story is so interesting! but i was wondering to... since no one ever asked...

After both good endings there is this dialogue about harry finding a blue stone of some sort, and he just coments something like "Whatever, lets sent it to examination first" and then the game ends lol. I was like wtf what is this stone. There is no sender, just a "To harry potter".

I apreciate it if u could explain lol, im making all kind of weird theories lol

It's alright, even if it just drops around $27 $28 usd it'll still be more affordable. I'ts just that in exchange here, the game almost goes up to $110.000 COP, im just a student and that's basicaly my whole income for expenses in university monthly lol. i can sacrifice aroud 80.000 or 90.000 but more than that...

I want to purchase the game, but it is really expensive in my country...

Will there be a sale soon? i need to play this badly :(