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It seems like my save files from after the festival result in errors when I try to load. I also can't skip over text on a new playthrough even though I've definitely read it before. Is this expected? Should I just overwrite my old saves?

Does race have an impact on the game or is it largely just cosmetic/flavor? Is there any lore on the Leathan? Appearance, lifespan, powers, etc?

I was working on Randal's special ending, picking the red options as they came. But somehow ended up with the same endings. What kind of influence did you have with the various factions?

I sure did.

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Yes, using the current version.

Picking Andrei lead to a different ending, death. Unfortunately, picking Saorise now leads to death too (survived it before). And more unfortunately, I still get the text about Lazarus being alive in the Randal ending.  So that check still isn't working correctly.

Sorry, I was Golgotha and Markus.

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I am doing my first run through. I declared for Andrei but ended up with Randall's crew. The text after mentioned that Lazarus went after him but Lazarus should be dead. I'm confused?

I tried declaring for the Rebellion and got the same outcome. Somehow I don't think the two choices should lead to the same end....

I experienced this bug too. I reloaded an early save and hit the freeze again. I reloaded a third time and had it on fast forward, at which point I got to the next line. Not sure if that helps.

Is there a Back function? Or a History/Log? Can you please provide a list of keybindings? Thanks.

If this is the "(unvoiced)" version, is there a voiced version as well?

Ok just got this game from Mangagamer and I really want to know what the 10th ending is. 3 endings per route, that's easy enough, but I can't figure out what the 10th is. I've tried a few things but not gotten it, can you give me a few clues?