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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Typos thread Sticky

A topic by noyiu created Aug 26, 2018 Views: 941 Replies: 22
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This thread is now dedicated for ingame typos.

- Maverik

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Ah! Well, those aren't really typos or anything, but nonetheless grammatical in nature... mostly. Since i don't know if this has been already mentioned elsewhere, lemme just put the ones i distinctly remember here (and for our convenience, i looked them up in the

in "MainQuestFrostfordMainOrder" there is the one i noticed the most. The Order mage says "Oh right,you is the one we want to deal with that one issue..." Which stems from the use of $he, which gets turned into 'you' instead of 'he' because it runs through globals.player.dictionaryplayer(). Maybe another variable is needed, like $3he for third-person-mentioning of the player? i'm sure i noticed it somewhere else in the quests, too. and even though i can't remember where, i guess it CaliGoodEnd, because in there is "Mom, Dad, this is $name. $He’s been letting me stay at $his mansion and $he helped me find my way back." And the same, i guess, in CaliGoodEndKeep, too, even though it doesn't show, because " And, well, I guess I do owe $him for all this." just sounds like she suddenly addresses the player again. This may be somewhere else too, but i don't remember it. :)

then in "MapleFlirt": "... gives you no choice but to stay standing leaning up against the wall, but it seems ..." sounds weird, but not being a native speaker, that might just be me. or maybe its missing a comma? o.0

then in "MainQuestFinaleGorn", there is a 'a' missing. "...despite the absence of their leader, considerable number of Kel'tor's clan went into hiding..."

and i was shocked, when in "MainQuestFinaleGoodChoiceLeaveGarthor" you toss the poor bastard to his death o.0 "You strip Garthor and his orcs of their equipment and toss them over a cliff before continuing on your way." This should really be a "it" instead of a "them" ;)

i hoped that helped, further good luck with that, i highly enjoyed playing it (even though i used a walkthrough in order to not miss out on special characters :) )

edit1: Version 0.5.18c

edit2: while looking through "", i also found "Living armor" and in its description :"An unearthy semi-living object which can be weared." should be "An unearthly semi-living object which can be worn." Not sure, but i think i saw the item ingame, too, but wasn't really interested.

eidt3: whats with all the edits? -_-

anyway, i just noticed that in the small logs on the side, when someones stress-level changes, it should be "has become mildly stressed" (same with considerably stressed, of course) instead of "has became" :)

In files/scripts/, v.0.5.18b:
"$name's breats started secreting milk. "

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5.18d in files/scripts/exploration

With some luck, $name manages to crack the chest open              (missing end period)
You reveal yourself to the slavers' group and wondering if                   and wonder if
You purchase slavers' captive and return to mansion.                   a  slaver's captive (or the if only one) // to the mansion
You have defeated enemy group!                                    the enemy group

One of the defeated bandits in exchange for their life reveal location of their camp you've
been in search for.                                        reveals the location of their camp you've been searching for        
You undress sole defeated and without further hesitation                    should be the sole
defeated, but I suggest replacing with "You undress your prisoner and..."

watches at your actions with digust, eventually                 watches your actions with disgust
watches at your deeds with interest, occassionally rustling              watches your deeds// occasionally
overwhelemed by situation, joins you                         overwhelmed by the situation
does not appear to be very interested in ongoing action                  in the ongoing action
$name passes you some valueable and gold.                          some valuables and gold (or some valuable items, or a valuable item and some gold)
After brief pause, $name gives you an accepting nod                a brief pause
$he rewards you with passionate session.                          a passionate

observes you for some time, measuring you words                      your words        
Perhaps, somebody skilled in aclhemy                                 alchemy
You have unlocked new portal!                                       a new portal
no free cells in jail $name has been assigned to communal room         to the communal room.

version 0.5.18d

location: Wimborn Mage Order => Purchase New Spells

Fear "Invokes subconcious feel of terror onto the targer. Can be effective punishment." .....mispelled target

Mutation "Enforces mutation onto targe. Results may vary drastically.".....mispelled target

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this one is just awkward to read. i want to think your companion is suppose to be doing things... but its having the main character do things. which is causing word and grammar conflicts.


##switch to companion instead of main character (i.e as pictured Moro is my main), and modify the wording.

"As you consult with your leading companion --

COMPANIONNAME mentions that (he/she) saw some poisonous berries nearby and offers to try to poison the bandit's mead barrel."

##correct the rest to follow along for proper wording.

"You accept and warn (him/her) to be careful. COMPANIONNAME stealthily moves off into the woods. A few minutes later, the bandits that are drinking are distracted by a sound and start poking around the brush.  You see COMPANIONNAME quickly sneak up to where the bandits left their mugs, adding something to each. As (he/she) disappears back into the forest you admire her skilled woodcraft, startled when (he/she) pops up behind you. As you watch the bandits resume their drinking, it does not take long before they start acting oddly. One lies down and apparently goes to sleep, while the other starts throwing up into the bushes before collapsing." 

##after pressing continue (this one is pretty good really... just to to remove "be")

"As you carefully scout out the situation you realize that there's probably more here than you can easily hand at once. Two bandits are in the center of the camp arguing over who gets to rape the terrified girl tied up near them. Two bandits are lying in a drunken stupor near the mead cask and one more is making a slow circuit of the camp, keep a close eye on the surrounding woods.

version 0.5.18d

location: Shilaq Village, Bandit Camp Quest

version 0.5.18d

Frottage text M/M:  "You jerk your hips forward and a hot jet of", "You jerk your hips forward and a load of", "NAME feels an intense pleasure run through his cock and his"

here is 3 of the texts. all text is missing descriptions at the end for both the Main and the Slave.

In $name $surname is no longer in your posession

(3 edits)

in startslavequest :

    $He watches you with a hint of worry in his gaze                                         in $his gaze

supplies are left from your journey, to put together dinner.                      suggest "to put some dinner together" instead

  home any more. $he’s free to try to return                                                    $He's free                                

that $he probably won’t an easy journey, travelling alone.                      won't have an

WIthout saying another word,                                                      Without

but you have something very important business to attend to                                    some very (3 times)

$He blushes as he trails off,                                             as $he trails

oblige $him if he ever wants another massage                                                if $he ever (2 times)

having $his $2sibling rest atop him like that                                                rest atop $him

$name lays down on his stomach, and tells you                                                     on $his stomach

as you work at a particularly tense muscle.                                                         work on a

Feeling the press of her erection against your hip as he embraces                                             of his erection

lower his underwear, however, a groan escapes her lips                                                    his lips

penis twitch against the contraining fabric                                                     constraining

erect shaft as she thinks of your commanding gaze                                     as he thinks

he thinks of how you’ve strained yourself to help her. He begins                                    to help him.

as she thinks off all of the things she wants                                                            thinks of (or thinks about)

shaft as he thinks off all of the things he                                                          same

pictures your hand in the place of his, masturabting him                                    masturbating

moan as her silken folds envelope your erect penis                                               envelop (verb, not the object)

As you feel him growing close, his cock beginning to twitch                              begins to twitch (or:  You feel him growing)

and both of your cry out as he fills you with his seed.                                              both of you cry out

quickly realize that you’re tied to the corners of bed.                                          of the bed. (3 times)

gather your clothes, and escape to your own rooms.                               own room. (4 times) 

leaves you alone, smiling to himself he walks away.                                        as he walks

trying to turn your head away from pussy,                                               from her pussy

the pleasure shivering through your body despite your desire.             not despite, because of.  or maybe despite the situation instead.

on you as his cock betweens to twitch in your hand                                     begins to twitch

as you walk back you your own rooms.                                     to your own room

also on my previous post you missed  disgust and overwhelmed, I forgot to put // to indicate 2 changes :        

           watches your actions with digust,        overwhelemed by the situation

Nice update ! :)

Dunno if a bug or a typo: the brothel owner expressly asks for an elf girl, but a male elf is fine too.

This one always annoys me because of how often I see it.


'You come across a [color=aqua]pair of thugs[/color] bullying a [color=yellow]bystrander[/color].

Should be "bystander". 

(0.5.19) in scripts/combat: 

You hastly escape from the fight.                                             hastily (or quickly)

in combatdata:

As you walk through the wildreness, you hear fierce roar.                                                wilderness  //    a fierce roar

by getting into it's territory.                                                       its

You come across [color=aqua]group of ooze monsters                                             a group

bystrander already reported by Blargenbum

numerous watchmen moving around and few captives too                                       a few captives

leading few recently [color=yellow]captured victims                                            leading a few

You spot and [color=aqua]ugly creature                                                     an ugly creature

You have been spotted by [color=aqua]patrolling militia[/color] group from Wimborn.                            either: by a patrolling militia group OR by patrolling militia

(Same thing for large militia group and for other towns)

in dictionary:

allows the slave to be melded to suit your taste                                                   molded

5.19d in scripts/ending

a couple officials, including a few prominent slave traders, were arrested.                                               Suggest changing to "several officials" instead, since a few is already more than a couple.

Gorn has continued to grow in wealth and power being dominant force in southern regions.                                power, being a dominant force in

Garhor's death served a grim reminder for those clans willing to oppose                                    Garthor  // served as a grim // for the clans willing

In spite of such economic success, Theron's respect has strengthened                          In spite of =despite, it's the opposite here. I suggest " As a result of this" instead.

Some said she was one of perpetraitors                                            one of the // perpetrators

After short time he managed to seize a considerable wealth.                                           After a short time (I suggest  Quite quickly instead)

Their compassion for each other and yourself growing ever stronger.                                   I think it should be "affection" instead

After Cali's disappearance, you stood no chance of hearing from her again.                      I suggest " you never heard from her again" instead (it could've happened)

While she holds no ill will toward you                                              towards

Chloe eventually grew accustomed to life in your household                                           to living in

What was left of Chloe is still serving clients of certain small brothel attracting customers                                       of a certain  (or of a small brothel) //           , attracting customers.

Chloe continued to live at Shaliq,                                                    in Shaliq

Yris still looking for a ways to survive around Gorn                                           Yris is still         //       for a way to survive (or for ways to)

After some time Zoe, ran away from Frostford                                      time, Zoe ran (2 times)

Zoe deceased and has been buried at homeland in Frostford                               buried in her homeland

Ayda returned to her work in Gorn, sending you letter of gratitude.                                               a letter

Her assistant was exceptionally happy and continues to serve his master.                                      her master.

in scripts/gallery

Contrary to that, she's pretty timid and                                                 suggest "Despite that" instead

Few authorities around The Order believe he might be a dangerous hostile.                               As it is, that sounds like they underestimate him and think he's no threat. If you mean that some people started to notice him and think he's a threat, I recommend "Some authorities" instead.

So in 19c, sexing your sister starting slave gives some typos. 

It says, 'You and her sister <do sex thing>'.

Should be, 'You and your sister <do sex thing>'.

This has already been fixed in 19d

At the Master info window it states "Personal Achievments" should be achievements.

Game version 0.5.19d

P.S. It would be nice if the helper would tell the game version you are playing when asking about bug reporting.

(1 edit)

Description for AcidSpit 0.5.19d

Deals spell damage to single target enemy and recudes it's armor.

should be "reduces"

Flavor text for mindreading

Reading other person's thoughts hardly worth the effort: way too often they are just chaotic streams changing one after another. Netherless, you can grasp some understanding how others think by devoting your time to them. 


func getobediencereplies(person):

$name seems to be in a melancholical mood


In jobs&, the bonus of the Nympho spec is described as follows: Sex actions take only half energy, + 2 mana from sex actions, + 25% to fucktoy, no penalties from any sex activities.
A slave working as fucktoy in Umbra, gets no bonus though. Nymphos get a nice +25% if they work as exotic whores in Winborn.

- at line 49: if you're servants -> if your servants
- line 164 is not true anymore: The last opponent standing in combat will always stand their ground and do not need a servant to pursue them. [...]

5.19d in scripts/dailyevents

After brief talk you realize that the young                                                      a brief talk

You spend couple of hours going through mansion's yard                                a couple // the mansion's yard

After it's over $name addresses to you.                                       adresses you.      

After spending some time exploring each other bodies                                          each other's bodies

By the end of a date you have grown closer.                                         of the date

You and $name spend some time having a pleasant conversion.                                             conversation

you drag $name to the private room spending rest of the morning                                            to a private room  (more than 1 in the mansion)// the rest of the morning

and give $him long lustful kiss                                                     a long

You decide to keep eye on $him                                              an eye

$he announce you that $he brought                                    announces (or tells you)

You send $child to the city to try find $his relatives.                                 to try finding or to try to find

at the brothel for last few days.                                               for the last few days

he offers you hefty sum of gold                                              a hefty sum

and ask $him if he wishes to leave your estate                                                   if $he wishes

and provide $him with miscarriage potion.                                       with a 

$He asks you to give $him couple of days away                              a couple of days

does not offer any visible hostility.                                        suggest:  does not show any visible hostility.

does not deserve any rest in first place                             in the first place

visited by an unknown man, who appears to be a fairly well-known official                          either he's famous or not, I suggest "visited by a fairly well-known official" instead

and proclaims that your person, $name                                                that your slave

He demands compensation and your person to be properly disciplined.                            your slave

As official leaves you wondering how badly it gonna hurt your reputation                            As the official // you wonder how // it's gonna hurt

punish $him, but it is in his best interest                           in $his best

yesterday and according to few witnesses,                              to a few

and with help of Mage's Order you find $name                          with help from the Mage's order (or with the help of )

appointed headgirl, deciding $he should be able to take care of it. By the end of the day "                        missing end of sentence

pretty piece of jewelry possessed by strange trader                                                          by a strange

$he can take it easy for few days until                                         for a few days

couldn't find much food in past few days.                                   in the past few (or in the last few days)

being wooed over by few male teenagers.                                            by a few

tell $name that you demand $him responds to $his admirers                                            you demand $he responds (or you demand $him to respond)

life very complicated to the point, $2he's ready to became a slave                                         very complicated, to the point // ready to become

You reject the $2child's offer telling that your current situation                                             saying that (or telling $him that)

valuable pieces of clutter you have at your mansion. As you inspect it, apparently nothing really important was damaged,                      "clutter" doesn't sound precious, I suggest replacing with " valuable item" , " valuable piece of furniture"  or something like that.

As $he quickly gets wetter                     what if it's a boy ? I recommend "gets aroused" instead

you decide to drop whole issue                                       the whole issue

"buttox" should be buttocks.

The reference to cattle on the main mansion screen should say "livestock" instead, on account of the hens.

One more:   "Easterm" sword, should be Eastern.