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Still working on it! 🙂 Another few weeks

This is a good suggestion, thanks. I wanted the conversations to feel "organic" which is why I haven't added any mechanic like this. But you''re right that people be unaware they're missing content. So I'll have a think about this & possible add something. Thanks! 

You don't see many at all. It's just part of the story that you'll see a few

Yes you can choose to skip after the 1st round, and after that there's a only a few more anyway, the rest of the game is photos of women. 

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Yes, completely. If you're downloading to Android, use the APK file. It'll ask you to install. If you're downloading to Windows, you'll have to unzip, find the exe file, & it might give you a warning about coming from the internet, so select "More info", then "Run anyway".

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Day 34 has been released now, & Day 35 on Patreon

Unfortunately the Apple App store doesn't allow adult games. 

You'll have access to it 

Ok I'll try and make it as good as the early chapters. I've got more planned to add more rules, as well as more storylines for the girls. 

Those chapters are in Lewd Mod 2.

Those chapters are in Lewd Mod 2:

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I'm sorry that you feel this way. I'm spending a lot of time on my games & maybe I'm not always getting it right.
The reason why it might seem the last few updates have minimal content is that I've been adding more branching paths which means you'll be seeing only part of the content & images created, depending on the options chosen. 
Some chapters do have more images & content than others, I can't guarantee they'll all have the same. But I do want you to know I'm working hard on this game. 
But the good news is the next chapter is almost done so I'll be uploading within the next 2 weeks or so. 

Actually I think there is something wrong with itch's implementation. If you view source (I did it on your page) you can see only the old GA analytics loaded (analytics.js) but the new GA4 should be gtag.js. 

So I do think this is a problem that itchio need to solve. 

The reason I think it's working for me is that I found a new profile had been automatically created for me using the old script. So mine might stop working at any time. 

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I can't give you exact dates unfortunately, but I've got a few more chapters planned before the game will be finished. 

Day 33 is out now

Day 33 is available now! (and Day 34 is on Patreon)

It's been working for me since before the switchover date, so I reckon it's something to do with your implementation.

Glad you liked it! I'm currently working on the next chapter of Sophie's Hot Vacation (on Patreon), & then the next Day of Lewd Mod 2. But I'm also planning more Kath content in the future

Thanks for this! I've updated, and can see analytics data in my GA4 profile already. 

For anyone who needs some help (because it didn't seem obvious to me), you can get the Measurement ID in the "Data Streams" section of the GA4 property. 

If you buy now, you'll get access to all future chapters, so there's no need to wait for a full release really. I have a Patreon and as long as people are paying, I'll keep making new content (either this game or a sequel). 

Restart the current Day and it'll reset the progress

Oh no! In theory you should only be able to buy once with the same account. You should be able to get a refund. 

Thanks for the doge bread! Yes I'm planning a lot more Ellie content, and a spinoff game all about Darla D. 

Very soon now! 

I'm still working on it. For no reason other than my own bad planning, Day 33 is taking longer to create than I expected. I'm creating alternate choices, where there's a different reward for your decision, but unfortunately that means more artwork than usual. So Day 33 IS coming, but will be a little while longer. 


Try again in a while maybe. Maybe clear your browser's cache or use a different device. I think itchio have been making some updates. 

If the appropriate content warning was added, would you accept games with erotic scenes & images? 

Yep I'm planning on more content with her. Not sure when though, might be a while. 

Not yet 

Thanks leafo for replying about this. We appreciate everything you're doing, and I understand how you want to protect your platform. 

However this has got a lot of adult devs worried (myself included) and would like to know what the decision to force some adult devs into 'direct payments' is based on? 

You mention "risk", so there must be some threshold. Is this only affecting the developers of really taboo content? 

Is it that "taboo" content with 0% rev share is bad, but 'vanilla' adult or LGBT content with 30% rev share might be ok? 

I think you're wrong. Itch is a great site, especially for new developers. It's easy, especially compared to the alternatives. We're lucky to have it, and I think they deserve their share. It's very rare and unbelievably nice that they even allow us to choose the amount. 

Maybe. It's frustratingly vague. Leafo mentioned rev share, but also that increasing it wouldn't help either. That's why I'm very confused what to do. 

 I'm still reading the Discord chat tbh. Interestingly the dev of the highest earning game on itch is affected, which I assume means that itch is likely to lose a lot of money from this change. 

Unfortunately many comments on this thread have gone off-topic. But theres been a good conversation about this in the #meta channel on the itch discord. I recommend anyone interested in reading that. 

BUT there is still no good solution. Leafo admits this is about revenue share. It seem that some people have been setting it to 0 (not cool guys), and that seems to have annoyed itch to the point where even promising to share more revenue isn't enough to solve the problem. 

Surely not! I think a game can be made to be unlisted, but will still appear in buyers' list of purchased games. Giving everyone their money back would be very bad, I've sold quite a few over the last few years 😅

Many adult games are bad, sure. But many gamesof any genre are bad. 

Some of us are just trying to earn a living making quality content that just happens to be for grown-ups.

Creating a company isn't the bad part. In fact that's quite sensible for the limited liability benefit. But collecting and paying all those worldwide taxes looks like it'll be quite complicated. 

But anyway,  we can't even consider this option because neither of the payment providers (paypal and stripe) will allow adult content.

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So the options are:

  • Use direct payments to Paypal (but paypal don't like adult content so presumably won't allow this)
  • Use direct payments to Stripe (but Stripe don't like adult content so presumably won't allow this)
  • Make the game free

Are there any other options? 

I don't even know if I can delete a game, because people who've bought it still need access to their purchase. 

Gamejolt deleted my adult game a few years ago though. They've been very clear that they don't want adult games.

Today was the first time I've heard of this. I'm surprised there's been no official announcement by itchio about these changes. But this is big news, and it's very bad for a lot of us. 

I've posted in the community about it, to see if anyone has any good solutions: