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I know the feeling about school, it comes first whether we like it or not;

I didn't know the cast was going to be so expansive, the 3rd pic has me really curious. I'll wait patiently for you to unveil the rest of your beautiful art, good luck with all your classes~!

This was....really good. I'm trying to think of where to start. I didn't know what to think when I started playing but the story is really strong. When I read your blog and saw that you were inspired a bit by Togainu no chi I COMPLETELY see it. I think that's why I like the storyline/aesthetic so much but I think what you've thought of has its own thing going on too. (More cohesive than TNC gets so far)

I definitely laughed multiple times during different parts of the demo.

When it came to all the different characters all the designs are cool and I didn't really know who I'd check out first so I just went with Harley because I wasn't expecting much and I usually get super interested in the secret side type characters like Thea  but after playing through each guy's 'route' at least twice Harley is my favorite, completely caught me off guard.

Riley is likeable too but I enjoyed Harley's scenes the most especially the birthday one, it was really sweet. (I also like Kiran but he's not my fav LI wise, I'm not about that wishy-washy carefree troublemaker life so I'd probably play him last). I'm still interested in DJ but his birthday scene was too short to gauge much from.

Speaking of birthday scenes I loved the little items shown throughout the demo, I usually don't care either way if we visually see what the items in game look like since that's more of an easter egg like treat but I was blown by the graphics and design of yours (jewelry and cake, how could I not be captivated?) I don't know what program you used but it was a pretty addition I appreciated.

I can't think of what else to say other than the mechanics for the game, the point system for the characteristics and relationships, is interesting and I'm curious to see just how much it effects gameplay. This might have not been a complete demo but it was an effective one I enjoyed a lot so thanks!


2. I think it was more I didn't know once I clicked combine that it was selected so I could try, but this I just redownloaded again to check and that's still unreliable since this is my 2nd playthrough I know better now;

I think both combos work fine though!

And sure, the name I use here is fine for credit~

1. I was able to find both endings! when I saw there were two I was like idk what I could have done differently maybe something in the 2nd play through. Luckily I'm nosy and poked around enough to find it unintentionally. Though I think some dialogue repeated during that moment just an fyi.

2. It took me forever to get the shirt combo right because the order to combine wasn't intuitive enough for me. For reactions though I didn't experiment too much because of how laggy the cursor could get though the knife for the plush collection was funny.

3. Iggs was pretty helpful. As stated above it was the shirt that got to me the most so I had asked him like three times what to do and it took some playing around on my part to finally get the combo.

Beautiful work as always , thanks for all the hard work and good luck with classes!

Excited to see the characters so fleshed out! Two more for Sidneys crew? So they're the power rangers?

Thank for all the updates!

This demo was good! The freedom with the choices was expansive (to my romantic detriment lol). You left off with a big cliffhanger but the demo was amazingly long, its enough to go back and choose more options though i'm still trying to wrap my mind around just how much the choices effect everything.

Okay well I'm  not sure on what to say exactly but i'll try anyways!

First of all your art style definitely caught my attention. I like the different textures and saturated colors are my weakness. I died at that pinched joey wheeler face marina was pulling at Sidney. Like, how does anyone continue a conversation with her with that face being made? lol Though I feel like there's something off with her eyes and i tried to figure it out since I didn't feel that way about any of the other guys' eyes and I think its the size in comparison to her other features (mouth/nose). that may or may not be it.

The story is pretty interesting, though its nothing dramatic I think the way you've made the characters will be the standout thing other than the art, oh that and the cursed chemistry theme. Like I hate science with a passion so the story was that interesting for me to still try the demo anyways! I got like a 2/3-5 for the quiz so idk Marinas just going to have to fail in the full version with me playing.

I was looking through the game's topic on the forum and I didn't know this was set in Hawaii but it makes a lot of sense now. (floral shirts for all) As for the cg styles and such I say go for whatever you feel like or what feels right, even mix it up if you want. I know a few VNs that have different styles for sprites/cgs/ect i dont see the problem!

Like I said before the dynamic between the characters are interesting enough to make you wonder how the whole mutual tutoring thing will turn out and whats up with the underlying drama going.

Good luck with your finals!

The new update is great! Sadly though sometime in December it freezes up on me during the moment where you choose who to sit with, everytime no matter what. :/