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You don't need to transfer anything, if files are compatible they will load as is. 

You can set your resources, modify slaves reactions and a bit more.

Thanks for the help

Use latest version.

This shall be fixed next release.

By staying in jail they go less resistant by day. Punishments can also help. To gain affection you would want to sex and praise them. 

You need to have 8 or more slaves in same time

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They will have an extra line in their description after few days. If you have a headgirl assigned, she will also report it at the end day screen.

This gonna be fixed next version as this is resolution issue we had for some time. From we gonna have fixed game screen size

Replied to ZeHit in Bug Report Thread

1. Can you elaborate what steps you can use to recreate it? 
2. She should come back soon if you can't assign a new one
3. That means someone stole a bit, generally due to low obedience

Other ingredients should not be in backpack as well.

You don't need to use party's backpack, just have it in mansion storage.

Replied to chal in Bug Report Thread
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A person (with no modifiers) consumes only 10 food per day (including yourself). I don't think its possible for this value to inverse. 

Seems like an issue with equipped item you have on your character. Not even sure how that happened, but I'll try to figure.

Can you provide a save file?

Yeah, seems to be an issue with your OS. I can suggest checking any weird installed programs. I've heard that some sound software can cause issues with the game.

Have you tried direct launch (with exe file)? It seems like there's some problem with your OS. Were you able to launch it without crashing previously?

The link has been changed recently. Check out latest post.

Saves from before 0.5.3.x versions are no longer supported.

Gotcha, thanks for the report.

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Nice! I'll make sure to mention about it on next progress update. 

Can you provide a save with unusable items?

Hmm.. I had a feeling you're wrong about half damage from combat exhaustion but as it turns out there's a bug in the code.
Protect will stop damage from its target, though. 

Otherwise, it's actually quite well written.   

This is quite interesting although you do have some mistakes. I'd suggest getting it to the game's wiki though: strive4power.wikia.com/

Are you planning on letting the player tattoo themselves at some point, or has that been deliberately left out? Some of the tattoos would be useless on a player, but a few others would be good, and help balance out against lab modifications.

I don't specifically plan it, but this might happen eventually.

You don't really lose equipment from slave sells anymore, but you have to click 'inventory' at mansion to get that gear back before you can equip it on someone else.

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I can change the title for this topic if you want so, otherwise feel free to do what you want.

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This is quite good, I like it, could feature it to more people once you get further. 

There's no need for my consent, though. I always welcome any fan work material. :)

Ofcourse. Complete slaver guild quests or sell tamed slaves. 

Posted in Full Job List?

No, there's no such list, but you can see existing jobs in jobs&specs.gd file. 

Yes, starting from 5.3.x version, saves from previous versions are not supported.

Old sex system is getting replaced with new one (as of 5.3.x versions). Written detailed scenes will probably only stick to one time scenes with unique characters.

Old sex system becoming obsolete and won't be supported for long as new one has been introduced in 5.3.x versions.

Build up their loyalty and try to keep obedience high. Personal interactions (both punishments and sex) tend to affect those.

For food and money assign slaves to occupations like foraging or local town works.

For exploration make sure you have at least some gear and equipped companions are also handy. 

Thank you :)

Awareness is calculated from: agility*3 and wit/10, so any item trait or other affect affecting those will also affect awareness. 

Technically you could specify nearly any location and check the user's OS before that. The main problem, as I said, I don't have mac so I can't really figure out how user system differs from normal, and even if I could, there's no good way to test it out personally. So if someone capable gets it done, I'll include the fix for it. 

No problem, feedback is always a great way to work on your faults. 

For all instances game is saved to "user://saves" which means different things in different OS. This system is a part of godot engine and should probably be addressed there. I'm neither good nor familiar with mac file structure so unless you have a ready solution which wouldn't impact all other instances, I'm afraid there's not much I can help with. 

Yeah, they are pretty much affect lust generation during sex actions right now.