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Will fix next version, thank you for the report.

(Edited 1 time)

Character creation is not actually affected by age settings outside of 'child' option. Player character will always be able to pick between teen and adult(but not child), and slave character can have either adult-teen or adult-teen-child options. I haven't been able to get any other results from playing with options, and judging from the code this shouldn't be possible.

(Edited 1 time)

Upgrade points are earned from selling tamed slaves to the guild (previously bought from guild slaves won't work), and by doing guild quests. 

I'll add new mentions on the main screen about old version issues, as repairing saves proved to be overall poor choice in this regard.  Thanks for the report. 

And lastly, I believe adult characters are automatically turned on when you disable childlike characters. 

Bestiality is actually not fully implemented yet, I'll check nipple fuck.

Somehow your drow has 'pale_blue' skin color instead of 'pale blue'. I'm not even sure how that happened since I can't replicate this skin color by normal generation

You probably have a corrupted slave. Can you provide a save?

Done. You can also see changelog in the game by clicking version button in main menu.

1. I don't believe this should be possible. If you have no penis, scenes with it will use strap-on, but impregnation shouldn't apply. Perhaps you got them pregnant some other way. 

2. This is to prevent action abuse for mana mostly

3. Child's grade is inherited from mother. MC's original grade is slave (I've planned to increase it with progress, but forgot to add it).

Glad you enjoy the game :)

That's a nice find, thank you!

Replied to Phenoca in v.10 Feedback

HP and breast size actully has nothing to do with slave's price. 

Maybe we could add a small note to the new slave list regarding pregnancies.

Replied to FJT in Bug Report Thread

Should be fixed in 4.44a

>Also, I don't know why but this only works in full screen mode.

Now I can see why...

Thanks for the report, already found it out. Your mod gave me a bit of fresh sight :)

I can't quite replicate it. Could you provide clear steps?

I don't believe this is possible since when trait already exists script will shut down before trying to apply and report it.

Replied to FJT in Bug Report Thread

Whoops, thanks for the report.

Are you sure those 'captured' are not third party persons you can find at certain encounters?

I'll look into it, thank you.

1. Could you confirm it? The only requirement for this option is to have at least 1 aphrodisiac.

Sounds like you have a broken slave(s). Without save or error log there's not much I could do. If you can provide a save file, that would be helpful.

I believe your sister takes same surname automatically, not same name.

Sent you mail.

I have no idea why it fails, but if you have skype you can try mavedmc. Or leave your email and I'll try to contact you.

Posted in Art Assistance

Hello. Surely, I'd like to see your examples. Have you tried using this mail striveforpower@gmail.com?

Thanks for the report. 

3. Could you name any specific places? They shouldn't technically exist at all. 

6. You need an actual aphrodisiac to spike her, not just alchemy room

8. The problem with it, is that I don't save guild slaves to save file to save time and space. And either I maintain slave guild content after save or allow save-scumming to reroll it every time game loads. 

10. Tutorial should be redone in 4.42.

Thanks for the report, next versions should adress some gui issues and sort some things out. I'll fix what portals are displayed though.

(Edited 1 time)

I will look into it, thanks for the detailed report.

Edit: if you want quick fix: change if action.tags.find('sub'): to if action.tags.find('sub') >= 0:

same with ('dom')

Replied to UnholyDK in updates

This month, naturally.

Most actions putting slave into advantageous position will increase dominance (footjob, oral, giving rimjob, etc). You can open sexscenes.gd and check what actions have 'dom'  and 'sub' tags. 

Sub/dom preferences are determined entirely by your sex actions except for rare cases. Passive anal sex makes character sub, so that's probably it. 

I'll think about it, thank you. 

That is unusual. In general for settings to be overwritten, you have to click 'confirm' button. Otherwise you can try to get into appdata folder and set settings by textedit (will have make hidden folders shown on win10). For the character age, next version will have new starting sequence.

Posted in updates

I generally update once a week or two. You usually can find more information regarding next date and upcoming content on my patreon.

Hello. I could certainly use some qualified help. 

I'm not exactly sure what are the 'strings' you have been changing, but I would like to take a look. I don't think I can PM in itch.io, but you can contact me via striveforpower@gmail.com

Eventually I found it. Will try to fix it next version, thank you.

Got it, thanks for the report

Could you confirm it on latest versions? There's no problems for me and there was one very old bug like that which was fixed long time ago.

Are you sure you have enough mana and energy?

Try to update again, this bug should've been fixed.

Created a new topic Changelog
(Edited 10 times)

The most recent changelogs will be posted into this thread.

  • Added upgrade points to purchase mansion upgrades: Upgrade points can be earned by doing slaver guild missions and by selling obedient slaves (only if they were not bought from guild). Higher grade > more points
  • Added centaur to races you can order from sebastian
  • Fixed farm unlock quest (now unlocks after paying 1k gold to sebastian)
  • Farm upgrades won't show up until unlocking the farm itself
  • Fixed problem with free jail sells on attempt to capture after combat
  • Fixed problem with laboratory during the main quest
  • Fixed upgrade tab not openning when using screen change animation
  • Tisha's portrait can be restored from old saves
  • Mansion upgrades from older saves should transfer
  • 'Remove population cap' from supporters' section will properly work for upgrades
  • Potions from earlier versions should correctly unlock 
  • Fixed ability to cast spells with 0 mana while exploring
  • Fixed alchemy potions unlock
  • Fixed slave service in the slavers guild in other towns returning you to wimborn
  • Added new mansion upgrade system 
  • [Farm causes stress to grow quicker
  • If food storage excels 80% of current food cap, you'll lose 3% of food per day
  • Readjusted luxury values provided by personal room and your bed
  • Pregnancies require nursery room to give births and claim children]
  • Added Tisha's sprite
  • Starting jail capacity reduced to 1 cell
  • Added slave service and slave selling to Gorn and Frostford
  • Added nipplefuck to advanced fetish actions unlocks (requires lab modification)
  • Added new panel to the slaver guild and changed mind read function (now only have to use once per visit)
  • Added option  to control Alise's appearance on day end screen
  • Added numerical hotkey support to daily events
  • Now End Day panel can be closed with 'Escape'
  • Slightly adapted luxury calculation
  • Housekeeper's bath rule will only cost 1 supply
  • Sex actions now sorted by energy cost
  • Light bondage and hard bondage can be forced without unlocking them 
  • New trait: Ascetic - halves luxury requirements from grades
  • Fixed Emily and Tisha not getting their vacation from event
  • Fixed Zoe unlocks and some dubious parts in quest options
  • Fixed Invigorate abuse while exploring
  • Fixed old save bug when trying to explore Frostford outskirts without proceeding main quest
  • Fixed slaves offering more sex when having no energy for it
  • Fixed market selling option not correctly working after game load
  • Fixed rules updating incorrectly on new game screen


  • Added icon for gold ring
  • Added notification about required reputation to frostford's arc
  • Added reputation changes to the game's log 
  • Added more race specific names and expanded old ones (thanks to Wahn128)
  • Fixed supporter panel being opened from start
  • Fixed an error with pale blue skin color


  • New main quest arc
  • New sprites; guild fairy, Melissa
  • New portal unlock system: purchase teleport stones at shops to unlock teleportation
  • Town related jobs are unvailable until you unlock town's teleport
  • Added new sex scene for Emily and Tisha
  • Added numeric keys support to tutorial/help section
  • On save load side button pannel will be hidden
  • Fixed pregnancy counting twice to slave's metrics if headgirl was present
  • Fixed bug with Maturing Elixir causing tits to grow bigger than possible
  • Some typo fixe


  • Fixed old saves error on load


  • Added new minor sidequest in Gorn(requires to unlock Ayda for completion)
  • Added new slave list allowing easier management (unlocks with headgirl) 
  • Follow-up sex on demand shouldn't take virginity anymore
  • Slaves will remember last sex action you've choosen for them
  • Added option to get to wiki from help menu
  • Mana gain and loss will show in the log
  • Prison rape won't allow slave to offer you more sex 
  • Cali's quest won't automatically trigger when entering the market anymore
  • Cali and Emily's beauty slightly increased
  • Added new armor to Amberguard
  • Added portal to the Amberguard (unlocks on first entrance)
  • Fixed an error causing some characters to start with additional stats
  • Fixed mechanic behind slave phys stats (fixed a minor issue with ninja suit)
  • Fixed harpy not giving bestial essence in sex
  • Fixed permadeath not correctly working in some cases
  • Fixed the issue where you could finish turn in combat without selecting what to do with escapee
  • Fixed Noble characters not correctly receiving their bonuses upon generation
  • Fixed Sebastian slave not being repaired when attempting to repair save
  • Fixed ability to choose disabled option in dialogue with keys


  • Added sprite for Sebastian
  • When asking for more sex slaves will not take vaginal penetration if they are virgin
  • If Mother is humanoid (elf, demon, etc) and father is a beastkin, child will become halfkin of father's race (previously they would be assigned to mother's race) 
  • Spiking Emily only needs 1 aphrodisiac instead of 2+ now
  • Aphrodisiac can be purhased from Wimborn's market
  • Slime, Nereid and Scylla can produce fluid substance on sex
  • Message log won't show removal of non-existent traits
  • Deterrent potion will remove Sex-Crazed trait
  • Beauty potion will remove Scarred trait
  • Lack of 'attention' won't grow for slaves sleeping in your bed (useful for Clingy trait)
  • Added Entrancement effect check onto sex punishments when trying to apply Masochist trait
  • Sex-crazed and Submissive slaves won't complain when you unlock their sex without consent 
  • Sleep spell won't change slave's occupation and will restore all energy on use


  • New Emily sprite
  • New combat spell: Acid spit
  • New enemy icons
  • Added new utility spell: Invigorate (restores your and target's energy)
  • Added new option to combat: automatically attack first enemy if no action selected
  • Avoiding combat now consumes player's energy
  • Avoiding combat now takes less energy depending on character's endurance and agility, but can't be less than 1
  • Most enemy awareness increased (harder to avoid fights)
  • Speed rebalance: initial character speed reduced by 4, many enemies got slight buff to speed
  • While in combat, every turn will increase group's stress by 3
  • Fixed exploration progress bar not correctly showing your progress after first time
  • Fixed cook not buying food on end day


  • Fixed couple of issues with new game start and missing abilities
  • Characters sometimes displaying 0 health in combat


  • Fixed issue with high stress never leading to breakdown
  • Slaves will complain about bad living conditions after a week minus time they spent in jail (someone you kept for month in a jail won't complain right after you release them)
  • Game will remember between forced/nonforced choice on each slave (will switch automatically on change)
  • Breakdown will remove 'grudge' effect from slave
  • Fixed punishment turning slave's health into negative
  • Fear and Domination spells will lessen 'grudge' effect on targets
  • Minor market fixes and improvements
  • End day message lines are now color-coded
  • Multiple fixes and new item icons
  • Fixed some typos and added new lines to help section


  • Fixed portals issue on old saves
  • Fixed tutorial issues
  • Fixed Mindread spell


  • Added new tutorial and character which will present it and help section
  • Redesigned main menu and add hotkeys for most main actions
  • Added confirmation to save/discard full screen change in options
  • Local reputation will cause rescued people to thank and join you more frequently
  • New item icons: Kimono, Miko outfit, Ninja clothes, Leather armor, Chain Armor.
  • Bunny endurance increased to 3 from 2
  • Dark elf endurance increased to 4 from 3
  • Elf endurance increased to 3 from 2
  • Affiliation is removed from slaves
  • Slaves instead will be influenced by the place they work at regarding your reputation there (will lose obedience and loyalty if you are hated there and vice-versa)
  • Fixed multiple traits and their relation to allowed jobs
  • Fixed aphrodisiac not being consumed on Emily's event
  • Fixed starting location showing in the portal list
  • Fixed capturing noble slaves


  • Fixed leaving mansion for non-wimborn starts
  • Fixed new jobs


  • Added wikipedia links
  • Slaves selled by guilds will reset on new game start
  • Fixed some quest issues
  • Fixed some gear window issues


  • Added new item and gear icons
  • Added combat icons to most abilities
  • Fixed combat bug
  • Fixed issue with occupation display


  • Supplies added to the Wimborn and Frostford markets.
  • Fixed gold ring not working
  • Fixed some gui issues and typos
  • Fixed impregnation not counting on stats tab


  • Added slaves specializations
  • Specializations can be learned at slave's guild
  • Slaves have 5% chance to be generated with specialization (except for predefined characters)
  • New item/resource added: Supplies
  • New gear: Slave Collar, Slave Handcuffs, Gold Ring, Buttler's Uniform, Silk Boxers
  • Supplies can be obtained from some jobs and from defeated enemies
  • Supplies can be sold at market or by assigning servant to work at market
  • Nurse will also heal player and consume supplies for better effect
  • Reduced amount of gold received from saved strangers
  • Added numerical value after the beauty description
  • Fixed costumes and underwear not having an effect on day end
  • Fixed slaves getting submissive on all actions which are not dom tagged


  • New gui parts and starting sequence
  • Changed the way backgrounds are resized to fit the window (no more grey lines and awkward stretches)
  • Added new Emily scenes after recruitment
  • Items at shops are more evenly distributed
  • Sex action tooltip is now transparent to clicks
  • Demons' endurance potential reduced to 3 from 4
  • Taurus' strength potential reduced to 5 from 6
  • Slaves won't complain about luxury for first week after being acquired
  • Sword renamed into Long Sword
  • Made hunting raise courage again
  • Replaced racial traits related to obsolete mechanics (seraphs, taurus, beastkin)
  • Fixed a bug sometimes resetting slave's mental stats to 0-10 on daily event
  • Fixed fingering action having no choice for hole leading to some weird issues
  • Fixed chef not buying food
  • Fixed Tisha's quest not costing gold
  • Fixed couple of places still having 'royal' grade and creating other broken slaves
  • Fixed aftercombat rape reducing mana instead of increasing it
  • Fixed Emily not allowing sex after Tisha's quest is over


  • New jail background
  • Slaves with no energy won't be withdrawn from their occupation and will only rest for a day
  • Fixed couple of trait descriptions
  • Fixed Uprise costing more gold than it should
  • Fixed daily events giving atypical slaves sometimes
  • Fixed sexual screen not properly updating after performing action
  • Fixed hidden slaves being sellable at guild
  • Fixed some typos


  • Fixed some save errors
  • Fixed sandbox mode not working
  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Fixed issue with shaliq village on cali's quest


  • Mental stats are now capped by slave's grade (previously background/caste). Casts can be improved but slaves from higher casts will require additional service (personal room, better clothes, etc) or their loyalty and obeidence will detoriate
  • Grades can be upgraded or downgraded at slaver's guild
  • Children will inherit mother's grade 
  • Disabled default mipmaps on the images (should make them less blurry)
  • Updated help section to better reflect on some major recent changes
  • Added new gear system
  • Added itch.io button to the main menu
  • Added new luxury rules
  • Added button to the outside for hiding UI
  • Added option to make combat losses into permadeaths again
  • Added and rearranged shop segments around the world (new shops in Gorn, Frostford, Shaliq)
  • Many combat abilities stat reqs reduced
  • New behavior: having no costume and armor to wear will cause slave to grow more obedient, but also feel stressed if their confidence is over 40 and they don't have specific traits. 
  • Readjusted slave price multipler for grades
  • Nerfed price when selling captured characters after combat
  • Nerfed entertainer's income and xp
  • Nerfed raw strength damage
  • Nerfed amount of received skillpoints per level
  • Follow-up sex drains additional lust from slave
  • Fixed light and hard bondage not taking virginity
  • Fixed ability to start sex between slaves with 0 energy
  • Fixed sex unlock button being pressable on no energy and benifit from 'public' button
  • Fixed slaves' affiliation going negative
Created a new topic Bug Report Thread

Please post your bug reports here.

Preferably include: 

  1. Game version
  2. Your OS or if you are playing web version
  3. Bug description
  4. (if complex)Way to replicate it
  5. Any details you wish