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Great! I am really happy with the constant improvements.

Yay! Thanks for the update!

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Nice! I love all the added features. I'm a bit sad it's last Beta but I am excited to see it on steam.

The roadmap looks good too. Good luck with further development!

Yay, another update!

Sorry I meant Play store ^^' Android has 1.5.2 still. 

Yes, I've been waiting! Hopefully the update will also be on the appstore soon.

Great update! Thank you for your hard work team.

For the person who asked and then deleted while I was typing:

I'm not a native English speaker nor am I any good at explaining but I'll try.

You can download all the files, base + dlc 1 & 2 or you can only download dlc 1 and 2 because the dlc files also include the base game. The latter is easier.

So it's DLC 1 file = base game + dlc for step 1.

DLC 2 file = base game + dlc for step 2.

If you instal both dlc files and you already have the base game installed, the file will only install the dlc. It will say also update instead. It won't increase the size of the game (So it won't go from 591 mb to 1.1 gb or something)

If you're strapped for space, it'd be wise to download and install the dlc 1 file. After it's installed you delete the downloaded dlc file and download and install the dlc 2 file and then delete that one. 

I'm experiencing the same issue. Thought it was just something on my end. Thanks for your comment.

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I have a little problem with the voiced names in the latest version for android. I deleted the old game version from my phone and installed the updated base + dlc files (the voiced ones), and now not a single name is working. I can select and use them but they're no longer voiced.

Everything else works fine though. I'm really happy to finally see those cut-in cg's with mc. So cute!

I'm happy to see the game is getting another update together with the expansion. Thank you for your hard work!

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I checked if it has been been asked already but I couldn't find any mentions so here I am.

Are there any plans for an Android version or an IOS one? 

Thanks for the update.

Weird, I have Android 10.

Maybe I need to check some things over. Thank you for your reply.

Does it only work on newer phones, like those with arm x86 or x64?

I have an older phone with arm 7 architecture and it will not install.

Really happy that you guys made it available for Android though.

Whoa, that's awesome! I loved the game but I did read some reviews and critiques. To see that you guys listened to the feedback is really, really cool.

I'm sad that you haven't made any money from it. Hopefully it will change in the future. Do you guys have a patreon or something? 

I'm broke as hell right now but I'll share it. Damn, I hope you guys get through it.

Just saw that you've already been notified about it. My bad!

Wow, that was a quick reply! 

Sorry to bother you again but I also cannot proceed to the memory selection screen. Pressing 'ignore' brings me back to the menu and 'roll back' brings me back to the page before that.


I'm playing on Android and when I try to change to text outline to 'none' it switches to 'medium' everytime. I'm not sure if it is an issue with my phone or not. 

It sucks that you need a creditcard to donate through Kickstarter, so I'm glad you have a Paypal.  Only $200 left, you can do it!

I played the demo and I loved it! Like, the art is gorgeous, the story is really cool and the mechanics are quite a nice touch. 

I played it on android and I did have some problems tapping the arrows during the character customization since they are so small. I also found some typos, do you guys want people to notify you of that? And if so, how can we do that?

Anyway, I wish you lots of good luck with the game and I'll definitely check it out once it releases.

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I've seen people on discord talk about some endings being bugged. 

No matter what choices I picked I kept getting the Saorise ending. Even siding and making deals with others did nothing. 

Other than that, great game. I cried.

Cograts on the release! Aah, this is some good news to wake up to.

Of course! That's usually how it goes so I am pretty sure it will also be the case with this game.

Thank you for your reply. I'm glad to know that it wasn't my laptop ^^'

Hi, I wanted to ask how long the demo is. The game keeps going back to the main menu when selecting what to do on day 5. Is that the end of the demo? Also, could you please tell me the system requirements? I played it on a laptop so maybe it cannot run the game correctly and perhaps that causes the abrupt end.

Anyway, good luck with the rest of the game! it's really funny.

It won't be possible. I asked them a year ago and this was the response:

"Nope. The game is too complex to be ported to mobile.

I think it would be filled with bugs."

Happens a lot to me too. I usually click 'ignore' or 'rollback' until it disappears.

Do you have a program like Winrar installed? You could use it to open the the zip ^_^

So far I'm enjoying it a lot! I really love music and especially the dialogues, which are so much fun to read. That was also something I greatly enjoyed with Red Embrace.

I'm playing it on  Android 6.0.1 and it keeps crashing after the Masquerade with Linnaeus. The other routes - despite common lags- worked well. 

Please keep up the good work~

After giving Claudette a gift, her name was displayed as 'Blue Rose'. It also happens when you hang out with her and talk to her. I don't have Blue Rose in the band, by the way.

That's weird...

I actually got the artbook (which is beautiful by the way) on my phone (Android) I just downloaded it after donating. So it is possible. Thanks for answering~

Hi! I've got a question. It says: A downloadable Visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

But I only got a download link for the artbook on Android. Is the game also available to play on that platform?

Hi, I am curious: Is there a possibility of this game being available on Android and IOS in the future? I'll still buy it for the computer though, but playing would be difficult due circumstances.

Also, I wanted to say that you guys did an awesome job so far. The idea is very cool, it looks pretty neat and I cannot even imagine all the work you've put into it. I hope you take good care of yourselves and I wish you guys a lot of succes~