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My game is not appearing in the search

A topic by Trusted Geek Technologies created Oct 17, 2018 Views: 305 Replies: 9
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my game has been out for over a year it’s called

“The great code king”

When people search for it they cannot find it.  I looked around settings for a solution I even added a few more tags for the game but it’s not appearing in search unless I am logged in. How do I fix this? Or if I can’t fix this, could someone please fix this for me?


Not appearing in searches unless you log in? Is your game marked NSFW by any chance?

Also, most of your tags are overly specific. I doubt anyone's going to search by them. Use the suggestions you get when you start typing a tag name.

what is NSFW and how do I check to see if my game is marked that.

I need people to be able to take the “the great code king” into the search and then the game needs to appear. No matter what that’s not happening. My tags are fine because I need people to just be able to type the game name in and get the game

NSFW = Not Suitable For Work (sensitive content, erotic or other). YOU can mark your game as such, to warn users.


oh i had marked it nsfw. it's fine now. thanks everybody.

i'm having the same problem with this game, only ive been looking and its not marked as nsfw and even as logged in i cant find it


In your case, the game is pending review by an admin, because it has a price tag. Should be done today, unless there's a lot of them waiting.

ohhh, i see, thanks

I'm also having this issue, and never saw my project on the most recent games page (even most recent tags).

Here it is :

Alice my problem was solved a long time ago. I had “NSFW” checked. It must be unchecked to appear in search. That may be the problem you are having