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This is a good start, I liked that you tried something new, different mechanics but a lot of similarities. There’s something here to work with

Es una buena idea, muy sencilla. Cree que como hacerlo mas interesante. Por ejemplo, el pollo siempre se está moviendo. ¡Avanza!

You really need to fix this page, without an anti-virus I wouldn’t trust this file at all haha. Also put instructions, I had no idea what I was getting into.

But it’s a nice start! First 3d game? Leaderboards and everything are good. Focus on making the game juicy, definitely add music and the like:

¿Dónde está el videojuego? Lo entendiste literalmente jaja

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This was cool! I got unnecessarily panicked by the timer haha. Apparently I’m not good at mazes lol, but it was fun getting the items. A lot harder after the first one, there’s an order to it right? But that’s not a bad thing. Would love to move a bit quicker, but it’s no biggie

The difficulty! I’m not dying like crazy haha. This was fun, I liked the use of the theme and the exposition at the end. I was like, what’s the logic to this puzzle, and then figured it out. It wasn’t immediately clear, but it’s contained so not an issue.

I like simple graphics, it looks clean. Maybe use a different font and UI for presentation. Background music was nice, maybe some sound effects could be added. But the time frame was super short, it’s no biggie.

Good work!

Porque era un error, puedes subir este videojuego, no lo descalificaremos

Ah, no problema

¿Como puedo descargar este videojuego?

Hey! Congrats on submitting your game! It’ll help if you could do the following things:

  • Add a cover image, preferable a gif but maybe a screenshot
  • Add a description of the game and instructions on how to play it
  • Add a web build if possible, Android alone isn’t the most accessible platform on

Reach out to me on Discord if you need some help!

Hello everyone! Good job on all the participants, those who were able to submit and those who couldn’t. Making a game isn’t easy and it’s pretty awesome to see what came out of the jam.

It’s time to play and rate games! In this jam, rating is available to the public - anyone with an account can rate a game. Share and encourage your friends and communities to play all the games! The more feedback, the better.

When providing a rating, put a comment! Comments should give context to your rating: say what you enjoyed and what can be improved. And of course, be nice because we’re all humans.

Games can be rated until Friday 23rd December, 5 PM EST!

Hola todo el mundo! Felicidades a todos por hacer un videojuego. Hacer un videojuego es dificilísimo, y estamos orgullosos de ustedes.

Es la hora de jugar y de calificar los juegos. En esta competencia, álgun con una cuenta de puede calificar los juegos. ¡Comparte su juego con sus amigos para recibir comentarios!

También, cuando está escribiendo un comentario - di lo que te gustó y lo que no. Y por supuesto, sé un buen humano.

Puede calificar los videojuegos hasta el viernes 23 de diciembre, 5 PM EST!

Thanks for confirming. I understand that donations are optional, but it needs to be completely free, as the rules state:

All games must be free to play, any option to receive money can be enabled after the jam is over

Hola! ¿Puedes subir tu videojuego para la web, o lo sube como un archivo .zip en lugar de .rar? Si haces, mas gente lo puede jugar.

Hola! ¿Puedes subir tu videojuego para la web, o lo sube como un archivo .zip en lugar de .rar? Si haces, mas gente lo puede jugar.

Hey, thanks for submitting! A couple of things - is this game completely new and created in the game jam period? There’s no issue with a game being submitted to multiple jams. But did you create this game during the game jam period?

Also, for this submission to be valid, it needs to be completely free i.e. no donations allowed.

Sorry for the late notice, please clarify as soon as possible or we would disqualify this submission.

Topical lol. I saw your game description, mission accomplished on the prototype. Would love for you to do more with it! The mechanics you got are solid, feels as I expect them to, maybe there was one time a bird fell and was still alive, but that’s it.

Power of friendship lol. This was interesting, I’m glad I stumbled upon it! 3D is certainly hard than 2D to get to a polished state in a short time, I like the models a lot but I understand why concessions were made for the environment. There’s a good bit of dialogue to get through before playing but it’s quite funny. Good entry!

I won’t lie, a jam is a nice way to kick up the habit once more!

With Godot, leaderboards are easy with Godot and SilentWolf. Truly makes things easier!

Please review the code by all means :-) there are bits of it which may not be Godot’s best practice, but we got something solid in time! Thanks for playing!

Yay! A happy player haha. Thanks for giving it a go!

Wow, I’m glad you see so much potential in it! Thanks for playing and the great feedback

Super glad you enjoyed it! Before it was way too easy, so we made some tweaks in hopes to get it “just right”. The bosses typically knock the winds off my sails. Thanks again! And I’m looking forward to your entry a lot!

This was a lot of fun. I’m not the best gamer, so I experience a lot of deaths haha. But once I got the hang of it, lots of fun. Loved the aesthetics, definitely appreciated the power ups! Really good entry overall!

Hey, does the Mac build work? I can’t press play

Play button not responding.

I’ll try on my Windows PC some time later, but letting you know :-)

Awesome! I’m glad you liked it!

I can’t even survive so long to get that many points! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! We used the same cliche, so I’m glad you enjoyed it!

It’s been submitted for the jam, have a go now

Well, we’ve submitted it for the jam. Have a try now :-)

Thanks for playing so early! And yes, that’s intentional. It’s the enemies turn

Of course it isn’t haha, we’re not evil. The game jam is finishing this month! The plan is to get some feedback throughout. We’re also writing devlogs, that’s why it’s public! Stay tuned though, lots is coming your way.

Simple fun, really good considering one day as well. I like the speed and feel of the game

I think it’s up there with Last of Us, story wise at least

Don’t worry about the mouse, I’m ordering a new one haha. And no problem! It was a more out of box use of the theme, I really liked it!

Controls sucked for me because I don’t have a mouse. Life has been very sad on Windows without one lol. No fault of your own of course. Despite that setback, I enjoyed this game! My guess is that the game was a play on “making people whole”. Was that right? I think that’s how the theme is used, but let me know if I’m overthinking it.

Won’t lie, when I first opened a door that wasn’t empty and Mateo popped out when I turned, I scream f@$% in my head lol. Wasn’t expecting that haha. This was cool. I don’t play much VNs but I like a good story. The story threads are understandably short, but that’s fine for a game jam. I read an earlier comment to know when it ended. Good stuff!

I’m finally getting a chance to test the game, but I can’t install it with the desktop client

No option to install game on Windows

I think the issue is that the zip file contains a folder, which contains the .exe files. It should be that the zip file contains the exe files - no intermediary folders. I think. You can ask the other participants who have installable Windows builds to be sure. Being able to install via the desktop client would likely get your game more plays!

I died at the first level and was super confused. Turns out it was evil bush hahahahaha. Yea, if that’s more visible then great. Otherwise, I loved it. A bit morbid collecting body parts lol. But really cool take on it, I like getting health when I piece her together. The jumps felt short when I first tried to avoid the evil bush (that’s the official name now) but after a couple of tries I got accustomed to it. Difficulty ramps up but things never felt too unfair. I rather not start over if I die, but the timeframe is small so I’m not going to be too picky about it. Lots of time after to improve if you want!

Great entry, had lots of fun!

There’s a lot to like here. The cutscene was awesome lol. I wish I could dictate when the text changes, I had to be on my toes to read it, but that was a great start to a great game. I loved the visuals and the audio, and I love platformers generally lol. This was nicely put together, the level felt just the right size too. I wasn’t a complete fan of the controls for double jumping, and I felt as if moves could have been unlocked at different parts. That said, how you handled the tutorials were excellent.

Really, really impressed.

At first I was like, when am I getting my new parts? Lol. I don’t have a mouse, so playing on the trackpad was less fun than I think imagined. Also, no middle button for me :-(. It’s a simple game loop that most people can jump in and have fun, the arcade vibe.

I had a few issues with it. The sfx is pretty repetitive, did you vary the pitch? I think that’ll help me feel like I’m not hearing the same thing over and over again. The game could use some transitions between waves. As soon as you start a wave there’s an onslaught of bullets raining down on you. I was like “what the hell?” the first time I tried it lol. After I finish a wave, maybe small screen transition and a countdown would help. It’s way too immediate for a new wave.

But I like the simple fun, and use of the theme! Keep it up!