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I agree with you.

I love silver/white haired men and I just had to romance Heath, but as I romanced him, I was getting more appalled by his behaviour and the way he acts. The fact he's so depressing doesn't do well with my own depression, and the fact he does drugs doesn't really make me like him either. I wish we could change him, but nope.

Can you avoid Markus getting attacked?

Has anyone managed to get Markus' ending? He always leaves me with his shop, so I've been trying different things instead. (avoiding sex, for one, since he seems asexual), and that didn't work. But I've had options that hinted I could make my own house, but I'm not sure how to do that. Randal seemed interested in it, but I'd have no idea how to sway the Iscari and the Golgotha into an alliance.

It's a very tricky game, I'll say that. I'm not sure if the developers have played the game through properly with all the possible endings. Hopefully it's solved because I've invested hours and hours into it. I'm even trying to see if there's a certain pattern for behaviour, or that the house has a factor, and house reputation. Since I'm assuming having maxed out a bar from a specific house means they'll help you, but that's not always the case. Maybe there's something else we need to do.

So - I've tried to romance all three of them. Obviously.

I first tried Heath, as an Iscari, and I thought everything would be fine if I accepted the deal with Andrei, so they'd help us out. That didn't  work. So I tried playing as a Golgotha instead and romanced Heath, because I'd figure that'd count for something. And right after I declare the club belonging to Andrei, I end up getting killed, despite having a full maxed out bar with the Golgotha House. Odd. But why does he have to take drugs? Like, I'm not a huge fan of that.

I romanced Randal (as a Mavvar)  too, all seemed good and dandy, and sadly we couldn't avoid fighting the Iscari or the Golgotha, but we survived, and we had a happy ending, Or so I thought. At the end, Randal seemed to be turned into a numb zombie of a sort, staring vacantly into the mirror as if he's detached from reality with inane scribblings all over his hands. So that was nothappy ending.

Last, but not least, I went for Markus (as a Golgotha). Boy, he is tricky. He reminds me of Loki. That's a compliment, by the way, since I love Loki. Just like Loki, Markus seems to be emanating confidence, wit and charm, and you feel drawn in. But under all that exterior, he's kind of broken. I love that kind of depth. But he left me hanging with his shop, so damn.

I get you guys did alot of effort for all the endings, but sometimes, less is more. We're investing hours and hours in trying to get a happy ending (if they exist, please tell me if they do) and we end up getting disappointed. It's a real bummer for us, as we want to have an ending we're happy with, since we all want that, don't we?

Please - just give us a guide. Hints, maybe? Or remove some endings.