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Visual glitch (black dots) everywhere. 

for details.

knock yourself out. im pretty much done with it

ive been marking ponies as taurus in random port mod

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'Degrees of Lewdity' got around the Patreon problem by having a disclaimer that said; "All characters are 18 or older and all animals are people in fur-suits." Despite the fact that, in game, the characters clearly look younger than 18 and are having s*x with animals.

No. I started a new job and don't have time for modding.

Besides, the new updates for strive break 60% of my old mod code.  If you want to use my mod, DL strive 5.20a (linked above) and use that.

Disabled the delayedloader mod. Got a similar console error.

Is this compatible with 5.21b? I get these errors in console, and the mod doesn't work. The 'pick random portrait' button appears in game menus, but does nothing and spits out more console errors.

Win 10 64 bit. Strive 5.21b. 

constants mod, randomportraits 1.0, delayedportraitloading1.0

So, the following observations are based on my tastes, and are not bug related:

1. The way the dialogue in this mod reads out, it's like every girls says the exact same thing every single time. This seems unrealistic. I recommend  you add some kinda of random variance to all dialogue to alleviate this matter.

2. This mod adds something like 4 new potions and 5 new essences. Too much! It clogs up the UI lists and confuses the player when they try to figure out what each new thing does.

3. Pregnancy time is too low. I'm not sure how, but I got 8 day pregnancies with this mod at one point. This seems kinda over the top. Now, the base game has 30 day pregnancies. which is also unrealistic. My mod increases it to 45 days... also unrealistic. [Realistic being 40 weeks, or 280 days]. I would recommend something like 20 days, at the most, for a faster preg time.

I added a link to strive 5.20a on my mod thread on this site.... So, It looks like about 4-8 hours of work to update my mid to 5.21b, so I'm gunna procrastinate on  that as much as possible

For pubes, I decided to just make it an on/of deal, because I didn't want to program dynamically growing hair lol. There are about six text descriptions in (I think) which describe what natural pubes look like, and send that text to the scene.

That all sounds fine. 

When I get home next week, I'll upload a copy of strive 5.20a for posterity and so you and try my mod (if you don't have a copy of 5.20a already, that is).

In short, ponymod adds three new races and integrates them in all places in strive's code. It's more complex than just adding an entry in I have to modify code wherever a race is mentioned... about 5-7 files, I'd estimate. 

It also add a bunch of optional features that can be tuned off or on by editing one of the mod files ( 

 easymode: Tweaks variables to be easier (more start money, etc).
 longpreg: increases pregancy time and decreases growup time.
 feralpreg: Allows feral males to impregnate beastkin females. To turn this on or off, edit
 pubes: replaces shaven vaginas with natrually hairy vaginas. No variance; girls either have no hair (vanilla) or unshaven/natural hair (mod).  furrymode: more furries (+40%) and less humans (-40%).

Does any of that sound interesting?

If you want to try and combine my mod into yours, be my guest. However, I will continue to develop my own versions of ponymod independently. I currently am adding features as I think of them, with no defined end point.

Incidentally, have you tried ponymod? If so, how do you like it? (You need strive 5.20a I think)

A feature that I would love would be a repo containing several past versions of Strive. I don't know if this request is practical, but it would be a nice feature to have.

Sorry, bro, don't know what to tell you. I could give you my save file but I'm not sure how it would help if it's the code that's wrong. 

I don't mind cooperating. Feel free to copy paste my code if you want. Although, godot's mod engine is kinda poopy, and a few people have doubts of getting a true mod ecosystem off the ground (see Kyler2's comment here The <addto> command theoretically would enable mods to place nice together, but it isn't able to make every change needed when modding. Simply overwriting the whole function or var or whatever is too convenient most of the time when modding. For those reasons I don't think I would be willing to put time into making out mods compatible (until godot's mod system gets revamped).

Awesome. I will give that a try.

On another note, in, I see a new category of vars (winborn race, gornrace, etc). What exactly do these vars mean? If they are the races in the slave guilds, then where is their occurrence rate defined? How are these new vars different from the vars found in, var races{} ?


Thanks dude. It's low priority, as this issue just causes 1 extra close/restart cycle of strive. It affects me more than most because I add and remove my mods about 25 times a day when I'm working on my mod. 25 extra restarts * 30 secs each = a bored d.stu

No other mods. Latest ver strive and mod ver 0.3.   edited save file to give max money and upgrade points, no custom images. 

the day end skip occurs when a preg (?) girl is in the fully upgraded farm, both milk and snail. (Also, milk and snail seem to do the same thing for lev 3 farm? bug?)

the infinite preg loop happened to two girls on about day 5-8 on their preg cycle.

Okay so I found a few errors in your mod. They are kinda deal breakers so, sadly, I'm not gunna try this mod any more until they are fixed.

1. After a few days, pregnant girls will start 'giving birth' over and over again, day after day. Yet they remain pregnant. 

2. When a girl is in the farm (fully upgraded), the after day report menu is completely blank.

3. Many spelling and grammar errors in the text dialogue. Too many to list them all. 

But it's not all bad. I see great promise here. Keep it up and I believe you can make a wonderful mod!

Can some kind soul tweak the mod loader so it doesn't apply the same mod multiple times if it's already installed? IE, can it check for duplicate status before applying?

Wowie zowie kapowie! Now this is a mod. If everything here works as intended, color me impressed indeed.

How many hours have you put into this mod? (I've put ~50 hours into my mod fyi).

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Current version (21b) doesn't work with ponymod. I'm out of town atm, but I'll update eventually. I'll also re-upload the version of strive ponymod does work with (20a) at some point as well.

Edit: uploaded strive 5.20a to Mega

Just DLed the latest verson of strive windows 64 bit. Extracted it. Ran the exe.

It didn't work. Couldn't start a new game.

Thoughts, anyone?

It's true the mod system for godot is flaky. Trail and error will lead to more experience for the best way to mod files (that's how I made my mod).

1. var {} is a dictionary, and it's true, you can't just overwrite it. You have to modify it after the object gets created. Alternatively, you can overwrite the whole function or class where the var is being defined.

2. <addto -1> should add it to the beginning, but actually overwrites the whole function or class a lot of the time. <addto x> will add it to line x. I use addto x most of the time, and it seems to work well enough.

3. I don't use a compiler / code editor, just notepad++. When I break the mod loader, then I have to extract a fresh version of strive, and overwrite all files. It's a pain in the ass, but it's what I know.

i got u fam

Come onto the discord. Maverick and/or Lazerus are usually willing to help people write mod code.
It seems you're trying to modify a dictionary. To do so, you need to modify the dictionary object after it's created, usually in, func init(). Feel free to check my mod code for about 50 examples of how I modded the code.


v1.8 update: 

Added two more races:
Beastkin Pegasus:
- wings
- high agility, avg other

Beastkin Unicorn:
- custom unicorn horn
- high magic, lower other

Added more feral stuff:

- Increased warnings for feral impreg danger during sex scenes.

- Children of feral parents get uncivilized, pliable, and or ascetic traits semi-randomly.

- Family tree will now list feral parents as feral (previously looked like normal person). The race of the feral parent will always be beastkin (previously random race).

Added two more options:

- pubes: replaces shaven vaginas with naturally hairy vaginas. No variance; girls either have no hair (vanilla) or unshaven/natural hair (mod).

- furrymode: more furries (+40%) and less humans (-40%).

To do:
Clean up dead code bug test more
Make adding more races or otherwise changing this mod easier for other users

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Instructions: extract the files in or near your users/.../strive/  folder. Make a copy of the new folder and name it 'bodies'. Copy 'portraits' into your current portraits folder; choose 'copy and keep both files' for all duplicates, if any. Repeat for bodies.

Quick stats:
790MB uncompressed
85% female, 11% futa, 4% male
51% human,  28% all furry,  11% pony,  11% elf,  9% everything else
66% teen, 30% child, 40% adult
25% pregnant
45% small tits, 41% avg tits, 24% big+ tits
Notable IPs: My Little Pony, Sailor Moon, K-On, Zelda, Pokemon, and other Nintendo games
[Percents sometimes add to more than 100% because some pics are more than one category].

All pictures Photoshopped, cropped, rotated, and/or brightness adjusted to best fit game. I put about ~20 hours into editing these photos. I tried to stay within the fantasy theme when possible, but there are several modern girls as well. There is only portraits available for DL because all of the bodies and portraits version of any given girl are exactly the same.

Special thanks to Kyler2 for making his portrait pack editor.

*meant to say left click on the question mark on <you>, the Player Character.
L-Click on the ability or spell.
L-click off the popup to close the prompt.
(PC means Player Character. )

1. This is already possible
2. High obedience slaves already do whatever you ask them. Use your imagination to generate their dialogue.
4/7. Stat skill caps are to keep the game somewhat realistic. Perhaps the game should be tuned for level ups to slow down in frequency after level 4+
5/7/8/10. The author is working on the sequel. New features will entirely mod based from  now on
6. never gunna happen because design limitations
7. Custom traits could be added with mods fairly easily.
9. Right click your PC in combat and click your spells to enable them


you also need randomportraits and delayedloading mods in the load order before ponymod fyi

v1.6 update: Fixed options (  Options was broken in the last release. Alas, I eventually fixed the bug.

Had to make some ugly code to ensure functionality. If anyone has any ideas of how to implement my ideas with better code, I'm all ears.

To do:
Clean up dead code
bug test more
make adding more races or otherwise changing this mod easier for other users

You could try the mod I am making now. It has a feral on beastkin preg option.

Check the wiki / walkthrough

(2 edits)

v1.5 update:
Added options ( Edit with notepad to toggle optional content

Easymode: makes starting resources higher
Longpreg: increases pregnancy time and decreases growup time.
debug: makes the console very chatty
feralpreg: enable feral male on beastkin female impregnation

To do:
Clean up dead code
bug test more
fix corrupted saves bug (rare)
make adding more races or otherwise changing this mod easier for other users

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Ok. I'll also take out more (dead) and unused code as I finalize my mod.

What's the name of the compare app? I'm presuming you'd recommend it?

The easy mode stuff is for easier testing. Sandbox mode doesn't give enough free stuff, and also doesn't have tainted essence anywhere atm. I'll add a config file for turning on and off features in a soon-ish patch. 

The feral preg mode is currently working  in my testing (fingers crossed). Certain beast girls now can get preg from dogs and horses. Added a line in the sex scenes when feral preg is possible:

    var feral_text = " [names2] eyes widen as the {^feral dick:wild cock:animal penis:animalistic tool} ejaculates[s/1]. As a {^Beastkin:Beast girl:nearly feral girl:Beastkin}, [names2] womb is vulnerable to dangerous animal semen. "

That said, This probably should be a separate mod. Or an opt-in feature of the mod, at the very least. I'll work on separating them at some point. Maybe.

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Okay, I see that now.

Yeah, it was a really weird bug that caused the sex interaction to break completely. I fixed it by including a line I found in, func changesides(), after applying your mod. Bizarrely, the code from the vanilla game was causing the breakage.

Glad to hear it. 

Besides 'Removed the unused bits so it won't overwrite code that it doesn't need,' what all did you change? (I skimmed your upload, and nothing jumped out at me. I suppose I could use a compare app, but maybe you'd be able to let me know really easily.

I've been working hard on it this weekend; I Have:

- added pony 'shades' (default pictures)

- added tail descriptions

- fixed bug with corrupted girls being generated

 - fixed a bug where sex interactions got totally broken 

- gave names to dogs and horses, besides dog1 and horse1 (not pony related, I just liked it better this way)

 - started working on a change in impregnation logic, where beastking wolf and beaskin pony girls can get preg from dogs and horses (also not strictly pony related, but it makes sense to me)