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Thanks for the feedback! I made this game with mobile in mind, didn’t think about that. Awesome suggestion, much appreciate

Logitech M650 L

It’s simple, I really like that. Admittedly I clearly skimmed over the rules when it came to numbers greater than 10 lol. I’m hoping to play this with my nieces, where I figure the questions will be more whacky. I enjoyed it :-)

I’m speechless haha. Even with the title being a giveaway, the execution wasn’t what I had in mind. Very cool though! This was very creative and an awesome experience. Good work!

Will try with my wife :-) and I’ll let you know

The music man, took me away! I like that it’s like Flappy Bird, but feels suitably different and fun. Took me about 2 failures to really get going. Good job!

Wow, the gameplay is so much fun! Like, addictive simple and fun!!!! Nice music took me back to Megaman Battle Network, one of my favourite games ever lol. The background colour change was a nice touch. Excellent

Controls took me a while to get accustomed to. And the lack of borders hurt me haha. Also, when you retry and you’re off screen, you stay off screen at a disadvantage, so in another update be sure to reset the player’s position.

Otherwise, solid gameplay loop that’s easy to pick. The 2nd time I tried I was racking up the pizza. Good job!

And allow us to use A/D keys as well please! That’s my default for gaming and I thought I did something wrong the first time haha

I like the gameplay loop! Simple to pick up and understand. I’d say the game could be a bit harder? I felt as if I racked up a high score without too much of a threat. And what a weird background hahaha. My game had no sound, and it’s missing here as well. So add that too. I think a little challenge would be good. Even simple as not being able to go through the dumpster would put players in a tighter position, and making the enemy slightly faster. Good job!

Hey, these controls are pretty tight! Platforming vibe is good. Minimalist gameplay is good. My first round the fish really threw me off guard, they were aggressive haha. But the hearts and pizza recovering my life made it more fair. Some of the hearts went away really quick, nigh impossible for me to reach when 3 fish are all up. I guess RNG? Overall pretty good!

That was hard, I needed to focus man. Got them all out with 6 seconds remaining, the 2nd time. Lol @ music as well. Minimalist and pizza, good stuff!

I stopped at 7 because my antivirus popped up and I died… Fricking Bitdefender lol

I love it. Genuinely love the story and art (I figured AI art?). Was the story crafted wholly or in part with LLMs as well?

The game is simple and really fun, with a challenge as the levels grow.

Gives me this vibe: Great game man

Where do I submit claims for a hurt brain?

That was a pretty fun concept, excellent use of theme and a good challenge. I wasn’t super clear on how I figured it out, until I experimented some more and took my time. Kind of like coding lol. Good work!

Freaking love this. We saw theme as a noun, you saw it as a verb lol.

I’d say some non-annoying sound effects + more controlled wait times and this is good to go!

Thanks for playing!

I designed it for mobile, and I’ll only be getting my Windows PC today. It looks OK on my Mac, so I’ll look into that some more. I don’t want it to be displayed all wonky haha.

Appreciate the feedback on the presentation. This is by far one of the least polished games I’ve made in a while haha. It hurt man. I’ve made some improvements that can go up after the jam. I’m glad the core loop is somewhat entertaining at least.

Thanks again for the feedback man!

Thanks for playing!

Yea, the lack of sound hurt me so much. Ahhh, time time time time time lol. And generally polish, so you’d have feedback when you guess correctly vs incorrectly. Maybe leave guesses open until the end of the round.

And that’s an interesting note on the mushrooms being all around… I’ll think how to make it clearer that you only need mushrooms in that case.

The aspect ratio issue - I’ll investigate some more. Looks normal for me :-( It’s 1080x1920 resolution by default, but I display it at half the size to fit most screens.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Gracias! Any and all feedback welcomed

Hey, thanks for trying it out. I had some weird build related issues when I first uploaded :-/ Should be fixed now

I love it haha

Not what I was expecting, but in a good way. Random, simple, fun, love the soundtrack.

The jumpy was a bit too floaty, so a bit too forgiving imo. Also, maybe consider firing an enemy a little bit more quickly. I played a couple of times, on the 2nd run I waited over 20 seconds to get an enemy spawned at me.

Small tip, it’s a Unity Windows file, but couldn’t pick it up because the zip has a folder, which has the contents. In future, select all the Unity build files and then compress as zip, that way the installer would work with your game automatically!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the gift was always in the centre. Felt weird, but I like the vibe - simple, on theme, looks and sounds great.

What framework did you use? One weird thing is that it took up the entire screen, but I couldn’t get it to be full screen. Slight bummer, but that’s not much of an issue

Nice on the theme side, and yea you made a platformer in Godot - congrats! How was that experience?

Mechnanics wise, the jump felt like it got cut off too quickly, but it’s a solid base. Of course with more time you can add level transitions etc. Good start.

That was a lot of fun haha. The story is up there with the best of Final Fantasy. Alas, it’s just my opinion.

Hi, your game wasn’t made within the jam period, and cannot qualify. Please read the rules before submitting!

Good luck developing your game all the same :-) Published date is 18 days ago

Same, as soon as this was announced I added a G-XXXXXXXXXX tag for G4, but it’s been getting no data. When I checked my page source for one of my games, I only see the previous UA-XXXXXXXX-X number. I tried only having the G4 property but no luck.

Took me a while to get the controls, but they work. Like a class GB game - in a very good way! Good work

Very awesome! I haven’t seen an adventure like this in a while. The music was apt, the world was pretty! I played through a few times - love it!

If you give a cat a laser, don’t be too surprised by this… Very whacky, and that’s a compliment. Movement felt a bit too sluggish even when I got accustomed to it. But entry overall! The difficulty is just right

Loved the graphics! The game mechanic is interesting. I remembered some spells, but not all. I’d love to have a reference for them in-play. I think the challenge should just be managing mana, I certainly couldn’t remember all spells. Not all my mouse movements matched my expectations as well.

That said, it was really cool! This should be a Nintendo DS game haha. I appreciate how unique it is - good work!

The first time starting I was like, what is going on??? Off the top, definitely have a loading screen or something at the beginning so I don’t just die haha. Really felt the disco vibe and it was fun. Tricky at times, but I enjoyed the challenge. Good work!

No problem. And nice move with the JSON, good work overall!

At first my timing was horribly wrong, like nothing. But once I got accustomed to the range I was good. The green eggs didn’t mess me up - but the pace really picks up and after that first mistake it’s hard to bounce back lol. Simple and fun!

Lol @ natural hand placement. Double clicking would be too easy, so use the two buttons does cognitively shake things up a bit

The juice is real. Slow moment and feedback from the gun. My only complaint is that it’s too short - I had so much fun playing this! Great job. I’m not a soul’s player by any means, but this could have been a bit harder to beat. It has the more factor, so players dying a bit wouldn’t hurt.

Death by neighbourhood dog, not a pet person? Jokes aside, a super dangerous dog killing me so early doesn’t seem too realistic. Possible but not the most likely scenario in my head.

Your work on the images worked well! What did you use to set up the branching narratives, something you built for yourself in Godot? Good work

Give me a menu, auto-starting is rough when you don’t read instructions lol. Simple concept but works. The jump feels a bit floaty, so experiment with that a bit more with different people. Good stuff!

Hey, good first effort. It would have been fun if the menu only used two buttons as well.

Improve your polish! Add some sfx when you collect a fruit (and randomise the pitch a bit so it’s not too annoying). Maybe some music. Choose a more appropriate font for game over, don’t make move around, make the fruits fall through, keep the player fully in the screen bounds.

Little things to round it off - keep it up and you’ll get there!

You could have simply named your game “Rage Quit”… Make an easy mode lol. Music fits the mood of “git gud”. I like the visuals and everything, good work!

As it was mentioned before, best thing you could add is a progress bar!