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You can see Ingrid's photos by choosing to tell Ellie that you need to get back to work. This pleases Ingrid & she shows you some photos. All the photos are uploaded to my Patreon if you miss any.

Haha a lot of feedback I get is people asking for less work, & more chatting with the characters. But also people ask me (just like you) for MORE work & less chatting with the characters. I think I have to keep it balanced! 

In Day 25, you're essentially choosing who you get photos from, Ingrid or Ellie. 
Your decision in this day won't affect future days, because I think that's probably unfair, and a bit confusing because I expect a few people will play through this day several times to get the different outcomes. 

The version on is Day 25. The very latest version is Day 26 which is available early access on Patreon here:

When it's finished yes I will 🙂

I've just uploaded Day 25! (and Day 26 on Patreon)

Thanks so much, glad you're enjoying it!

I think it will at some point in the future. Right now it's exclusively on Patreon as a reward for my Patrons. 

I like the concept, but the looping dialogue audio makes this horrible :-/

It'll be when Day 26 comes out on Patreon, and I'm still working on that. I think in about 4 weeks

Great, glad you like it!

Thanks for the feedback! Sophie will be in the next Day that I'm creating (Day 26), & I'll be releasing a new chapter of "Sophie's Hot Vacation" on Patreon soon! 

Glad you enjoy it! Yes I'm planning more exciting stuff with these characters! You'll just have to wait and see! ;-)

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Day 25 has now been uploaded 🙂

It is! 😆

Unfortunately this is for Windows and Android only. At some point I'll figure out iPhone, but right now it's a bit too difficult. You can get a refund from itch.


Maybe! I created this game as a reward for my Patreons, but if lots of people can't get it there I might add it here too

I used to make ridiculous Flash games when I was like 20 years old :-D

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Hi thanks for the feedback! I don't want to give away too much mystery, but I will say that any rude/dismissive option that you choose won't usually last very long. You might get an upset or angry message back, or miss out on some photos, but there's not many decisions that will be carried across to the next chapter. This allows everyone to pretty much experience all of the content, or it'd be really boring if the wrong decision in Chapter 1 meant that you miss out on ALL future photos! So that's why being rude doesn't have much of a lasting effect. 

Also, if you think you've missed out on something, you can restart the chapter and play again. Everything will be reset at the start of the chapter. 

In the future I'm going to add  more choices, more story paths, and decisions with more lasting consequences. But it's a balance because it'll take longer for me to create, test and write all those outcomes. 

You can skip chapters (The chapter select is in the menu), but the chapter has to be played through. Some options will skip huge chunks of dialogue, like if you say something unkind, or dismissive. 

There isn't any photos of Ingrid bending over in Day 22, but there's a lot more content with Ingrid still to come!

Oh phew, great! 

All my games (including WIP) are on my Patreon: 

Or for sale individually on

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I just checked, & if you click "Buy now", & go through the process it'll end you on a screen where you can download the full game files. 

You should also have got an email with links to the files. 

I can see from the stats that people are downloading the correct files. 

Hi, I'm working really hard to create more content. New chapters, more games etc. I'm sorry that I can't give it all away for free, it's just not feasible.

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Day 24 is out now on, & Day 25 on Patreon

It's a short game. There's 4 chapters, plus the last chapter has bonus extra if you choose the right options. 

This is a separate game!

You can get Maddie Goes Shopping now here:

Oh yeah! Thanks for spotting that, I fixed it!

Oh no! You can get a refund from itch.

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I got stuck in a wall :-(

It happened after the transition to a previous scene.

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This was great! Very emotional.

Very well written

Thanks very much for the feedback, very useful! Glad you like my games! I made another too called Maddie Goes Shopping here:


Ok sure, I'll have a think about this. Thanks for the feedback! 

This is great feedback, thanks very much! 

Go to your bundles ( and click on the bundle. 

Then click download on a game and it'll show in your library. 

If you want ALL the games in your library then you'll have to do this for all games. 

I'll have a look into Linux support, but it might be a while tbh. I think you can use an Android emulator, but haven't try it personally