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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

a few (somewhat evil) ideas

A topic by ohmpohm created Oct 31, 2018 Views: 356 Replies: 6
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1. have it be possible to get pregnant from your slaves

2. display "ultimate" level obedience/loyalty/stress/fear levels - they'd be (well, hard to get, obv)  text color is white, and they're set in stone:  they'd be hard to lose in a slave)

i imagine, for example, for fear: "the image of your piercing eyes is forever burned into <slave>'s soul"; for obedience "<slave> is ready to jump off a cliff if you only muttered the order"; for stress it'd be a mechanic where when they get to that stress level they get psychologically scarred and gain negative traits - for loyalty, something like "<slave> would follow you into hell this very second and would do whatever it takes for your consideration"

i really wanna feel like i'm leading a pack of lovey zealots damnit

3. make it possible to buy super expensive mansions in other towns (gorn, frostford, perhaps even umbra)

4. make it possible to "refund" upgrades in slaves and to the mansion (beat the confidence out of a slave or sell your furnishing)

5. please please please expand the story

6. enable "all-out sorties"

7. create a super rare "psionic" gift which makes it so that a slave can break physical limitations to its abilities (my drow is level 34 with 46 unspent attribute points ffs)

8. enable year-round special celebrations (like the dance of autumn in frostford or the apple pie week in wimborn or so) where you can take unique choices

9. why can i not use my spells in combat?

10. slave vs slave martial championships!

also what's that with the exploration mechanic? can you just make it so i don't have to move my mouse between attack and leave every damn time i want to move? just put one button on top called "continue" and give the option to attack under that button when it comes. don't replace the continue button's place as i don't want to click anything stupid by accident

also can it be done so that rarely, raped bandits will beg you to take them in as slaves?

Your ideas are pretty damn good, but if you rly want ur ideas to be real, i think you gotta learn how to mod. The creator is focusing more on other projects now (I think)

1. This is already possible
2. High obedience slaves already do whatever you ask them. Use your imagination to generate their dialogue.
4/7. Stat skill caps are to keep the game somewhat realistic. Perhaps the game should be tuned for level ups to slow down in frequency after level 4+
5/7/8/10. The author is working on the sequel. New features will entirely mod based from  now on
6. never gunna happen because design limitations
7. Custom traits could be added with mods fairly easily.
9. Right click your PC in combat and click your spells to enable them

>Right click your PC in combat and click your spells to enable them

whatever that means, it didn't work

*meant to say left click on the question mark on <you>, the Player Character.
L-Click on the ability or spell.
L-click off the popup to close the prompt.
(PC means Player Character. )