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I'm also having this issue, and never saw my project on the most recent games page (even most recent tags).

Here it is :

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Hi. This is just a demo project. I'm working on  the concept and made this to get some feedbacks. Currently the mechanics is based on a strong narrative gameplay but i may add some exploration levels, inventories etc... to extend the experience.

Please try the demo here (in french) 

C'est sympa et le sujet est bien traité avec douceur. J'aime bien ton style aussi.

Thank you very much Luna. I will study this. Have a pleasant day :)

I would certainly appreciate your help on this :)

Hi! :)

I'm working on a project with a lot of  textual choices.  In the engine, behind every options of a textual choice menu, there is an image declared to make the container of each option. I would need for each option to show a specific image.  In my project, player has to choose between a negative and a positive choice. I want the positive to have a green container and the negative one a red one.  What do you think of this idea ? 

Something like in GUI.yaml:

 choice: assets/gui/choice.png 716 65 <!-- default -->
 choice green: assets/gui/choice_green.png 716 65
 choice red: assets/gui/choice_red.png 716 65

Something like in YourStory.yaml:

- choice:
    - "I don't kiss and tell!" choice green:
      - deuzi says: ...
    - "You bet we did!" choice red:
      - deuzi says: ...

Hi. Dear lunafromthemoon, thanks to your recommendation the magic happens. Thank you !

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Hi :)  Let me explain. Player has to choose one body type,  one top and one bottom  for the clothes.  When player clicks on a top ( a visual choice),  the corresponding top is  shown on a position placed on top of the body type image, but the top image  (let's say a shirt), appears when shown then disappear when player has to choose a bottom in the next visual choices. I can't figure out what i did wrong. Thank you for helping.

I would be most grateful if you could check the project, here is a ZIP file:
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Hi. I'm trying to prototype a simple dollmaker using Visual Choices and If statements.

Basically players choose a body type, a top and a bottom, but i don't understand why the condition doesn't do what i want sometimes... Everything works as intended, but  one thing does not: when players click on shirt 1 by example, i can't make the shirt to stick to the character...

Is there a way you could clue me in on this, lunafromthemoon? Thanks!

  - show room: WITH FADE CONTINUE
  - show body_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - var body: 0
  - var bottom: 0
  - var top: 0
  # Let user choose a body type
  - visualchoice:
    - body_1 AT 200,400: 
      - var body: "{body} + 1"
      - deuzi says:  value of body is {body}
      - scene: topChoice
    - body_2 AT 400,400:
      - var body: "{body} + 2"
      - scene: topChoice
    - body_3 AT 600,400:
      - var body: "{body} + 3"
      - scene: topChoice
  - hide body_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="1"):
    - show body_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="2"):
    - show body_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="3"):
    - show body_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - deuzi says: i'm at topChoice
  # Let user choose a top 
  - visualchoice:
    - top_1 AT 200,400:
      - show top_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
      - var top: "{top} + 1"
      - deuzi says: value of top is {top}
      - scene: topBottom
    - top_2 AT 400,400:
      - show top_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
      - var top: "{top} + 2"
      - deuzi says:  value of top is {top}
      - scene: topBottom
    - top_3 AT 600,400:
      - show top_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
      - var top: "{top} + 3"
      - deuzi says:  value of top is {top}
      - scene: topBottom
  - hide body_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="1"):
    - show body_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="2"):
    - show body_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="3"):
    - show body_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({top}=="1"):
    - show top_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({top}=="2"):
    - show top_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({top}=="3"):
    - show top_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - deuzi says: i'm at topBottom
  # Let user choose a top 
  - visualchoice:
    - bottom_1 AT 200,400:
      - show bottom_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
      - var bottom: "{bottom} + 1"
      - deuzi says: value of bottom is {bottom}
      - scene: yourLook
    - bottom_2 AT 400,400:
      - show bottom_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
      - var bottom: "{bottom} + 2"
      - scene: yourLook
    - bottom_3 AT 600,400:
      - show bottom_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
      - var bottom: "{bottom} + 3"
      - scene: yourLook   
  - hide body_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="1"):
    - show body_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="2"):
    - show body_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({body}=="3"):
    - show body_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({top}=="1"):
    - show top_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({top}=="2"):
    - show top_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({top}=="3"):
    - show top_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({bottom}=="1"):
    - show bottom_1: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({bottom}=="2"):
    - show bottom_2: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - if ({bottom}=="3"):
    - show bottom_3: AT 400,300 WITH CUT
  - deuzi says:  Here's here new look.

You're welcome  :)

That's so cool !

Hi !  I'm thinking of an effect when touching/hovering a visual choice image.

It could just be another image for the hover for each image of a visual choice.

What do you think ?

Using CUT is what I need :) Thank you !

As FADE is by default, how to add a NO FADE effect to an image ?

Hi Nathan ! It's a very cool and cute dress-up game. Just so you know, i've tried to play around your files from Github on Godot 3.1.1 and the game won't run after an error of  "Cyclic preload". (Works perfectly on Godot 3.0) Thank you for sharing your work.

Hi @lunafromthemoon What would be your thoughts about this last point of mine ?

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I have another issue i can't solve. Currently, with your help i can call a mini-game that is coded in a single JS file working with Phaser 2.

Then, i discussed with someone who knows Phaser 2 and Phaser 3, he told me that i can also call from RenJS, if i want, a mini game working with Phaser 3 (and others JS scripts), using"/myPhaser3MiniGame-index.html", "_blank");
His words :

You're launching a separate html page with it own scripts (Phaser3 in this case). You will need preserve any information (perhaps in local storage?) when you return to RenJS.

First, when I've tried this in CustomeContent.JS, it opens the minigame on another tab, and Renjs tab remain blank.

Second, if this is possible, i have no idea how to "preserve information" user score etc "perhaps in local storage.

Any help is very much appreciated !  ^__^ ;

I read that too. I'm just learning Phaser 2 and Phaser 3 is a bit different .

Hi lunafromthemoon 

Maybe i ask this too soon, and i don't need it right now, but could we expect one day RenJS to work with Phaser 3+ ?

Thank you ! This is exactly what i need :)

I think using Phaser STATES would be the right solution, but i 've tried to make a function in CustomContent that calls a state but with no success. Then i also don't know how to come back to current RenJS story.

Someone on the Phaser's Discord channel suggested the following : 

two options 
1) you can call a normal JS function that creates and starts the game -- this would basically just be something like
function startMiniGame() { return new Phaser.Game(...) } 
and when it's over you would just destroy the game / make sure you drop all references and let it get garbage collected 

2) the other option would be to start the game in a hidden div and when it's time to start it your function would just call update a boolean that your game tracks and start playing; it'd look something like 

function startMiniGame() { document.getElementById('phaser-game').style.display = 'absolute'; window.gameRef.miniGameEnabled = true; }
 the actual details will vary wildly and I don't remember CE well at all so none of that sample code can be used as is but those are probably your two best approaches

In the two options I don't understand where and how  to put the mini-game code. What about a mini game with multiple files ?

I'm lost such as you are :)

What i don't understand is where do I put the code of the mini-game. In CustomContent.js or in separate JS file. If in CustomContent I don't know how to wrap the code of the mini game in a function to call in the story, and if outside CustomContent I don't know how to proceed... Sorry i'm such a newbie :)

Another question about mini game, i was looking for answers on the following matter on Phaser documentation, examples and forums with no success, whether i can't find a thing or am I searching with the wrong words.  Let's say I have a mini game (one JS file) coded for Phaser, suppose i want to call this game over or inside the RenJS game canvas,  the mini game is playable and the story stops, i would have to show a button to close the mini game i think to continue the story and add something to continue the story when game is complete or over,  and finally I could use scores from this mini game as variables in the story for branching purpose.  Could you guide me please :) ?

My bad, you were right. I forgot to load JQuery ! Thanks it works perfectly now !

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You're welcome :) It's working now  !

ok :)

I did play until freezing, that's the screenshot :

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Thanks. This is in my story, showStat is a button that displays the DIV where <meter> is, over the game canva. When i add  call "updategauges" function the game freezes and don't read the next function showStat.

- text: You win 59 point!
  - var score: 0
  - var score: "{score} + 59" 
  - text: "You score is {score}"
  - text: Let's see stats graph
  - call updategauges:
  - call showStat:
      title: Stat
 <meter id="intel" value="{score}" max="100" data-stat="intelligence"></meter>

So i just add  {score} in the  html like above ? Then in the story, I just add a valuer to the score using - var score: "{score} + 1", but what should i do in the the custom file in JS to make it work ? Did i need do to do something ?

Thank you, it works now :) I hope it would be an official feature.

By the way, do you have a roadmap or an idea of what is coming next ?  I don't want to pressure you !  

Keep doing such a good work :)

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I understand the magic behind  RenJS.logicManager.vars  :)  

So i have to do something like 

 <meter id="intel" value="{MyVar}" max="100" data-stat="intelligence"></meter>

But when it comes to the add some JS in the CustomContent.js file,  using RenJS.logicManager.vars i am a bit lost.  Would  you know a tutorial somewhere to do a similar thing  or could you explain, i am a newbie in JS .

I have :


And it every time loads  : 

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My question may sounds peculiar, but let says i have the following in index.html :

<div id="container">
  <canvas id="myStats" width="600" height="100"></canvas>
  <div id="overlay">This div is over the canvas <div data-component="modal" data-ui="stats" class="middle vertical align-center">
    <meter id="intel" value="O" max="100" data-stat="intelligence"></meter>
    <meter value="0" max="10" data-stat="love"></meter>
    <meter value="0" max="10" data-stat="attractiveness"></meter>

Each metter tag displays a jauge.

Then i have a command in the story to call a button. On click this DIV appears. I've tested that part, it works. 

In my story, i have a score.

But, if  I need to replace the value of a <metter> tag with a number from a score variable in the story, why should I do ? Is it even possible ?

I work on this approach because i prefer working with html and CSS for modal window and other stuff that i can put over the game canvas.

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No, it does not. The example i've downloaded from Github does not work for me. I am freezed on the loading screen.

I don't know in the console how to see if images or files are loaded when it comes to canvas.

But all I know is that every language buttons (ES and FR)  lead me to the story in english.

No specific error just : " Expected color but found ‘0’. from DOM"

That is what i have.

Hi. The Input Example (here)  is made to let user enter a name for the character, then we can can add this custom name in dialogs with the correct variable. That's great ;) I've tried to add this feature to my game but when i call the function  showInput, nothing happens.

In the story i have: 

- text: Please input your name.
  - call showInput: 
  - deuzi says: Welcome to the Quickstart, {username}!

In CustomContent.js, i've added the function as seen on the example (indention and placement seems OK)

In index.html,  i've added <script type="text/javascript" src="libs/phaser-input.min.js"></script> between "head" and the file is  in the right folder with the right name. 

Did i miss something ?