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Google Analytics 4 Update Guide

A topic by leafo created May 18, 2023 Views: 2,066 Replies: 15
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Google Analytics Universal Analytics (UA) is shutting down. As a result, is transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • You now have the ability to add GA4 measurement IDs to your pages, both on an account-wide basis and for individual projects.
    • See for account wide third-party analytics settings
    • We’ve added a new page to your project’s dashboard under Interact where you can access third-party analytics settings for individual projects (previously this was located on the bottom of your project’s analytics page)
  • GA4 measurement IDs are not currently active. However, you can add them in advance to prepare for the migration. They are now active
  • will support only one version of Google Analytics at a time. Upon our code migration to GA4, we’ll exclusively use the GA4 embed code and measurement IDs.
    • The migration will take place in early July, 2023 Migration is Live. UA is no longer available
  • After the migration, any remaining Google Analytics UA properties will no longer be embedded into your pages. If you haven’t updated your account settings then you will no longer receive analytics.
  • To prevent any gaps in analytics, add your GA4 measurement ID now so it’s ready when we migrate.

If you have any questions about the migration, feel free to reply here.

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Sorry for the delay everyone. GA is now fully migrated to GA4 for all accounts. Tell me if you are encountering any issues.



Thanks for this! I've updated, and can see analytics data in my GA4 profile already. 

For anyone who needs some help (because it didn't seem obvious to me), you can get the Measurement ID in the "Data Streams" section of the GA4 property. 


Is it working already (14th July)? I think I properly connected with GA4, but it shows info that there was no data stream from the site (itchio) yet. Don't know it it's something with my setup or the feature haven't been fully implemented on itchio yet.


It's been working for me since before the switchover date, so I reckon it's something to do with your implementation.


I still struggle with setting it up propperly. I got my "data stream" created in GA4 for URL: I have a G-XXXXXXXX code, which I paste into itchio settings "third-party analytics" tab. Is there anything more I should do? What am I missing?


same for me, i haven't received a reply from support about this after a week


It's not working for me either. I 100% checked that I copy/pasted the correct GA4 code into the form, but 48 hours later still no analytics show up.


Actually I think there is something wrong with itch's implementation. If you view source (I did it on your page) you can see only the old GA analytics loaded (analytics.js) but the new GA4 should be gtag.js. 

So I do think this is a problem that itchio need to solve. 

The reason I think it's working for me is that I found a new profile had been automatically created for me using the old script. So mine might stop working at any time. 


I've got the same issue. Added my GA4 tag weeks ago but Analytics says "No data received from your website yet". I have tried setting the tag both on the game page and my entire account. I've migrated other websites to GA4 so I don't think it's something on my end.


Same, as soon as this was announced I added a G-XXXXXXXXXX tag for G4, but it’s been getting no data. When I checked my page source for one of my games, I only see the previous UA-XXXXXXXX-X number. I tried only having the G4 property but no luck.

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Any updates on migration? We are a couple of weeks into August, and I still haven’t migrated over…

Any news ?

Google Analaythics is not registerding all the sales. 

Any of you has the same issues?

Mine is working, but I make web games (IE no sales).

Thank you for making this so easy to set up ❤️