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He's the only attractive one though. People like pretty things.

I concur.

I am counting down the days! All the R.O.'s are absolutely delightful, but Frederique's banter and overall talent for shenanigans is just amazing *-* My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard every time I play RoS and I'm so excited that he's almost here!

Not sure why I'm being downvoted exactly, but nevertheless I am very excited indeed! I know there's a lot of controversy around his route but I just adore his sense of humour and their overall dynamic, the banter is god tier and the witty, sarcastic characters will always have my vote.

Absolutely positively not excited for Frederique's route. At all. Nope.

Well. I need the full game, like, yesterday. Please and thank you.

Also. Enoch is freakin' adorable and Felix WHAT IS YOUR DEAL.

I think we can say that this project is rather dead, unfortunately.

Just thinking about how much he must be freaking out when MC goes missing, the ANGST... D:

Ezra has completely overtaken my heart and I may never again recover tbh like.... CAN I JUST HAVE HIM PLEASE. 

Hahah it's a good kinda sad, no worries! I love all the LI's but he's definitely the one I'm most excited about. His personality is everything. *_* Can't wait for his route to be released! 

I want Frederique's route so bad tbh T_T I adore his snarky sense of humour so much it's actually sad.

Wait, so is it interactive with choices or a kinetic one without? 

How very dare you.


I can't seem to be able to play the game at all. All it does is direct me to the Ren'py developer engine. Anyone got a solution?

So apparently I'm a Scorpio. Huh. I mean... scorpions are wicked cool. Cooler than a cow with horns so hey, I am now a Scorpio.

Yay! I am so happy he's getting a route, he's been my favourite since I started playing the game!

I absolutely love this game, and I probably won't ever get tired of it. Out of the "main" romances, Dallas is my favourite by far. Such sweet, sweet agony. 

Question: Will Wizz and the others get a CG too, or is that just for E, D and B? 

Awesome! Will inform you if I run across any other abnormalities ^_^

I keep getting called [mc_name] instead of my chosen one, is this a programming bug of some sort?

God I hope so, I've been trying to get Heath's last CG but no matter what I do I always end up with Queen Bitch despite grabbing any opportunity to piss her off. I'm at my wit's end and very sick of her now.

I managed to save my precious boy *_*  The game was definitely tricky, and finding the right choices and combinations and story branches was a challenge indeed, but the art is super pretty and I love VN's with full voice acting! The story is really engaging and although short in theory it has so much content and oh my gosh the truth about you-know-who took me completely by surprise, although it makes so much sense now that I've seen the story from so many different sides x_x Keep up the awesome work! 


I have the same bug on both Romeo and Richard's route - but I do believe they are looking into fixing it. :)

How odd! I will have to check my e-mail settings for strange behaviours! 

Ah, no worries, I just thought I should let you know about it, and it's always good to know the reason why bugs and errors occur :) I will await my next chat with the endearing little hooligan when it is available, and thank you for making such a wonderful game! :D 

All well deserved, I promise you! ^_^ Alright, just got on :D Commence fangirling!

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Truer words were never spoken! I love this game so much T_T It literally has all my favourite elements - plucky MC, believable and slow burning romances, amazing dialogue, mini-games, CG's, gorgeous romantic interests, character customisation, diverse and distinct personalities, freedom of choice to be as sarcastic and snarky as you want without being booted to the bad ending, beautiful art... You might just be my favourite game developer ever and I am so so excited to continue this story *_* 

Yay! I'm so excited to continue Dimitri's story! :3 Lowkey hoping there'll be some chance to meet the douchebag older brother ex-boyfriend and give him a piece of my mind -.^ 

Done :) I really love the demo so far, other than that particular error it was absolutely fantastic and Switch is perfectly precious. Cannot wait for the full game!

Okay, thank you very much! I will look out for it :)

I have encountered a strange bug - when I try to go see Switch a bit further into the game, an error occurs and I get the choice to rollback, reload etc... any advice?

Is the complete game out in the paid version? If so, would it be possible to get some sort of hint guide or walkthrough? I keep getting the bad ending no matter what I choose, and I tried following the tips you gave the other person and still nothing. It's very frustrating.

This game is so visually stunning. It's absolutely breathtaking. 

Yay! This is definitely one of the select few VN's I'm watching religiously, I absolutely love the humour and the writing and the guys are absolutely wonderful *_* And Ewan... oh my! *fans self* He is just gorgeous and the different coloured eyes just add to it. I've always been such a huge fan of heterochromia because it's so beautiful and different, and I've never seen it included in a visual novel before :3 Kudos! I'm also super excited and curious to see how the MC/Spencer-relationship unfolds, I wanna know what happened to him so so bad x__X  Awesome job so far! ^_^ 

I absolutely love love love the demo! Cannot wait for the full game, I'm so excited! 

He certainly is very lovable indeed! Such a cute little fluffball >-< 

Oh, definitely, major plus points there! Any time I get to use sarcasm and actually put people in their place in otome games without having to deal with a bad end or wrong choice consequences I feel so satisfied. There's no reason why MC's should constantly have to be sweet, nice, quiet, polite and meek with no real personality and that they should just let anyone treat them however they want without any protest or comeback, it's so hindering and frustrating because I am a very snarky and straight-forward girl myself so that just makes it extra difficult having to bite my tongue!

Oh yay! I cannot wait to romance that tall, gorgeous glass of yumminess ^_^ I will definitely check it out, it's always nice to be updated on games you're looking forward to playing :D 

I need Dimitri's full route T_T  I loved reading Neil's route. I rarely get invested in VN's and I usually don't react on a personal level when things happen but I definitely did during his route. I experienced every emotion my MC went through and I really loved being able to choose between snarky and diplomatic. I'm so very tired of meek, shy and quiet MC's without any backbone or guts at all, so it's definitely amazing to be able to bite back at Neil and his arrogant comments! I love a strong, sarcastic MC, so kudos for that. I honestly cannot wait for the next bachelors, and the CG's are so beautiful. Your art is amazing. And that bubble CG... oh my god, that was so adorable. I cannot even comprehend the cuteness level. 

Waiting with bated breath for Dimitri's full route! He's such a pure cinnamon roll and I usually don't even like that personality type because I am more of a tsundere girl but he is just so cute! >-<

You are my hero T_T Thank you!

Okay, I have absolutely no idea how to unlock that CG x___x I have played his route five times. Help. I am literally going mad.

*gasp* Ohmygod I need that CG  in my life T_T