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I've got the same issue. Added my GA4 tag weeks ago but Analytics says "No data received from your website yet". I have tried setting the tag both on the game page and my entire account. I've migrated other websites to GA4 so I don't think it's something on my end.

Thank you! All good suggestions. We'll have a look at the bug asap.

Ah OK, I see.

Thank you for your feedback. The game is not well balanced yet, that's for sure. I've received a lot of comments involving inspiration.

Currently there are 5 ways to regain inspiration in the game:

  1. Spend XP (+25%)
  2. Topic books (+50%, 2 per year)
  3. Buy Vacation (+100%)
  4. Gain Awards (+25%)
  5. Wait

You obviously want to avoid #5, not just because it's boring to wait, but you also have to keep writing to keep up with your expenses - especially in the early game. Furthermore, you should use #1 rarely, because you want to be saving your XP to improve your skills.

Inspiration drops X percent every day you are working on something, so the faster you complete your work, the less inspiration you'll spend. My strategy when I play the game is to invest on Speed. I never write Short Stories with less than 1 Speed EP, Non-Fiction with less than 2 and Novels with less than 3. Also, when I take Freelance/Opportunity jobs I maximize Speed, and then whatever EP remains I allocate to the rest of the slots.

By the way, there is an inspiration indicator to the left (red when < 25%, else yellow), just below your character's name, unless you meant something else with "There is no clear way of knowing your % of inspiration"?