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Sounds like your OS is blocking it. I'm not even sure what can cause grey 'X' on the icon at all.

Enforced silence reduces courage if its above 40. 

1. Do you perhaps have some specific rules applying to the slave?

I'll fix the other 2 though, thank you. 

They are randomly spawned at Marsh only. 

This will be less of an issue once I teach enemies to use skills.

It's not a bug, its done to prevent easy nearly limitless mana generation.

You can increase tits size with majorus potion.

Option to go negative will be fixed, but you will have to outbuy yourself from previous save

Item request bug wont happen in next versions anyway.

Try to clear your appdata files after backing up saves. You can find those at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\strive2

Could also try 'run as administrator' or checking your GPU drivers.

Could you upload your save file somewhere? Without any sort of error log and not being able to replicate the issue on my own, there's little I can do.

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Courage from combat: 

if slave.health > slave.stats.health_max/1.3:
 slave.cour += rand_range(1,3)

From hunt:

slave.cour += rand_range(0,2

So unless you get tons of error from the console, both options should work perfectly. Otherwise, there might be something broken with your saves.

Thank you for the report. For courage growth, slave must end battle with high health.

Afaik, godot engine requires graphics card to support certain  Open GL version which is not supported on some of older GPUs. You could try web version, which might allow to run it anyway, but it's a bit outdated. 

Have you tried win32 version? Do you by chance use some old graphics card?

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You can edit scripts in the game's folder since those have free access and are loaded on game's startup. You'd have to know Gdscript to use their whole potential.

Replied to lamoli in Modding
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You can actually edit nodes via script (get_node(name).set_size(...))

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I don't actually convert anything, its done automatically on export. To mode actual scenes I think you'd need to work with originals first, and its not a great idea, since editing scene will make huge problems on next update changing it. 

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I'm having very hard time replicating it. Could you provide save file causing this issue with your game folder?

Anyway, I've added piece of code hopefully to prevent it. Let me know if it works.

Perhaps, if you use it. Don't think it does anything by itself if you just launch game's executable. 

Sorry, I can't replicate this issue at all and I have no ideas what might be causing it, especially since there were no issues before.

Only thing that comes to mind is that you have a corrupted slave. Does it still occur?

Replied to deras in Bug Report Thread

It seems you are using quite outdated save and your portal data is messed up. Try start a new save or manually replace portals data in text editor with newer one.

Replied to noyiu in Bug Report Thread

After you sell a slave, it gets erased from your roster, so this shouldn't happen at all. Can you replicate this?

Seems like this is my mistake for using float numbers in some places causing scripts to missfire. You can edit your save file with text editor and change line "mainquest":28.1 to "mainquest":29. I'll try to fix it properly next update. 

Replied to Smyez in Bug Report Thread

Sad to know. Let us know if you'll figure this one out.

Replied to Smyez in Bug Report Thread

There's not only saves but also some setting files now. Those preferably should be cleaned as well.
Also, you could try installing the game via itch.io app, it installs it in a different way than doing it from archieve. Oh yeah, getting win32 version helped some people too.

Replied to Smyez in Bug Report Thread

Again, I had no issues with this version, even though it does not look quite as pristine as it should be (portrait pack shouldn't exist there at the very least). I suggest to try clean your C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\strive2 folder. Otherwise I really have no idea what might be causing it at all. 

Replied to Smyez in Bug Report Thread

Can you try to reupload version of the game you manage to download from here? 

Replied to Smyez in Bug Report Thread

I've found no issues with your save and can't replicate this bug at all. What OS you are using? 

Replied to Smyez in Bug Report Thread

How do you use mindreading outside of the mansion? Does this only apply to mindreading? Could you provide a save?

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Have you tried downloading itch.io app and using that for updates? This way you won't have to redownload entire updates too, it will automatically only download what is new.

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This seems pretty nice, I wouldn't attach it to the globals file though but rather make separate one. It might not be a bad idea for job functions to return dictionary. I would suggest an alternative mode to only show if something increases or reduces income without clean percentage. 

Isn't latest MAC version 0.4.47b? I believe I've updated it in same time with others, but there might have been a mistake.

Will fix next version, thank you for the report.

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Character creation is not actually affected by age settings outside of 'child' option. Player character will always be able to pick between teen and adult(but not child), and slave character can have either adult-teen or adult-teen-child options. I haven't been able to get any other results from playing with options, and judging from the code this shouldn't be possible.

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Upgrade points are earned from selling tamed slaves to the guild (previously bought from guild slaves won't work), and by doing guild quests. 

I'll add new mentions on the main screen about old version issues, as repairing saves proved to be overall poor choice in this regard.  Thanks for the report. 

And lastly, I believe adult characters are automatically turned on when you disable childlike characters. 

Bestiality is actually not fully implemented yet, I'll check nipple fuck.

Somehow your drow has 'pale_blue' skin color instead of 'pale blue'. I'm not even sure how that happened since I can't replicate this skin color by normal generation