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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Body and portrait problems.

A topic by DarkDragoness created Aug 22, 2018 Views: 428 Replies: 11
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i have a problem, every time i go to change a portrait or body image, the game doesn't respond and drastically slows my PC down, anyone know why?

Perhaps you don't have enough ram to load all the images. Try to lower their amount or upgrade your ram. 

acording to the game, it says 'invalid race' and a line of code

Then it might be related to some images you are using. Line of code could help too

Hummm, I downloaded both the x32 and x64 versions, put into seperate forlders, removed the saved files under the user AppData/Roaming folder (twice) then started the game, the folder was remade but all folders under the Stive folder are empty with the eception of the Save folder.

The path statement in the options is user://bodies user://protrates but in the Stive folder these are empty.

You say lower the amount... lower what? How?

If I put the correct path into the box in the options the program fails to start...

I have a Win 7 Pro OS with 12 GB of ram, I play Skyrim almost daily and never have a problem whith images, and some of the background / envornment images are very large in size...

It would be nice to have the images, the ones I have seen ( a few...) are of high quality.

Lower the amount of images is what he meant by lower their amount.

I have no idea why you wiped the saves or what any of the tings you're talking about were supposed to achieve. You seem to be potentially talking about some other issue or unclear what you're trying to achieve and what you're seeing happen.

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I can't see any portrates or images like the first time you go to the brothel and find the urchin, that is the only portrate and ocassionally the only image. Once the game is underway I loose my portrate.

I am trying to figure out what the actual path to the images is and what should be in the folders because if I put them under the user:\\ folder they are not found, import files are there but do not get converted to png like Emily Hale...

I wiped the saves because the x32 bit save would be empty in the x64 bit versions and visa versa...


So, the only slaves that automatically get a portrait are the special ones, all the generic ones. All the default ones don't get any portraits normally. There's an option to enable random portraits, but it requires portraits to have matching races in the names so you can't just dump any files into the appropriate folder.

The appropriate folders are:
If you download packs, or use your own images, they need to go in one of those 2 folders.

Once there are images in those folders, you can select a slave in your mansion, go to customization tab, and click portrait to select a new one.  If nothing comes up in that, then either you got the path wrong,  or you've potentially changed the default path. Without any specific details of what you've done though it's hard to guess.

Game loads all the images in the folder, which can take quite a while, and a lot of memory. If you have a lot of portraits, especially high resolution, which tends to be worse for full body images, it'll take a while to load period.  If you also don't have a lot of ram, it can take damn near forever as it hits swap.  I've got 847 body images taking up 405MB on disk, loading them takes several seconds and hangs the game for a bit on my decently powerful system. The game's memory usage also goes from 187MB to 1284MB.  If you have even more and/or larger portait/body images, then this could grow greatly.

Ideally the game UI would load these in the background, and not load everything, but only the items actually visible and maybe some before/after. That however isn't exactly simple to implement.

yea, now that you pointed it out i can see that being the problem. Granted i have the complete image pack witch adds 1000 images, including the images already in the game. 

I was testing out making it load images on demand and it's been painful to implement. Got it mostly working, except right now it shows no images until you scroll at least once.  If I try to manually trigger that scroll, then I've got an issue where it hasn't done layout yet, and so my code to check if images are in visible area... thinks everything is visible so it loads everything... and thus no real change. Going to see if I can fix that, but might release it as-is as a mod, as it's not too bad to scroll once after opening and it lets you filter the list before scrolling and avoid loading everything. It however requires adding new functions and can't do that until my reported bug with mod applying gets fixed.