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Posted in Levels

Level increases slave's max hp (5 per 2 levels). Otherwise, not really. 

This is an engine issue related to GPU not supporting opengl 3 (perhaps because you didn't properly updated your drivers if you managed to launch it after all), not game's fault.

Have you gotten the slave in 5.13 or 5.12? I believe this issue has been fixed recently. 

My stupid, fixed it out, thank you. 

No and no. 

Can you provide a save file before that happens

Yeah, I sort of forgot about that. Will fix. 

There's no option to raise baby normally because I dont think anyone would spend tens thousands of days of waiting for them to grow up. 

Try to do clean reinstall

Can you provide a save file just before that happens?

Just from single breakdown?

Are all those bugs have been on the 5.12a?

Are you sure its 100%? It should only deal certain amount of damage.

Replied to lvcl1 in Bug Report Thread

Stress now shows in logs only after certain limit is reached. 

Dragonkins are the best. Good luck finding them though. 

func calculateprice():
var price = 0
price = beautybase*2.5 + beautytemp*1.5
price += (level-1)*50
if vagvirgin == true:
price = price*1.2
if sex == 'futanari':
price = price*1.1
for i in get_traits():
if i.tags.find('detrimental') >= 0:
price = price*0.80
if race == 'Elf' || race == 'Dark Elf' || race == 'Orc' || race == 'Goblin'||race == 'Gnome':
price = price*1.5
elif race == 'Drow'|| race == 'Demon' || race == 'Seraph':
price = price*2.5
elif (race.find('Beastkin') >= 0 || race.find('Halfkin') >= 0) && race.find('Fox') < 0:
price = price*1.75
elif race == 'Fairy'|| race == 'Dryad' || race == 'Taurus' || race.find('Fox') >= 0:
price = price*2
elif race == 'Slime'||race == 'Lamia' || race == 'Arachna' || race == 'Harpy' || race == 'Scylla':
price = price*2.5
elif race == 'Dragonkin':
price = price*3.5
if self.toxicity >= 60:
price = price/2
if origins == 'slave':
price = price*0.8
elif origins == 'poor':
price = price*1
elif origins == 'commoner':
price = price*1.2
elif origins == 'rich':
price = price*1.5
elif origins == 'noble':
price = price*2
if traits.has('Uncivilized') == true:
price = price/1.5

if price < 0:
price = 5
return round(price)

There's no such thing, but sex might provide enough loyalty. Luxury should still be demanded unless you downgraded her, though

This seems weird. Can you provide a save file?

While interacting, orgasm will reduce slave's lust, but if you keep going after it, it increases again. I probably should tweak the numbers a bit. 

Try to enable fading animation in settings

Talk to her. 

Every tamer has about flat 10% chance per day as of now. 

Does your Laptop's GPU support GLES 3? If not, you'll have to wait until engine updates to 3.1

Can you provide a save file?

Unless its your GPU issue, try to do clean reinstall. 

Try to do clean reinstal

This seems weird, as just deleting game folder should be enough. 

The problem with new versions are not bug themself, but rather new implementations conflicting with old code. Its rarely beneficial to make complete save compatibility because its not actual bugs. 

You should be able to continue with an old save

0.5.11a will come out today.

Posted in Port to Android

It should be possible but theres no actual plans. A port generally needs gui readjustments and optimization. I personally dont use smartphones for games so I also can't follow and debug it. Perhaps someone else will be willing to tackle with it

It's currently bugged, will be fixed next patch.

Do clean reinstal

You need to have 8+ slaves

Weird, I'll check this ou

It requires high wimborn reputation, not quest progress. 

Also, please try to do clean reinstal. 

Can you upload the save file?

Can you upload a save file somewhere

Do you have any error in the console?

Weird, can't quite find out what might have caused this issue. Are you using windows?