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You're right, but Jesus. This is not how a setter should behave. The way the setter is defined, this simple statement:

globals.state.condition += 30

is equivalent to add to the current condition not just 30, but (30 + condition). I.e. the condition is doubled and then increased by 30. :|

I was inspecting the code about jobs and, unless I've misunderstood it, it seems to me that a maid doesn't just improve the condition of the mansion, but she sets it:

var temp = 5.5 + (person.sagi+person.send)*6
person.xp += temp/4
globals.state.condition = temp

So, if N maids work in the mansion, the job of the first N-1 maids is useless because the mansion condition is always overwritten by the next maid: only the competence of the last slave matters.
If this is intended, players should not be allowed to assign more than a slave to clean the mansion (at line 73, maxnumber should be = 1); if not, the mansion condition should be improved (+=).

Maybe I'm wrong: but from your log, it sounds like the game has issues at loading some particular image. I suppose it has some hidden info which makes the loading function to crash.
A possible solution would be to remove the hidden chunk from the image, except that I don't know which is: the one you have selected? Or some pic in the folder you're browsing? Maybe you could empty your folder and readding the images one by one
Here a tip to convert png images in bulk.

Get XP (and house points) from custom requests, level up and raise your agility. Be patient, fights are hard at the beginning: you'll unlock useful skills in the future (shackle for instance, for blocking your adversaries). Get a full team of four and equip it with leather armors and daggers. Ignore bandits and thugs, try enslaving innocent travellers (if you use a rope, your reputation won't be damaged).
The part about the last enemy is outdated.

- at line 49: if you're servants -> if your servants
- line 164 is not true anymore: The last opponent standing in combat will always stand their ground and do not need a servant to pursue them. [...]

In jobs&, the bonus of the Nympho spec is described as follows: Sex actions take only half energy, + 2 mana from sex actions, + 25% to fucktoy, no penalties from any sex activities.
A slave working as fucktoy in Umbra, gets no bonus though. Nymphos get a nice +25% if they work as exotic whores in Winborn.

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Ironically this editor, Redactor, allows to edit the HTML code of our posts (in the demo it's literally the first button of the toolbar), but the option is not enabled on

It isn't easy: the more I think about it, the more questions I have.
For instance, as d.stu said, some races differ very little.
Another thing: while the halfkin<->beastkin change can happen automatically, I'm not sure about the race reassignment. Imagine if you have a seraph, you cast a Mutation spell on her and she loses her wings: should she become a human and lose her racial traits (and boosts)? Well, some players would find it cool, others would not.
Things would be different, though, if some boosts depended on your body, instead of your race. E.g. wings should give you more agility, no matter what you are.

Is there enough food in your mansion? What job are your slaves assigned to?
(I never remember if, when the mansion is dirty, your slaves are only more stressed or lose healthy points too.)

Anyway, please tell which version you are playing and on what OS. Also, if you could share a save, it would be easier for the devs to find the bug.

Actually I wonder if races could be handled like sexes (now, if you give a woman a penis, she becomes a futa, and if you later remove her pussy, she becomes a man).
I mean, instead of having halfkin and beastkin ponies, you'd just have "ponies": the game would check their animal features and say if they are half- or beastkin ponies, depending on how much furry they are (for instance: torso: 20%, face:15%, legs, arms:10%, hands, feet/hooves: 5%, tail:5% and so on. If the sum is over 25%: halfkin; over 50%: beastkin).
Through lab mods, a character could turn from halfkin into beastkin (or into human), or even change its race. Also, their children would inherit features their parents already have, even if un-natural (e.g. a horse with feather wings could have winged children, despite wings not being equine features).

Nereids too should be female/futa only. Maybe their male version should be called Tritons or Mermen, I don't know.

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Imo the core game should focus on more variety, that is races completely different one from the other. Little differences should be handled via mods. There's no need to have four, very similar, equine races: one of them is fine.
If I could, for instance, I would get rid of drows and dark elves and keep just one, large class of elves to be expanded* through some mod. I would implement dwarves and halflings, instead.
Just my 2 cents.

*Eta: I should have said "extended" :P

If I sell a slave and then I buy him/her back, the game re-add the "Protect" skill to his/her abilities, even if it was already unlocked.
In battle the Protect button will be displayed as many times as the slave has been traded in the market.

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Good guys don't get Tia. :P

(the quest is not broken. I am able to continue, just the game doesn't give me any hint.
Also, it's not that the game is punishing me: if I force Cali to sell her virginity, which is even worse, Jason do tell me what you need to know:
— Alright, the guys you are interested in can be found in a nearby village. Shaliq it was I believe? Just ask locals, they have been pretty active recently.)

I cant, when I click "Continue" I got this:

and when I go back to the red-lights district, the button to meet Jason is gone.

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You must dig into the code, as suggested by d.stu: open the file, find the effects and look for them inside the ".gd" files.
For instance the effect of "Pretty voice" is "pretty_voice": since no .gd script mentions it, the trait is still not implemented (most likely).
If you open "jobs&" instead, under "storewimborn(person)" you will read:

    if person.race.find("Tanuki")>=0:
        bonus = bonus + 0.3
        supplyprice += 1

which means that a Tanuki, when working at the Winborn market, earns more gold (+30%) and sells supplies at a higher price (?).

If you trick Cali into having sex ("Try talk her into it"), Jason doesn't mention Shaliq village at all. I forgot to test what happens when choosing "Tell her it's the only way".



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I'm not sure, but I think that the NPCs have a stat, "attention", which is daily increased b 5-7 points if they don't sleep with you. Once their attention reaches 50 points, the NPCs are "eligible" for a personal event: the game picks one of them and compare their attention to a random number between 30 and 150. If their attention is smaller, the NPC has a personal event and its attention goes back to zero.

Again, I'm not sure and I didn't make any test, but you may open the file "files\scripts\", find the line:
        if personlist[number].attention < rand_range(30,150):
and play with those numbers. Remember to save in UTF-8 format. Backup the script before editing it.
Eta: in the same file you may also play with this other line:

               person.attention += rand_range(5,7)

About the text editors: Notepad literally can't into line endings. Go with Notepad++. Or, alternatively: Atom, Brackets, Sublime, Scite.
MS Wordpad sucks too (can't deal with UTF-8 encoding). Avoid also MS Word / Writer for stuff like this: they will fill your files with sh*t. Good luck!

1. Even after completing the quest, the inventory still displays the first two gifts:

2. I got two identical jewels from the bandit camp at the sea. I suppose an exception should be added, so that the game generates only one copy of Ayda's necklace

Not a bug but a suggestion: it would be cool if the necklace were enchanted and Ayda (and only her) could equip it. Like Ayneris' rapier.

Either your video card has issues or you have huge portrait packs (I bet the last one).

The countdown starts when you recruit Cali.

If her parents died and she has been with you less than 28 days, it's a bug, most likely. Share a save before visiting her village, maybe some dev will understand what happened.

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Yes, you have four weeks (28 days) to save their parents.

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I can't complete the game if I side with Hade.

If I refuse his offer, once I enter the mage guild, I see this and everything works fine:

while, if I accept, the same window flashes for a short instant and then disappears:

(there's a trick though: the "Continue" button is in the same position of the button I clicked to enter the building. So I double clicked very fast and I was able to start the fight against the guild leader and finish the game)

Edit: in both cases I saved Ayda, if it matters

Yes, that button should have some icon. There's also another button that should deserve some recognition, the last events report (not a real button, just move the mouse pointer over it):

As for your dead slave, couldn't you recover him/her through your most recent autosave? There should be three of them.
As last resort, you could open an old save, copy the code portion relative to your slave and past it into your current save.

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If you have branded Emily, you can trick her and take both (don't expect them to be happy, though).

If Emily likes you and you let her go away with her sister BUT you give her some food and money, she will come back in a few days.
After, like, ten more days (I don't remember exactly), Emily will ask you for help because Tisha is missing. Go rescue her and recruit her.

I haven't tested the other options (e.g. what happens if you let Emily go away without helping her and so on)

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Gang rapes never happen when a battle ends, because the game checks if "person.sexuals.unlocked" is true. That flag belongs to the old sex system, though: in the latest releases it is always false.
In, that string  should be replaced with "person.consent" if I am not mistaken (note: there are two occurrences of that string).

Also, the code needs a clean-up, I think. The string "person.sexuals" appears in some other scripts, especially (but not only) in jobs&

Not a real bug per se: I suggest that, if a character "dies" while fighting, their health is raised by some points (five?) when they come back home.

Currently, when a character reappears after resting for three days,  their health is equal to zero. If they level up and you raise their max endurance before healing them, they instantly die.

(pretty sure it has been already suggested, maybe in the old thread)

Dunno if a bug or a typo: the brothel owner expressly asks for an elf girl, but a male elf is fine too.

Hello, I just want to say thanks to the author of this mod.

The animation and sound effect of the weapons are so freaking awesome!

I love the hud design. The hud also matches this sci-fi hi-tech space theme well.

Really looking forwards to future development of this mod.

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Tbh I also expected that new skills/spells were automatically ready to use.
Furthermore, the question mark is unclear to me: maybe the gear symbol (for "settings") would fit better, I don't know.
Finally I find weird that I can't either cast spells on myself (e.h. heal or invigorate) or sort my skills (or those of my slaves) without going outside.

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Good point, I usually double check what my slaves wear before selling them, but something is doomed to be missed.

In order to recover our items, I think we can just insert some lines at the beginning of removefrommansion() in
This doesn't prevent players to cheat though, because the function is called after they have sold their slaves.

In $name $surname is no longer in your posession

You must "equip" your skills first.
When you are outside, click on your profile, then on each skill/spell you want to use.
If you are fighting, click the question mark '?' instead.

Maybe we need a QTDDTOT.

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The mod can't add a "races" variable, because that variable already exists in the script, so either they conflict (and the mod is not applied) or the one from the mod is overwritten.
Btw, can you define a variable before the "extends Node" statement?
I suggest to remove line 2 and 19 from the mod and insert the code after line 359 of, so that the new two races are pushed at the end of the existing list (the mod should start with <AddTo 358> or something like that, the number may be slightly wrong)

Also what Kyler2 said.

If I may: the slave should be just stripped off of their stuff, or else she cannot be sold.

This way some temporary boosts (e.g. Beauty +20 through a beauty potion) would be still allowed. Also, it's easier to check if all the slots of a slave are free, than inspecting where each of their boosts comes from.

It's an old bug. If you've ended the previous fight in Autoattack mode, the first round of the next battle is messed up.

Just attack normally when finishing the last enemy and everything should be (hopefully) fine.

In files/scripts/, v.0.5.18b:
"$name's breats started secreting milk. "

I usually assign someone to cook and yes, the ratio is the same: they buy 200 food and spend 100 gold.