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Any news ?

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Thanks ! I was wondering because the previous integration with GA3 (enhanced e-commerce) did not send the purchase set of data (amount, quantity, name etc) so no insights on revenue. But now in GA4, purchase is an event like any other events (download etc), it will be great to have those data in GA4 as GA4 is now video game friendly. 

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Dear leafo, will Itchio fire the purchase and download conversions to GA4 to measure the number and amount of purchase, and the number of download in the datalayer ?

Google is retiring Google Analytics 3 on July 2023.

You can now migrate your property from GA3 to G4 but Itchio seems to not be ready for the switch yet.

When entering the new tracking ID from GA4, Itchio form has this message "Errors: Invalid Google Analytics ID"

Thanks for cheering me up!


I do not have access to CSS... in my settings.

It seems that I have to update my game for as well, I don't understand, Butler is installed and launched on my Mac, but terminal doesn't understand butler commands. 

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I've never received a complaint from desktop users, many people can play the game, but today I received one from  a mobile user  on Samsung Internet browser and Samsung Chrome. The user gets :
"AccessDeniedAccess denied.Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to itchio.html/1865915/chapter_01.html"

I read the previous message from an admin :

You are trying to request a file named NewFile.txt but you uploaded a file named newfile.txt. Files are case sensitive on our server, unlike Windows and OSX.

The fact is, in my case :

- it works for some users, it did not work for others.

- The file mentioned in the error message no longer exists in the last imported package.

- before I used to have an index.html (custom splash screen) with a play button to go on chapter_01.html (game engine default)

- now I just have an index.html (game engine default)

I do not understand why the plateforme is sending some user to this old url from on old package...

I need guidance :)

That's so weird the file mentioned in the error message no longer exists, I did not upload this in the latest version. Seems like is sending you to an older version of the game... please try on a laptop, a tablet or a desk computer and tell me. Sorry for this inconvenience.

What browser are you on ?

FYI: After the Jam, I've started working on art and characters sprite ! Thanks for following :)

So adorable with a very good art direction.

She is :)

I'm really fond of the art direction ! <3

It's very nice ! Keep o the good work.

I agree !

I've played the game only because of the cool art and the funny title. Was in fact really fun,  Good job.

I like story and art. On my list of games to play. 

Really cute !

Me too, but sometime sad endings may be satisfiying, it's rarely the case but could be.

Your piracy issue is something that makes me nervous too when it comes to my projects. May the force be with you.

Thanks all of you for your kindness !

I like your art and your style, especially backgrounds.

I've never thought this genre could be that sexy.

That's so neat ! Love your art and the main character are so damn hot.  I put it first on my playlist !

This looks very promising. I'll play it this weekend for sure. 

In the Bayou really !  I'm interested, i love series and comics taking place in rural settings.

Nude scenes are very hot ! Nice job !

The mix of photos and old school RPG style is odd at first glance, but then when you dive into it, it's really an exciting concept.

Nice cover art ! 

The title made me smile in a good way. Sexy characters, and on my playlist for this weekend.

It's on my play list for this weekend ! I'm interested !

I'm also having this issue, and never saw my project on the most recent games page (even most recent tags).

Here it is :

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Hi. This is just a demo project. I'm working on  the concept and made this to get some feedbacks. Currently the mechanics is based on a strong narrative gameplay but i may add some exploration levels, inventories etc... to extend the experience.

Please try the demo here (in french) 

C'est sympa et le sujet est bien traité avec douceur. J'aime bien ton style aussi.

Thank you very much Luna. I will study this. Have a pleasant day :)

I would certainly appreciate your help on this :)

Hi! :)

I'm working on a project with a lot of  textual choices.  In the engine, behind every options of a textual choice menu, there is an image declared to make the container of each option. I would need for each option to show a specific image.  In my project, player has to choose between a negative and a positive choice. I want the positive to have a green container and the negative one a red one.  What do you think of this idea ? 

Something like in GUI.yaml:

 choice: assets/gui/choice.png 716 65 <!-- default -->
 choice green: assets/gui/choice_green.png 716 65
 choice red: assets/gui/choice_red.png 716 65

Something like in YourStory.yaml:

- choice:
    - "I don't kiss and tell!" choice green:
      - deuzi says: ...
    - "You bet we did!" choice red:
      - deuzi says: ...