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Hi, unfortunately this is a game for Android & Windows

Soon yep!

When it's finished I'll put it here on yes :-)

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Soon yep! You can get Day 15 on my Patreon.  

I'm working hard on Day 16 currently, but when that's out on Early Access I'll make Day 15 available on 

I'm creating some more Ellie content very soon! 

I've added a Windows version now!

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I wasn't planning on getting a Discord, no. 

There's a way to subscribe by email, on, and on Patreon, so I thought there's plenty of ways to get notified about the game. If you want to subscribe to get an email about each new release, go here: 

Same with conversing with people, I enjoy getting comments on, and Patreon, and even DMs on Patreon. So I think that's enough options already.

Ah thanks, that's what I'm planning 🙂

Thanks so much for saying so!! :-)

I think that people won't leave a donation until they know they'll enjoy your game, but after they have downloaded & played your game, they will probably forget t ogo back and give a donation. So maybe at the end of your game you can give them a reminder? 

At the end of my game I give a reminder for people to go to & give a rating. Surprisingly quite a few people do! I think they just need to be reminded!

Sorry it was hidden temporarily while I updated it. You should be able to see it now though! 

I've created a Windows version, & uploaded it today :-)

I've released a Windows version today :-)

There's now a Windows version! :-)

My plan is to add it when it's finished :-)

Thanks very much! There's more of Maddie in Day 15

Great thanks! The game has been updated now 🙂

Great, thanks! Day 14 is out now 🙂

Thanks for the feedback. Day 14 is out now 🙂

Day 14 is out now 🙂

Day 14 is out now 🙂

Thanks so much!

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Not sure what's happened, but if you go into the menu & go to "Chapter select" you should be able to see "Day 14". Click this & it'll start you at the new day. 

Has this ever worked for you? I'm pretty sure it's a common myth, but doesn't help in any way :-D

Noted! Thanks for letting me know! 


I've been working very hard on it, and almost ready to release! :-)

Orwell? Is that a game? Or do you mean the author of nineteenth eighty four?

I'm going to start investigating this next month. In the meantime though, there's an Android emulator that you can use called Bluestacks. I've not tried it myself, but I hear some people are using that to play it 

It'll be updated soon. Right now it's available as Early Access for Patrons on Patreon. I'll release it here when Day 15 has been finished. 

Thanks so much!

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You can pay, get the game and then immediately cancel if you want. But I'll be releasing something new next month too, so it depends if you want to stick around for that. 

I have another game on my Patreon called Sophie's Hot Vacation which is being released chapter by chapter

Thanks so much!

This is for the Patrons right now, but when the game is finished I'll put it here on with a demo 🙂

I've got quite a lot of story planned for this, so quite a while unfortunately. 

I might decide to put it on before it's finished, and release in increments like I do with LEWD MOD, I just don't know how fair it is to release 2 unfinished games! 

Thanks so much! Which is your favourite Day?

Day 12 only just came out on itch, so you'll have to wait about a month unfortunately. I need to finish Day 14 🙂

Nice, ta

What are the export options?